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2022: Inner Circle Year in Review

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2022: Inner Circle Year in Review

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I thought it would be a good idea to start up the new year and do any brainstorming based on what we've already seen in the past year. And I said as I said earlier, it's quite an extensive list of topics that we've covered. So I just like to briefly go over what those topics are. And we'll start. In January of 2022 one of the first people we had in January. It was quite the presentation was from JJ Flizzanes or she spoke on overcoming personal barrier barriers and obstacles in particular barriers and obstacles that people would had studying program like ours and I can I think JJ is a very high energy person. I think that she was very entertaining. She was really on that on the fire out Edge and she covered a lot of territory that ran from from science to Mystical to quantum physics. And then we followed that up by one of our many. Secondary things that we did with live video Meetup Q&A where we didn't have a specific topic. But as we all know, I think these can sometimes be the most interesting is when people just come come on and we spend two hours talking about Whatever topic members want to have I think it's important that we have those rather than focus it on a single subject. And of course you see there's another one we had before that with

Coach April. Where she led an infinite health, you know live video meet up April. Was there any specific you could call what there was any specific top that we talked about there was that just members asking questions about coaching. Yeah, that was a presentation on the foundational topics and strategies of the infinite health program and then any questions surrounding those core topics, right and then go back and then there was of course some fun a more fun topic Camembert cheeses probiotic food. That's not something we typically see but just one of those things you want to cross that Dr. Davis runs the cross and he's research where he said, I didn't know Canonbury cheese could act as a full biotic food. And moving on to February as we all know, we're very interested in H2 breath testing and how to use the air device. So it was really great that early on we had a sessions specifically designed to talk about H2 breath testing and specifically how to use the air device because even the founder of the company was not acutely aware of what is the vice could do. Um, and of course and we're trying to get away from this as we move forward as the session we held on strategies to counter big Farmer on agro Business Media censorship. I think

the following week there was some questions about it. So we said, hey, let's have a let's have an unrecorded session where you can kind of get down to the nitty gritty of what's going on particularly with big Pharma and the way they try and suppress things and I think some of the blacklistings that those Cutting Edge guys like Dr. Davis and many many other cutting age docs and health coaches and other people were saying hey, no, there's a better way that just taking a pharmacological agent taking a drug. Um and as luck would have it the very next week. We had a presentation on the effects of pharmaceuticals on the microbiome. with a special guest and and one of the again one of the first medical people we brought on in a long list as year went on. And then we ended up February talking to the founder of the air device food marble president Angus short. So that month kind of had a bunch of related topics. We talked about H2 breath testing and at the end of the month, we had an interview with the actual CEO of the company that built the device to give us things. Like you know, what it was. What is it to me? How many parts per million is that that stuff that's not really covered in manual.

And then moving on into March. Again, a little another Wide Open live video Meetup where you know was asked Dr. Davis just about anything again. Those are always great to have followed by a really informative session with Donna Swank and all the things that she's doing with fermentation and cultured Foods. I think that was another again in the first quarter of 2022 having that kickoff because we know the rest. Yeah, we spent a great deal of our time and energy and focus on fermentation. And Catherine Maslin from I believe. She's from Down Under she had a an interesting discussion as a because she's a natural path. She has a specific view about help and I think one of the things we're starting to find particularly when we talked to a naturopath like Captain Aslan is that the number of medical professionals from all areas. We'll see this as we discussed the rest of the year that are becoming part of almost call it a team a critical mass and that's the thing we're looking for one day. There will be a critical mass of medical professionals and all the things that we see as Leading Edge Cutting Edge will be more commonplace. It will be a perfect counter to you

know, the big Pharma traditional medicine message that we all get about things like stats. and how to handle diabetes and then again that month we had another, you know asked Dr. Davis anything live video meet up. Then of course April kicked off the infinite health before we were still on Doctor starting in April. We had just launched the new Infinite Health Website. He looks like I hosted that one meeting because I see my and I see myself in my in my Captain's gear in the upper right hand corner of that slide. So we talked about a little bit about the site how we're gonna handle things what was gonna be covered and that was the official kickoff of Dr. Davis infinite help. And then another special unrecorded session we were talking about specifically in this case heart disease and I think in the future you're going to see fewer and fewer sessions where we have no recording. Because you know, we as our membership expands globally and it is becoming very Global. It's really difficult for somebody to in for example, New Zealand. Or anyplace else Australia to attend a session that's held from

seven to nine PM Central Standard Time. Um, and I think next year you'll see something you'll you'll see things more like this session on small LDL particles. Specific primarily to heart disease and is just from for years over. I think people never Tire of particularly new members seeing discussions of things that affect particularly heart disease. So that was a great session. I think you could probably give this session at least once a year because of the importance of small LDL particles. And fortuitously enough we filed that up by another member of our what I would say team people who are traditional docs in this case a cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Phillip Ovadia, who's job was basically to fix broken hearts, and he is now seeing I I with Pioneers leaders like Dr. Davis. So again, here's another guy Deep In traditional medicine essentially taking hearts that we've destroyed with modern medicine and fixing them and that's a big business and like Dr. Davis when he found out that here he was as practicing cardiologists putting in stents and hundreds of not thousands of people teaching people how to put instance had his Epiphany when his own mother died at age 65 her first symptom of heart disease or death

