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Infinite Health with Support to Match

The Infinite Health Program is a life-long commitment but you won't go it alone The Inner Circle offers Members multiple levels of support unmatched in depth and breadth by virtually any other online program.

Live-Video Support

At the top of your premium support options are the regularly scheduled, live-video sessions Dr. Davis holds several times each month. You can engage Dr. Davis directly, face to face, from virtually anywhere on your PC or smartphone to get late-breaking news and ask questions on any Program issue you may have.

Learn not only from Dr. Davis but enjoy the knowledge sharing and camraderie of dozens of other Members many with insights about health issues just like yours. Whether you actively engage on voice and video or leave your camera and microphone off to sit back and absorb the fun and learning you will become a fan of this rich, high-touch Member support option. [ Go to Live-Video Meetups Page ]

The Infinite Health Forums

The Inner Circle gives you 24/7 access to to one of the largest, longest running health forums in existence with tens of thousands of info filled posts. Your questions are monitored by Dr. Davis, forum moderators, and Members with extensive knowledge and exerience with health issues just like yours. You have three options options for posting questions and monitoring replies depending on your preferences.

Forum Full View: A classic forum format organized by program categories will a full-featured editor perfect for posting text, images, videos, almost anything!

Forum Social View: The same forum content but organized in a social media format where posts of all categories are combined and move to the top based on most recent activity.

Quick Questions: Simple and quick, it allows Members to post short, text-only questions and receive replies via email!

Forum Social View
Forum Social View
Forum Full View
Forum Full View

Forum Quick Questions
Forum Quick Question

Private Facebook Page

Facebook For Members who enjoy the social media experience we also offer the Inner Circle Prvate Facebook Page. This useful resource is separate has its own moderators and is frequented by Dr. Davis as well and is perfect for those seeking a less technical, more "nuts and bolts" atmosphere. The Private Facebook Page requires a separate registration as it is a completely separate website. Simply ask the moderator to register you by supplying the username or email address you used when you sign up at the Inner Circle. [ Go to the Private Facecbook Page ]

Video Learning Library

An extensive collection of workshops, webinars, interviews,"Do It Yourself" (DIY), recipes, and other instructional videos on virtually every key Infinite Health Program health topic are at your fingertips for immediate viewing - just like the latest featured video shown here.

The majority of the videos feature Dr. Davis delivering the content to you in his own insightful manner. Many of them also include full text transcripts and links to other related information on the website.

The Video Library has it own title and keyword search and can be sorted by category or release date and displayed graphically or as a list by title. [ Go to Video Library ]

Recipes and Meal Plans

Heathy eating is the foundational strategy for feeling better, living healthy, and living longer. There was a time when eating healthy meant cutting calories, giving up your favorite foods, and eating the same bland meals over and over. Nothing could be farther from the truth on the Infinite Health Program. Members have instant access to a variety of delicious new recipes as well as new ways to make old favorites healthy without losing the flavor. Add in the Infinite Health meal planning tools and you have the ultimate "recipe" for success! [ Go to the Recipes Page ]

Click any recipe group below to view more recipes

The Inner Circle 42-Day Meal Plan is an exclusive Member guide for planning meals in the Infinite Health lifestyle. It provides several weeks of pre-planned meals based on the Infinite Health Recipe Library.

Click Here or on the Guide image at left to view or print the Guide.

Infinite Health Program Coaches

Want more personal, face-to-face program support? Sign-up for help and instruction from one of our certified Infinite Health Program Coaches!

Our exclusive personal coaches will provide 45-minute, one-on-one, live-video coaching sessions based on a personalized schedule of times and topics you create with your coach.

[ Go to Program Coaching Page ]

Coach Jen Baynes
Coach April Duval

Your Inner Circle Member Advocate

The Inner Circle offers a broad range of support for health issues and questions. Your Member Advocate is there for everything else like technical or commercial issues. Armed with with equally broad authority and technology, your Member Advocate can usually resolve any Member issue within 24 hours, sometimes in just a few hours or even minutes! Click Here to contact your Member Advocate!