Self-directed health: Health managed by yourself, for yourself, with results that exceed those obtained through conventional healthcare alone. We call it obtaining Infinite Health.

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Infinite Health: The self-directed, health-empowering, cost-saving program dedicated to helping you achieve ideal health, feel better, look younger - and liberating you from an over-reliance on doctors and drugs.

Self-directed strategies are not only possible, but are essential for you to succeed in health—leave it solely up to the doctor and the healthcare system while you submit to their “care” and you are doomed to a life following their rules for their gain. The power you hold reaches far and wide into multiple aspects of your and your family’s health: cholesterol can be reduced without medication, blood pressure controlled, pre-diabetic blood sugars squelched. You can shed weight in less time than you might expect (since excess weight is a reflection of distorted health, not just a cosmetic issue), identify and correct thyroid problems, craft a program to prevent or reverse osteoporosis, amplify energy, all self-directed using resources that are within your reach, many of which you already have. You can share your experience with others, review the experiences of other like-minded people, and find new solutions to previously unsolvable problems, all without a doctor. And, as the new tools and revelations of this new age unfold, that is just the start.

"Healthcare is the system created to deliver the greatest revenue-generating products and procedures to address illness, but not provide health."

Dr. William Davis Author, Wheat Belly, Undoctored, Super Gut

In the Inner Circle, we take our self-directed health experience very seriously to achieve even greater health improvements, even more weight loss success, even higher levels of day-to-day functioning. The Infinite Health Program is based on the principle that health is something you can achieve on your own, without relying solely on prescriptions drugs, doctors, or hospital procedures. The Infinite Health Program program gets you started on a path that may free you from hundreds of health conditions and prescription drugs, accomplish impressive weight loss without counting calories, all while helping you feel and look better than you have in years.

We challenge each and every person to become their own best health advocate and enjoy the best health possible: ideal weight, feel great and energized every day, enjoy an optimistic outlook, reduced pain and disability, all with Infinite Health.

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