And that's where it began to question what he did and I think Dr. Ovadia is the same place not the same tragic situation, but against it what the heck am I doing? We must be doing if I'm doing that many heart surgeries. We must be doing something wrong. And of course beginning in May, I think every one of everyone's favorites in our neck of the woods even comments. Or Ivor, I always come Ybor because I think that you are but I for comments and he gave us one of his great presentations. You may know him as the guy from the fat Emperor podcast and he does a lot of stuff on YouTube. He's an engineer and what he really does is look at help from the statistical standpoint, which is so important because when he does those statistics you see why there's such a problem why they're wrong and the numbers don't lie. Then that and you know, some people think of it as often, but I was really interested in the omega-3 fatty acids pregnancy and lactation. It's just an area that shows these things that we do that are basic to our program affect areas that we never considered and as Dr. Davis starts doing original research, he runs into this stuff. He says hey I never knew it and he begins to study it. He

puts together a presentation that helps us understand how the basic tenets of our program IE, you know supplementation with omega-3 is important in so many other areas then we normally talk about And finally in the end of May what we did is we reprise the presentation that Dr. Davis did for large group on the real causes of heart disease and I forget who but some people who are members saw and say hey what the heck? Oh, why don't we make this generally available, you know to members not just in the public. We're members might not see it and have access to it. So when Dr. Davis puts on these these webinars they disappear. They're really done more for marketing purpose. This is and to say hey, this is the kind of stuff we talk about but then it's gone. So we did a recording and we made it available to our members and we presented it to draw attention to it at one of our live video meetups. I'd like to say at this point in case I forget I didn't realize we did 49 Live video meetups last year, so it's almost one a week and Dr. Davis was the host on 44 of them. So he's doing three to four per month

every year and that's that's a that's quite a lot for something that we thought we might start out doing once a month. It's become almost a weekly event for us. There's an yet another special unreported video session and Women's Health. That one was run by coach, Jen. And again, I think I don't know because I'm not sitting in on the sessions and we'll ask April and Jennifer talk about it after we have this part of the presentation before we take questions those things that pop up a lot. within coaching sessions because people are going to have specific questions that they think pertain only to that person and we start to hear those same things over and over again from the people who are engaging in in personal coaching. And as I discussed earlier, we're gonna start talking. We talked a lot about Mike's and lack of L, gasseri notwithstanding. It's really I think gasoline we found to be one of the big three along with Roy and coagulans. And of course, I would say there's some other ones but that seems to be one of the big three The five ways to lower blood pressure without prescription. Drugs was another one that

was used as a general open to the public. Presentation that Dr. Davis did but again there was so much demand to see that that we essentially again reprised it for our members. So it became Central to that week's. live video Meetup and again moving back to the microbiome the great microbiome desert. If you recall that was about our denuded microbiomes, which we talk a lot about the fact that we don't have things like L. reuteri as part of our constituent microbiome. It's a large part except in certain non-westernized indigenous populations throughout the glow they seem to have a universally and those small areas yet the great unwashed out here unless we're taking it as a supplement as a probiotic. We don't seem to have so we covered that whole issue what seems to be missing. Which is a recurring theme. then again another kind of an open Meetup that we've had. I think you'll you've noticed that what we've done on those open ask me anything meetups is we used to limit it just to things that were written into the forum. And now we're recording much more of a live

portion of Q&A again breaking it up as we are here letting members know this is going to be for public consumption now. For those recorded portions of the meetups they're recorded. But only available members unlike things like this which will be available to the General Public. And another another kind of off the beaten path person we brought in was Jenny Harris talking about sustainable farming and she was suggested to us by one of our members. And when I did the basic background research before referring her to doctor Davis, these are people who farm and if you go to the website, they say it right out, you know, we provide the microbes to the soil that grows the grass that feed the cows. That we ultimately Butcher and sell to you as meat, so it was a was a really, you know, when you say regenerative farming and animal husband. What's what's that got to do with anything but here's people who get The idea that microbes are so ubiquitous that everything on this planet eventually us. That they understand they don't Farm. You know, they don't raise cows and just give them feed that they buy at a store. No, they nurture the microbes

