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Yogurt First Batch Syndrome with Coach April

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Yogurt First Batch Syndrome with Coach April

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Hey everybody. Coach April, here I am making a new batch of yogurt. So I wanted to share with you a common question that comes up and a thought that we've probably all had. I didn't do something right with my yogurt. It failed. Well, in actuality, this is completely normal to have what we call first batch syndrome. So this is a new batch of SIBO yogurt that I made with the tablets, capsules, et cetera. Um, so nordis, very liquidy, very cottage cheese, like this is after it being chilled. So remember, after you are done making your yogurt, make sure to get it right in the fridge, chill it, and then assess it. So again, first batch syndrome, um, af even after chilling it, you're going to notice that it's not, um, nice and creamy and consistent. So what can I do with it? Well, number one, you can enjoy this. It, it's completely edible and fine, but it's not as smooth as it's going to be. So just note that. So some people will strain it and save the liquid, and then very gently stir the yogurt together. That's another option.

Um, remember, please don't use a blender or an immersion blender or anything, um, that's gonna kill off some microbes. We don't want to do that, so we gently stir it so you can enjoy that first batch if you choose to. What I am doing with it, actually, right as soon as this finish this morning, I use two tablespoons of that batch with the two tablespoons of inulin and the half and half, and I got my second batch going right from the start. So that, that one will be, of course, thicker and, um, more yogurt like inconsistency. So that's first what I did with, um, some of that first batch. The other thing I will do is I'll take some of that first batch and I like to use silicone molds. And ironically, they're each a tablespoon a piece. So I'll pour them into the silicone molds and then I put them in the freezer when I'm ready to make my next batch of yogurt. And using those starters, what I will do then is pop two of those out, put them in a Ziploc bag, refrigerate, and so overnight. Then the next day it'd be time to make, um, the next batch of yogurt. So again, I use that starter batch.

This first one, I freeze it, and that way I can use that starter for upcoming batches. So those are some, uh, hints, tips and smart advice about first batch syndrome. Um, of course, if you have any questions, make sure to share them in the comments. We'd love to help.