Infinite Health Success Stories

Rexene: Incredible triumph over disease

My Story

  • My heart and arteries are much improved. I was hardly able to do anything that required exertion. I worked my way off of a beta blocker that I was taking to slow my heart rate down in just five weeks. My heart rate was between 102 – 126 beats per minute. Now it averages 67 BPM. My breathing has greatly improved also. No more problems with getting short of breath from just brushing my teeth. My blood pressure was running 180/90 and now it's averaging 110/62!

  • I am reversing my Type 2 Diabetes of over eighteen years. I was able to wean myself completely off of 168 units a day of Lantus (long-acting insulin) I got completely off Novalog (short-acting insulin). I still do take Metformin. My blood sugar levels went from averaging 200 on all that insulin to 100 off all insulin! I'm doing a whole lot less damage to my body which is a very big deal. My HbA1C went from 6.9 to 5.7. I am working hard to reverse my diabetes entirely with very low carbs, low protein and intermittent fasting ... and I will!

  • My Fatty Liver has reversed. I was told in 2002 I had a fatty liver after an ultrasound and I've had quite a few elevated liver enzyme levels over the years. The C.T. scan I had done recently reported no abnormalities in my liver and all blood tests have been normal!

"Weight loss total, 106.2 lbs, that's over 10, 10-lb bags of potatoes, 3, 30-lb bags of dog food, or perhaps a fifth grader! I was carrying that on my feet, my heart. Gone in just one year. Just doing everyday things has become SO much easier!"

  • My Irritable Bowel Syndrome has straightened itself out. I went from severe diarrhea six times a day (a nightmare if you leave the house) to normal BMs (95% of the time) for eight months. This is the best part of this whole thing for me. I had twenty years of suffering with this!

  • No more Acid Reflux or Sinus Infections. I still deal with allergies (although less), but no more colds or infections!! My asthma is non-symptomatic! I do not have to use my inhaler, nebulizer or Advair Disk at all - none!! No more night sweats or over-heating either!

  • My mood also has greatly improved! I have been a long-time sufferer of anxiety and depression. I was just coming out of a severe major depression episode when I finally had the energy to start a new way of eating. I loved the energy and mood boost I got mid-second week! There are still ups and downs, but so many more good days now than before! I know this is a lot to read, but I keep sharing all of this so I can appreciate where I've come and perhaps give someone some hope!