in the ground grow their own products. And the the microbiome is Central to everything they do in raising their cattle. Absolutely. Go back there and of course another unrecorded session again, they'll be fewer and fewer of those, you know, we particularly in the beginning. We were always riding this Edge between keeping everyone anonymous. and keeping things tight and trying to be as as circumspect as we could and so we really didn't want to report a lot of stuff. And so now we're becoming a little bit more open-minded, you know and saying okay. Hey, we should record this stuff not only for the posterity for our members, but as a way to build the community, you know, the single most powerful thing we can do is build this community and you know, the success stories are Legend. I'm one of them. Because I'm more about that later. Shouldn't everybody. You know, I say anybody can have this fantastic. Everybody can have and deserves the life we have. And it's so important that we show people that there's a community out there and we're discussing these subjects. And yeah, hey you can have the

same thing. We all have unfortunately you have to know about it before you can have it. And then I think one of the other favorites that we do is one coach able to do what do my food cravings mean? Because you know I and I think my favorite sliding that presentation is is something that essentially said you're not eating because you're hungry you're eating because you're bored. And I can't tell you the number of times. I do the same thing. I'm walking through my kitchen this and I open a refrigerator door why I've already like now open it several times a day like magically there's going to be some Broadway play going on in there. It's not and it's in in the psychology of why we do that why we have those free food cravings, I think was it was a of great interest. and here we're all we're just always only in August and a question I had way back when Dr. Davis is always looking for ideas and what to talk about. So feel free to send them to us either by private lessons or by email. When is lactose intolerance truly lactose intolerance and why case I thought you know I had first I thought I was getting UTIs all the time. And the doctor said well, you're lactose intolerant. And then after I engaged on the program, this is many many years ago. I found out I wasn't really like those intolerant

and most likely the problem was that why might go buy almost screwed up? And right now I can use as much Dairy as I want whereas before it was. So terrible. I thought I was having UTIs or prostate infections. And we finally decided after several doctors not. They said stop the area. I stopped the area the problems and symptoms went away. And I just become violently ill sometimes now. It's nothing at all. I mean, right, you know yogurt I scream ideal kinds of stuff that they're in it doesn't affect at all. Another unrecorded live video session that month as well. And kind of keeping with one is lactose intolerance truly lack those intolerance and that's something else. Again, it speaks to my experience. What is non-celiac gluten sensitivity, which is essentially what I had ended up in the emergency room twice a year. And so it's important to know these things. So you're not parking, you know up the wrong tree trying to treat lactose intolerance. When it's really not lactose intolerance because you're never going to cure it because you're not really addressing the root cause problem. Um, and so for me stopping eating weight end up eating wheat and nothing to do with Gluten Sensitive in all my tests came back negative on my biopsies. So

it's important to know that and then we ended August. With another great presentation that Dr. Davis did as a kind of a public service announcement to say hey There are six supplements. I even the ones that are Central to our core program that will do more for your health than a $400 prescription drug. And I think it's it's I think it's reassuring and reaffirming for us to know. Hey. I think we all know why we take certain supplements. But here are the here are the things that the supplements can do better than $400 prescription drugs. Um, and another one hit again. It wasn't this formal presentation, but it was a focus discussion urinary tract help and based on the new filing that Dr. Davis said that guess what? The urinary tract is not sterile sterile. There's microbes in there and those microbes can affect the urinary tract Health as a matter of fact, there's You see companies the popping up now to address just that issue particularly women and I think in one commercial I saw I was having eight UTIs a year. They had to be some can't it can't be about antibiotics and I think the company is called euphora.

And they make this product that is essentially is gonna improve your urinary tract Health prevent you from having constant infections. Following in talking about new insights. There are new insights on constipation and it's a topic that some people may be uncomfortable with but I think at one point in time everybody's been caught constipated and particularly the finding that it's the methogenic sequelae that tends to be indicative or one side by side with constipation all the things we can do to address that was very useful to us. And going down the same path of urinary tract infections and non-sterile environs and all the other new findings that we've had. The last month. Another new finding is this thing about latent autoimmune diabetes in adults. That's basically, you know late onset. You're not diabetic. But you have an immune response that causes you become diabetic later in life. In other words. You weren't born as a type 1 diabetic or as a type 2 diabetic, but you're You choir it really almost silent autoimmune condition and the only signal is the fact that you seem to be coming. more and more intolerant of

glucose It's not really diabetes the classical sense in metabolic sense. It's it's it's in the sense that in the sense that you've develop an autoimmune disease as we all know and as I know because I had Hashimoto's and everybody was telling you can't cure. And if you ever cure it, but you can't even reverse us. And drive your TG and TPO antibodies back which are the Hallmarks of Hashimoto slivers. I did. Now it took a long time for three years. Well, I kept that and as we know on many of these things if you're looking to take a pill The Mask problem. Yeah, you can you can probably, you know kill a killer infection or cure cannot cure but hide a disease effectively just a few weeks of taking a drug the things that we do are things that occurred to us overall lifetime. And we're employing new techniques new lifestyles. To overcome those things that restore our bodies again. We don't cure diseases prevent them from merging. Optimize optimizing vitamin D again something that we've probably all heard about and we certainly talk about it just about every aspect of our basic program our core program.

