Program Overview

Pre-Program Preparation

The Infinite Health Program (originally titled the "Undoctored Program") pre-program preparation involves a dramatic shift in food choices. We choose real, single-ingredient foods whenever possible, while rejecting most processed foods that impair your health and weight control. Begin by purging your kitchen of unhealthy foods made with grains such as wheat, corn, rye, barley, oats, rice, amaranth, millet, sorghum, triticale, etc. Banish obvious grain-containing foods such as breads, rolls, and corn meal then eliminate sugar-containing foods such as soft drinks, candies, desserts, etc.

It will be necessary to restock your kitchen shelves with foods that fit into your new lifestyle. This is also the time to obtain the correct nutritional supplements to meet your body’s intrinsic needs not met by the habits of modern life. [ Go to Full Program Preparation Page ]

The 10-Day Detox Period

Your path to extraordinary health, control over weight, and younger appearance involves first having to endure a withdrawal/detoxification process that typically lasts 5-10 days. It occurs when gliadin-derived opiates from wheat and grains are removed from your diet, triggering an opiate-like withdrawal syndrome. The removal of sugars may also add to this effect. It can make a tumultuous week or so before you begin to feel better.

Unlike just cutting calories, completing this process yields benefits that go far beyond just losing a few pounds. No “diet” that involves simply cutting calories can hope to produce the often dramatic effects like the Infinite Health lifestyle can. [ Go to Full 10-Day Detox Page ]

The Next 32 Days

Most people experience dramatic improvements over the next few weeks. Weight loss during the initial 10 days signals rapid reversal of inflammation and water retention. Continued weight loss will be from fat stores. Tissue levels of vitamin D, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, and iodine begin to approach their steady state target levels. This is also the time to get your bowel flora program in order. Include a high-potency, multi-species probiotic and prebiotic fibers during the entire six weeks.

Explore some of the new recipes in the Infinite Health 42-Day Menu Plan. Eat if you wish, do not eat if you are not hungry. All recipes are compliant with this lifestyle. Yes, even recipes like cheesecake or pizza are now health foods! [ Go to Full Next 32 Days Page ]

First 42 Days Guidance

Inner Circle Members Members can access "Daily Guidance" tips, meals, and other useful info during the first 42 days of the Program. There are 30 separate entries covering days 1-26, 31, 38, 39, and 42.

You can access Daily Guidance by selecting the desired day from the drop-down list below.

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Infinite Health Program Online Course

The Infinite Health Program (originally titled the "Undoctored Program") online course is a premium, professional-grade, online course designed to walk you step-by-step through the entire Infinite Health Program. It offers the potential to increase longevity and youthful appearance in addition to it's well-known ability to control weight and improve overall health. Each lesson focuses on a critical element of the Program providing video, text, graphics, additional documents, and even a short quiz. A handy navigation bar allows you to jump to any lesson and indicates which lessons you have already completed. A progress bar at the top of the page tracks your overall progress. This is the same course offered for over $750 per person as part of our corporate health program and is now available exclusively to Inner Circle Members.

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You can preview the introductory video for each lesson module below. Click the title link above each video to go directly to that lesson module.