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42-Day Meal Plan

The Infinite Health 42-Day Meal Plan is an exclusive Member guide for planning meals in the Infinite Health lifestyle. It provides several weeks of pre-planned meals based on the Infinite Health Recipe Library.

Below is an overview of what you will find in the 42-Day Meal Plan.

The First 10 Days

Simplicity is the key during these first 10 days to make it easier while you are suffering the energy and mood impairment of the detoxification/withdrawal process.

Start with dishes that you are familiar with and already include in your diet, though perhaps modified with healthier ingredients. This way, preparation is simplified and you won’t even need a recipe. Having three scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast is perfectly fine— no recipe needed, but consistent with this lifestyle and easy to prepare. You can, of course, dive further into the recipes and draw from some of the more interesting choices, but do so only if the detox/withdrawal is not slowing you down.

While you will find simple breakfast dishes specified below that are typically considered part of breakfast, don’t hesitate to introduce lunch or dinner foods into your morning meal, such as a salad, leftover steak or hamburger, or a baked dish. Much of the typical American breakfast ritual was invented by the processed food industry, trapping you into the habit of consuming grains and sugars. The farther you get away from such practices, the healthier you will become. Conversely, if you feel like having an omelet or scrambled eggs for dinner, go right ahead.

Rather than follow conventional advice such as “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” we listen to our bodies: If you are hungry for breakfast, eat breakfast; if you are not hungry for breakfast, don’t eat breakfast, then eat later when you perceive the softer form of hunger we experience in the grain-free world. We find this to be a more rational and effective approach.

We introduce Prebiotic Shakes on day 3 for breakfast that are very filling and can serve as a meal replacement. If you remain hungry after the shake, go ahead and have something more, such as some eggs or full-fat yogurt with berries. If you don’t use the shakes on any day, be sure to obtain prebiotic fibers from other sources, such as small servings of legumes, sliced jicama dipped into guacamole, hummus, inulin or FOS powders added to other foods, or other root vegetables (while not exceeding our 15 gram net carb rule per meal).

Once you are beyond the initial 10 days and finished with the fatigue, nausea, headaches, and low moods of the detox/withdrawal, then you can graduate to the more varied dishes of the menu plan.

The Next 32 Days

The majority of people engaging in this lifestyle should feel pretty darned good after completing the initial unpleasant, often tumultuous, 10 days. You should therefore be ready to explore some of the new recipes in the Infinite Health lifestyle, including those that seem indulgent—like cookies or pizza—that now become health foods that should raise no concerns about weight gain or health impairment (aside from the dairy issue).

If you are among the minority whose detox/withdrawal symptoms continue longer than 10 days, it is perfectly fine to continue the simplified program of the initial 10 days. Join in with the more elaborate menu plan when you start feeling stronger and more energetic, which should not be too far off.

Three meals per day are specified, but this does not mean that you need to adhere to a three-meal-per-day schedule. Eat if you wish, do not eat if you are not hungry. Also, only some desserts are specified, but feel free to add the dessert recipes included whenever the impulse hits. All dessert recipes are compliant with this lifestyle and can even be used to replace other breakfast, lunch, or dinner foods, since all unhealthy ingredients have been removed and replaced with healthy alternatives.