But this is you know a good refresher on how to optimize vitamin D and again, probably one of those things that we ought to run yearly. And of course, I just had that conversation with Dr. Davis. We've been meeting as much as we can during his move because it'll become more difficult for us to meet as he moves further away. And again people have things that say Hey, you know what? I know we talked about this. I know it's part of the program but really we need to focus on this repeatedly because it's so important and certainly all the things that we do optimizing by the is probably the most important. So again it people have those ideas, you know, we're about to release another slate of scheduled meetups and topics as we did in November through the beginning of this year. So feel free to send them. I can't guarantee we'll get to all of them, but we always fight and really appreciate input from our members on what we present. And who can forget when Dr. Debbie Ozment popped on the scene talking about the oral microbiome and again understanding that things you do in

your mouth. Ultimately can affect your colon and colon cancer. and understanding the importance of the oral microbiome, you know, it's it's we all know it's connected but frankly and we all know this because we've all been here. We don't talk about that. Well, we're starting to talk about the mouth a lot. And Dr. Osmond's been a leader on that you'll notice that she's in a tenants and almost all of our meetups. Because not only is she bringing us new knowledge, but she really enjoys the knowledge that we bring. That she can take into her practice. As a matter of fact. I also know that if you notice that one of her assistants is usually at our meetups along with Dr. Debbie. And then we took again. An unrecorded session talking about wrinkles. Well we've had Other presentations that talk about wrinkles that we all know that the age reversing effects. We can have program particularly with things like So let's have a Frank discussion. I think maybe this is one of those ones that we had unreported because you know, I think people don't necessarily want to talk about

their wrinkles and this is a place for us to lay it all on the table and see how we can apply the knowledge we've had about, you know, thermal thickening which is essentially how you remove wrinkles and the ways to get it there then again, we we repeated the real causes of heart disease. I think it was simply because there was the man that a bunch of people didn't get to see it wanted to be able to ask questions. So we inserted that one more time. And again, it's probably in one of those things that we should probably do once or twice per year. And as we started getting to the end of the year. Another thing about the brief history of iodine kind of looks at why we consider iodine and essential supplement and why that came to be and how lack of iodine was an epidemic? Resulting in goiters and even death and then we got away from eating salt because you know the powers that beast at Salt was bad for you. So again, we were getting the iodine. So we're a situation now when we find we have to supplement it only because we can't get it for more natural sources. November I think one of my favorites is I start getting older is can our forties be reversed and it's difficult if if not possible to completely reverse damage, but we

are making Headway in that direction we can certainly prevent it and to again to a small extent perhaps reverse it using things that we do, you know, whether the collagen or special microbiome concoctions certainly hyaluronic acid things of that nature. I know it's working for me now. I've never really had they had our greatest. I know I know because of Imaging that I do have arthritis and different parts of my body. But I have to tell you I don't feel it. And then of course that got followed up by LPS endotoxemia. We talked about LPS lipopolysaccharides and resulting in ataxias being a risk factor for a lot of things. And it's now finally emerging and being proven to be a major cardiovascular risk factor. So in addition to things like small LDL, we have to be very careful and watch our gut lining watch our microbiome because LPS endotoxemia. I think one of the things that we are all waiting for is you can get research level tests for labor polysaccharides LPS bloodstream and use it for doing tests on animals. But the average guy, you know,

the average back can't get that test. Practically speaking. Those tests come in in groupings where you're testing a hundred samples at a time. Not one sample and you buy literally a rack of tests. And submit the samples to each little cell in that, you know rack of perhaps a hundred so wouldn't even be cost effective. And so until someone has a cheap maybe even blood spot tests for LPS and the taxi. Yeah, when that occurs, it'll go a long way for us determining what's really going on with our sibo and are we experience can we prove that we have endotoxin yet? Due to lipopolysaccharides anything through bacteria that gets through our gut lining. And of course who doesn't want to talk about aging canopy slowed or partially reversed. I think the answer is yes. And yes, and we keep proving it over and over again. I think the key element when talking about aging as well different. So on many of the things we do those there are those who are hyper responders it Far Right End of the bell curve the random distribution of where we all sit and some of the left hand they're not going to see quite as great but most of us are and we are going to see something and I think that's

