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Vitamin D Brand

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I previously reported that when I was taking 10,000 of Vitamin D, my level was 83, so I cut back to 9,000, as recommended.  I have not had my levels tested in more than a year. 

After recently reading the Vitamin D Quick Reference, I decided to check the ingredients in my Vitamin D gel caps.  I have been taking Vitacost 5,000s and 2,000s, because Consumer Lab recommends that brand.  But I now notice that Vitacost uses Safflower Oil, which apparently is not a good idea.  What is a better brand?

I prefer gel caps, but I would consider a liquid.



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I take the NowFoods on the market place. The only problem with safflower oil is excess w6 I guess. But the amount of w6 you would be getting from a gelcap is next to nothing, if you are happy with everything else about that brand.

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I use metagenics and they are really good


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Posted: 3/11/2021 9:50:05 AM
Edited: 3/26/2021 6:51:12 AM (1)

I use 5000IU Healthy Origins, a recommended brand from early days in Official WB 10-Day Grain Detox FB group. 

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