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Google Chrome Browser Hack

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Posted: 12/21/2023 5:07:52 PM
Edited: 12/21/2023 5:18:51 PM (2)

To All:

It was brought to our attention that several Google Search result links (Google only, no other search engines) related to the Dr. Davis Infinite Health Inner Circle are being redirected to the gambling site ""  We have traced the problem to malicious code that can infect Google Chrome browsers.  The malware is capable of intercepting perfectly valid Google Search result links (by checking if the user-agent specification in the HTTP request header is "GoogleBot") and then redirecting the link to other URLs.  While this is a common browser hacking technique, this the first time it has been reported that it is affecting several links to our site that are returned by Google Search (and only the Google Search engine).  Note that the "hack" is not in our website, website server, or Google Search itself but resides in affected Chrome browsers (we have not experienced any issue with other browsers and search engines yet but the possibility remains).

If you encounter the issue, the problem is best resolved by uninstalling then reinstalling Google Chrome.  Note that even after doing a reinstall there is the potential to be reinfected simply by signing in to Chrome with Google profiles that may also be infected.  We have not yet encountered a remedy to "disinfect" Google profiles affected by this malware other than discontinue using them.

Please let us know if a similar malware issue is encountered using other browsers and search engines and/or if you have heard of or developed effective techniques to remove the malware so we may test them and share results with other Members.

Tags: bet55,malware


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