one of the most exciting things. I'm not exactly sure what the Cosmetic industry is going to do with that when it becomes common knowledge that there are things you can do with your lifestyle and your diet and certain key supplements and probiotics that can slow and worry reverse aging. So that's really exciting for being guys like me. I want to look at the end the rest of my life. I mean sure it's great to be able to form, but I want to look the part as well. And then we finally ended up December. Talking about a few things that we don't often talk about we allude to them and I think the presentation and stomach acid being a cursor of blessing. Prove that we tend to look at stomach acid in the wrong way. We think of stomach acid is being bad. What's bad is too much, but fortunately we don't talk about too little so when people are taking proton pump inhibitors PPIs like Omeprazole sure that will reduce your stomach acid and you won't get as much heartburn and of course you wouldn't you won't get you know esophage you lotion all the other things that come with too much too much acid. The problem is that becomes too little acid that asses there for a reason.

to protect our guts from Bad microbes and if you eliminate that there's going to be there's going to be a backside. So it's more about balancing stomach acid to its proper level. Then eliminating stomach acid and I think most people got stomach acid just the bad thing. If I had not I never have heartburn. Well, that could be that it's a two inch sword. And then we we put another, you know, General Session live video Q&A and now with Dr. Davis and again as you see and as you see the evolution of our Q&A's in our live video meetups and went from a few recorded questions to now open sessions where we have an open session asking many more questions. And then we always have a session after that that's closed and not recorded and I think that's really help provide a history and a compendium of all the things that get asked and answered by Dr. Davis and then we finally followed up in the year with I think another great, you know, it says menopause and HRT where we had Dr. Tara Scott, come on and I I was surprised to find that even though it was somewhat weighted toward female hormones that you know hormones are important for all of us men and women alike. You know, I think big movement is testosterone. And it doesn't get talked about a lot and it

has a lot of different uses. I thought her presentation was particularly insightful. As a matter of fact, there were a couple of questions on the Forum that we didn't get to because of time really and I forwarded those to her and she was kind enough to forward answers back and I'll post those answers to those questions in the form for the 1221 Meetup So that's all the things that we did in 2022. And you know, I'd like to also have Coach April and Coach Jen say a few words and that'll also be recorded. And we can maybe have a Q&A because what I'd really like to do is knowing what we talked about not just the content but how we've talked about it the types of speakers we brought in and the way we've we've done the logistics of this, how can we make it better? How could how can we make it more useful for the members? You may recall that we didn't used to take questions on the Forum that we ask so we tried that as a technique. And so we'd like to try other things because I really think this is the most powerful feature that the Inner Circle can provide the members and I think that's that's the thing that will help us grow because this has to become a community that's become a lifestyle. It can't just be about the science because you know, I've always said if I had one

app really days I could have had an app while I'm sitting at the drive through McDonald's ordering french fries and I want to I want to have a number to call that somebody talk, you know, talk me off the ledge. No Chris. You don't want those stupid french fries. Why would you do that? They're really not that good. Hey take it for me. You know, I'm proud of you man, you know you drove through and you didn't order the french fries. And I'm only half joking about that because that's one of the things I had to overcome. I just love french fries. I had to overcome, you know, that drug. And so while that while having a phone app to help help you get through that that challenge. I'll tell you if we can dream it up. It might be able to come up with a way to implement it in some form of fashion. So that's all I have and I'll continue recording and I'll stop the screen share. So April, I see you in the upper left-hand corner. So I guess we start with you. There are few words. You want to say oh there is yeah, so we started our boot camp today, which is a review of the core foundational strategies of the lifestyle. And so either in Facebook land there's posts that I'm doing every day and then I've been cross-posting into the Inner Circle Forum. So I am going to screen share because I want to show you where these really

helpful tools are. So when we're in the main Inner Circle page, there's a couple of different ways to get to where those posts are. So my usual go to is to just click on the Forum full View. And go to infinite health 101. That's where any of the basic things that I've been sharing are found and housed. So if I click into that the very first post is that boot camp that we've started and I want to also show you that there is many many more things that we've done in the past couple of years back when we called it on doctored 101, but I keep these here because they're so valuable in the core strategies. So if you've been doing the boot camp, there's the posts there. Scroll through all the different things that I've been doing and I will post there every day. So make sure to subscribe to that. So on the top there's that subscribe button make sure to click on that so that you get alerts when I post but what I want to make sure that everyone who is doing the boot camp and everybody that's here tonight too. See is that there is more to it than just that boot camp. You can go back to all these different topics whether it's you know, carb counting and nutritional information if it's prebiotics if it's the supplements I've done

an hour and a half-ish meet up on all of those topics sometimes two hours but those are all recorded there. So if you want to really get to the heart of this lifestyle that foundational piece really dig into those posts join that boot camp, but I wanted to highlight that because I think we forget that that's there under that member Forum that first section and everything that you like to look at. And watch and have posts on are there for that for you guys to use and have for help. So I wanted to highlight that during my my time. Okay, Jennifer you had to say a few words. I do. I just want to say thanks for that review. That was fantastic. And I actually was taking notes on the ones the videos. I'd like to go back and rewatch and just revisit because wow, what a variety of speakers and topics and and so that that's really fun. Um, I also want to highlight the Facebook group. We we've had it now for several years. So it's not brand new but it is funny to think that you know, we were so reluctant to start it and we sort

of thought maybe we'd get 20 25 people and that it would be helpful for 25 of our members who weren't big fans of navigating in the Forum and this might have been a little I don't know easier or more accessible way to communicate and how did that go Chris. It was very quickly went from five to 500. Yeah. We're we're approaching 600 people and right. Right. So for newer members who are here tonight, if you're not if you have not joined the Facebook group say what you will about Facebook. it is a fantastic way to share recipes and photos of your meals and get feedback on yogurt making questions. And and you know, it's just a little bit of a different experience. I am not a big fan of Facebook, but I'm there because of our group so, you know, don't forget about that. And then of course, I just want to shout out to my fellow coach April April and I just have so much fun with this work and helping our members implement the program into their lives. And so Chris while there's not an app that you

can rely on for those french fry Cravings you do have access to coaches who can I mean, you know, we all have our our different parameters and way that way that we work but I do get plenty of SOS text messages from my clients like, you know, I'm at the grocery store and I you know, I'll get a photo of is this product something you like or you know not we're not available 24/7, but we're quite available for For help when and we really just want you to know that it we meet you where you're at and and you know, not everyone's perfect meant most of us are not perfect. And and that's just fine. We we just want to help you get better and get healthier and make it most importantly make it fit your life. Everyone's got their different obstacles different reasons why they feel like they can't adhered a certain parts of the program. So we really have a million strategies for for helping you. Yeah, I would say on a couple of those issues. First of all understand that program coaches are just that the program coaches. This is the help you get through tough spots

and implementing the program. In your lifestyle with regard to the Facebook page note that Facebook is not connected to our website. So when you go there you have to ask to be let in. We do that with we always do with a 24-hour cycle, but it's a manual process. So there are there's two questions one of which is very important. This is give us the email address or your username so we can look you up and prove that you are a member. And so there's a cycle to be led in and then in the background, we also do some things that when you're not a member you're not able to access the sighting over that Wags sometimes by months. Whereas getting in legs by no more than 24 hours. And you know and because I see every one of those it's really interesting to see many of our speakers. Come on there. I know Dr. Ozment just became a member of that Facebook group. It's I think it's interesting that a lot of our members join. That Facebook group are our health coaches themselves. Not not Inner Circle Dr. Davis in health coaches, but coach health coaches in their own. Right and I think those people are beginning to see

the value of the community and the knowledge that they get just being a member. Is it kind of a way of sharing that information with a much larger crowd than even we realize so it's it's really important to build that Community aspect and that is a place I would say the Facebook is more about lifestyle. Whereas the Inner Circle tends to be more about the science. And so we have two platforms that help us meld those two components because I'll tell you. If you feel you've got friends, I know it's the common Facebook but friends in more common sense and other people who are sharing what they did and doing practical things taking pictures, you know County posts picture about some brisket. He just had a barbecue you say. Hey, here's a guide and here's how it does it then I and then it's really interesting when those things. Kind of spill over into these weekly meetups are almost weekly meetups. It's I think I think there are things to be cleaned and we can we can use them back and forth because I know I see sometimes in the chat people always commenting about here's a link to something of the Facebook page. Just

know to get into that Facebook page. If it's your first time you have to ask you let in and then that's processed within 24 hours. anything else and you know one I always like to get a plug-in for the Forum Bob. And if there's anything you want to say specific to how the Forum is operated. Now would be the time to get you know, our recap of the year and a couple of things that you've seen because I don't want to say you see every Forum post, but it's got to be 99.9% I didn't have anything really prepared to add to tonight's discussion. Other than that page that I created with. My non-negotiable demands for 2023 so to speak. I'll put the link in the chat case. Some people haven't seen them. It's an update to that checklist that I started in 2015. Yes sites circularly made a huge amount of progress since 2015. in terms of forum feature support Yeah, the form we with the Forum there's always a constant, you know, if we had to do it from scratch probably do it differently. It's much like

Microsoft best to take care of Legacy support for past things. You know what we are almost kind of stuck because we built in so many features that you're not gonna find it or else so we'd have to if we did start over from scratch think besides the time and expense and work involved in pretty good over. We'd probably lose some of the Futures that we like so much. Well would be the loss of the back traffic would be the Principal risk. Yeah, exactly. What's true? No platform, right and in a couple of things, you know, in a tip of the hat to Bob he has a number of resources out there not the least of which is something that he pretty much started called the premium content beer and you know, we thought we fell and again at the urging of our members like hey, what the heck? Oh, I got to become a doctor Davis infinite health blog member pretty inexpensive and I have to become an inner circle member. I mean should I be able to get all that Bob does take some time himself to mirror all that content onto the on to the Forum. So I would I would poke around and find those areas where Bob has built not only that pretty near content, but a number of really really good reference Pages, you know, people always what

tests should I take well guess what is created a reference it says, here's all the standard tests. He goes will be on just a standard tests. So there's a the four really connects everything you'll find every time we post this video. We create a forum topic for handling questions within that video almost everything we do. Has got a related form components. So that's kind of really the nerve center of everything that happens on the site. And I know because sometimes so feature rich rich people sometimes are a little bit afraid of it. It seems really difficult. But you know take a few moments out and you know take a look at the form and get familiar with it. There's three different ways to use it. There's what we call the full view which is all the bells and buzzers lights and there's the social view which is looks more like a Facebook page and there's even a thing called a quick question where you never even have to use the Forum. You literally push a button you type in your questions. It's got no frills text only it gets posted to the form and then you are you are updated. There's any replies email so there's actually a way to use the Forum where you don't even have to use the Forum. It's that

powerful feature. I've got nothing else prepared if you want to start. I see Debbie's got a hand up again. I want to remind everybody that this is being recorded. And everything we do is going to be open to the general public not just members and what we can have a you know, we at least for a couple hours every night. So we'll get to the the stuff that we want to keep our little you know, Inner Circle secret. Debbie said you'd have a question you wanted to share. Yeah, I wanted to I'm not muted. Am I sorry I was doing it. And so one thing that we really didn't talk about but everybody else was talking about was covid and so I just wanted I was interested in finding out. And I never got the vaccine and I never got coded. And I was I took care of my husband when he had it and I was exposed to other times and I never got it. And so I was wondering if that was consistent with our members I mean, so it was just an interesting well. And it's it's a really interesting thing and it it's

it's become a Hot Topic but I will say this. I did get covid. You I did I did I did good and you know. I got it when I was. 66 in the beginning and it was it was nothing and my I didn't change a thing but I did quarantine in my basement. I have a really nice basement. My wife keep my wife says yeah. I was like living in a hotel. I was providing the room service. He had a full gym a bathroom a bar lights green tea. And you know, it's funny. At the time reason I was being very cautious is because my wife's brother was was dying of colon cancer, and we were heading to his needs so I got covid my wife got covid my we did not we did not want my but to come here only to die of Colvin. He never got But I would say that one of the things we talked about and oh my God, you know what? It's gonna be. I'm gonna add this to the list. I guess send a doctor Davis we talk about a thing if people remember called Simon involution

and and the thymus is responsible for T cell production, which is one of the primary mechanisms by which we provide immunity. And it's no see it's no secret that you know, one of the major risk factors for Contracting covid. And dying of it is old age. Well, what happens is we age our thymus disintegrates to almost nothing. It's called finding convolution. And so it makes sense that if you're on a program which we stores the thymus which our program seems to do. I don't have I don't have a study that says that but it seems to do that. We'll be a full study on that at some point in time. Um and all the other things that we do again, we say we prevent diseases from emerging. That means all diseases not there's there's no Panacea. There's no there's no Fountain of cure out there. So we can never say do this and you won't be covered. Yeah. I was just I wasn't saying that I was just interested in knowing if that was consistent with the people in the group. I wasn't saying that we were going to go out and yeah say that follow Dr. Davis's program, you will not get right and I think the answer your question bluntly I believe.

Me personally that it is consistent with the program because as we talk to the people here. I think their experience is much like my experience with you know, that you know, did they get covid in the first place and that they did how severe with the symptoms? I mean I other than obesity. I mean, you know I'm I'm gonna be 68 in two weeks. I got three diabetes like Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, you know. I was a candidate to have a real bad time with. You know, I've got a calcium score. You'd think that it would hit me hard, but it barely hit me at all. I think I I monitored a lot of things. One of the only thing I monitored is during exercise during a heavy resistance training. I noticed that my heart rate increased. That was it. That was it. So yeah, I would say it's consistent on fortunately. All we have is end of one anecdotal experiences, but they all are routinely and generally positive right? You know, and anybody feel free to raise their raise their voice, but that's been my experience that the overwhelming number of people

are in our program. If they got it had mild responses. Yeah, you know, yeah, he and Pops in there and that's the same thing Dr. Davis says I like, you know last time at Cold well. Most colds are coronaviruses, you know, so either there's lots of different coronaviruses. And again, is it a class effect don't know. But yeah, I don't remember the last time I had the flu I got I got a flu vaccine too only because my insurance company paid me $300. Okay now give me $300. I guess we're gonna flaxseed. We're gonna pay for the vaccine, too. And I can't I used it. Well as a young man, I got the flu every September. I just did it was like okay September's here. I'm gonna have the flu and you know, it rants normal, you know five day course and I was miserable. all typical symptoms But I can't remember the last time. the flu but yeah, I just thought it. It was a discussion point but people are chiming in so we'll get oh, yeah there there is a robust discussion about covid-19 on the website. I mean in the form

Oh in the Forum there is okay. I mean and and you know, I think not only a bunch of members but guys like ever Cummins it's chimed in and and there's a tremendous number of links to everybody and their brother on the issue of clothing 19. That's for example this brings up a good point on the inner circle for just anything in general one of my favorite things to do. I hope I was responding to a message when I clicked into this here on boot camp. So I on the Facebook page to you guys. The search feature is one of my favorite things to utilize. So we've got lots of different places to use the search when we're on the inner circle, you know, say you want to know about Prebiotic fibers. We type that in And you have the tabs that come up so anytime referenced in a web page anytime. There's been a discussion on the Forum if there's any videos that are linked to that topic and then if there's any recipes I use the search. I don't even know how many times a day both here on the inner circle forum. And on the Facebook page. It's a game changer, especially when you start clicking into each of these

different tabs because guaranteed it's probably been talked about somewhere some point in time whether it was you know, when it was on doctored or even back to curiosity days post will come up. So for everyone on here no matter what the topic is utilize that search feature up in the top. That's really So down that's gonna be exactly where you find that that string of conversation. Okay. Yeah, I'll look there. Thank you. Perfect. And then since I'm talking if you are interested in coaching with Jen or myself that would be underneath community support and then personal coaching. There's a video that Jen and I have done and a little blurbable like what our Specialties are and all the things on on having coaching. So I wanted to make sure that that was shown and utilized before I bumped out here He only looks like you got your hand up. Yeah, hi. I just wanted to chime in since you're gonna put this out to the public. my experience with the program and it's kind of important, you know, I haven't been sick and we were talking about coping stuff not gonna talk about that, but I haven't been sick in years since since I got going here and my

family can be sick and people I can go into these houses and everybody's sick. I just don't get sick anymore and And I know why because my my specific blood values are where they're supposed to be what I learned. They're supposed to be through this program. Not what my previous doctor said. They should be I'm following with Dr. Davis says and I just don't don't get sick anymore. I have a ton of energy. I got my life back. I can do all the work. I left to work like you all at work. I want. I'm getting my contractors license at 61, but the program, you know, save my life probably. I don't know where I be today. I was like at 48 49 50 years old. I couldn't when I come home from working. I drive to the mailbox. So I wouldn't have to walk then. I just have to walk out of my part of the mailbox and get back to my car and drive home. That was too Two Doors Down. right so so I can I walk to the mailbox now two doors down but you think about these things you think about all these people that can't do things and I contribute it to just this is how I'm aging. It's not good for some reason all my

joints hurt and I I be up on a roof and I talk to some other guys and say your ankle search from doing this all these years they say no but you know, they weren't they weren't bad as shape as I was and and even though I let a healthy lifestyle eating with the way my mom cooked all our life. We always had very well done. You know, I drank I smoked and you know, Wasn't just social it was all the time. Right and I stopped that way before this program came along but you know, you can beat yourself into the ground and if you get into this soon enough, you know, you can pull yourself out. Almost all the way Depends off how far you've gone off the you one way will determine how far back you can rebound but it's it's changed my life. I I'm pretty sure I'm gonna live a long time with dignity age with dignity and suffering. So you're thinking about this program. It's I think it's the only thing out there. There are no diets don't work. This is the OG of diets. It's the original and this is this is why we do it in the Humpty Dumpty can go back together again. And we see it. So I would say I would say that everybody listening tonight in particularly

potentially those who maybe listening in the general public. You can go to our our landing page site. So if members would have to log out because we don't really spend much time talking about success stories, but both keoni and Coach April on our on our public facing site under our success stories have a very very compelling video along with a number of other compelling videos. And so we're so confused, right because the, you know, the transformation has been so substantial and I would encourage you if you're always looking. Hey, can I do this? Yes, you can and you know Listen to Keoni listen to people tell their story. Well any other questions that people want to put out there for public consumption again, and even when we go private as I say when the cats away the mice will play so without Dr. Davis here. I'm willing to be those that no done this with me before I will be as blunt as possible. All right. So if not I'm going to take the recording off. And we can get into the some of the nitty-gritty that we do as members of the Inner Circle. And so all you people watching this out there. If you

want to hear this stuff that you're gonna you're about to miss. I had encourage you all the joint. All right, I'm gonna turn the recording off.