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Post Date: 10/6/2022
The Forgotten Orifice: Exploring the Oral Microbiome
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hopscotch: Zehren, I think your current liquid stool problem says what happened to your gut flora from the program of antibiotics. Hoping you get a solution!
Posted: 6/3/2023

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Posted: 6/3/2023

Zehren: Thanks again, Bob
Posted: 6/3/2023

Post Date: 5/15/2023
Dealing with H pylori IMO SIBO & SIFO -help
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Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/3/2023

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Posted: 6/3/2023

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Posted: 5/15/2023

Post Date: 6/3/2023
Magnesium Supplements
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Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/3/2023

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Posted: 6/3/2023

Post Date: 3/10/2017
WBB: More about Virtue Sweetener

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2017-03-10
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
PCM forum Index of WB Blog articles.

Note, see also: IHB: Back down on erythritol
The Virtue product is still available, but had not been reformulated when this 2017 blog post was mirrored in 2023.

More about Virtue Sweetener

photo: monk fruits on the vine

Because I wanted a benign and healthy way for followers of the Wheat Belly lifestyle to recreate dishes such as chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, and pies with none of the health problems of grains or sugars, I helped Wheat-Free Market develop its Virtue Sweetener product.

Yes, you could do without such sweeteners. But I learned long ago when I introduced Wheat Belly concepts to patients in my cardiology practice that having options while entertaining friends, during holidays, and pleasing kids was important for staying on course on this lifestyle. Before I understood how to use such natural sweeteners, patients would come back from, say, the Thanksgiving holiday 14 pounds heavier with disastrous changes in blood sugar, triglycerides, blood pressure, and small LDL particles that increased risk for heart attack. Given access to benign natural sweeteners, patients would come back with no weight gain, no change in blood sugar, no rise in small LDL, or any other measure—they would just enjoy the holiday with no observable downside.

It has also become clear in the last two years that synthetic sweeteners such as sucralose, saccharine, and aspartame have unhealthy implications, specifically adverse changes in bowel flora composition that explain why these sweeteners have been associated with weight gain and increased type 2 diabetes risk.

So Virtue Sweetener has emerged front and center because it allows you to end your wonderful grain-free meal with, say, a delicious German Chocolate Brownie or Peanut Butter Fudge while not dealing with any adverse health effects. This remains true even if you are strictly limiting carbs on your low-carb diet or even ketogenic lifestyle.

There are two components in Virtue Sweetener: monkfruit and erythritol. Let’s talk about each one:

Monk fruit–More than a healthy sweetener?

Among our choices of natural sweeteners, monk fruit is the clear winner: zero calories, no weight gain, clean taste without bitter aftertaste, and—because of its concentrated sweetness—can slash cost when combined with other natural sweeteners like erythritol. But there are effects of this interesting non-caloric sweetener that go beyond its ability to just help us create healthy muffins or cookies. Scientific studies are now identifying important effects that add to health.

Much of this research got underway because of monk fruit’s long history as an effective home remedy to relieve sore throat and cough. Research studies have documented an anti-inflammatory effect of monk fruit. But there are additional beneficial effects that have been identified, including reduced blood sugar, an antioxidant effect, blocking fat accumulation in fat cells, and anti-inflammatory effects. A number of studies have also pinpointed effects that reduce potential for cancer. To date, these observations have only been made in experimental models and not through any human trials, but those will be emerging near-future. A sample of the scientific observations that have been made are listed below.

In the meantime, enjoy your coffee sweetened with monk fruit, or cookies or pies in which sugar has been replaced by this clean-tasting, non-caloric sweetener. Perhaps you will also obtain some important health benefits from monk fruit, as well.

Monk fruit is labeled Siraitia grosvenori or Momordica grosvenori in scientific studies. The active components of monk fruit are called mogrosides.


Experimental animal models suggest that monk fruit mogrosides provide protection from developing diabetes and reduces blood sugar:

  • Qi XY, Chen WJ, Zhang LQ, Xie BJ.Mogrosides extract from Siraitia grosvenori scavenges free radicals in vitro and lowers oxidative stress, serum glucose, and lipid levels in alloxan-induced diabetic mice. Nutr Res. 2008 Apr;28(4):278-84.
  • Suzuki YA, Tomoda M, Murata Y, Inui H, Sugiura M, Nakano Y. Antidiabetic effect of long-term supplementation with Siraitia grosvenori on the spontaneously diabetic Goto-Kakizaki rat. Br. J. Nutr. 2007; 97: 770–5.
  • Suzuki YA, Murata Y, Inui H, Sugiura M, Nakano Y. Triterpene glycosides of Siraitia grosvenori inhibit rat intestinal maltase and suppress the rise in blood glucose level after a single oral administration of maltose in rats. J. Agric. Food Chem. 2005; 53: 2941–2946.

Weight control

Monk fruit-derived mogrosides appear to block the cellular changes that lead to fat accumulation:

  • Harada N1, Ishihara M1, Horiuchi H1 et al. Mogrol derived from Siraitia grosvenorii mogrosides suppresses 3T3-L1 adipocyte differentiation by reducing cAMP-response element-binding protein phosphorylation and increasing AMP-activated protein kinase phosphorylation. PLoS One. 2016 Sep 1;11(9):e0162252.

Antioxidative effects

Monk fruit is an antioxidant, including blocking oxidation of LDL particles that can lead to heart disease:

  • Chen WJ, Wang J, Qi XY, Xie BJ. The antioxidant activities of natural sweeteners, mogrosides, from fruits of Siraitia grosvenori. Int J Food Sci Nutr. 2007 Nov;58(7):548-56.
  • Takeo E1, Yoshida H, Tada N et al. Sweet elements of Siraitia grosvenori inhibit oxidative modification of low-density lipoprotein. J Atheroscler Thromb. 2002;9(2):114-20.
  • Wang M, Xing S, Luu T et al. The gastrointestinal tract metabolism and pharmacological activities of grosvenorine, a major and characteristic flavonoid in the fruits of Siraitia grosvenorii. Chem Biodivers. 2015 Nov;12(11):1652-64. doi: 10.1002/cbdv.201400397.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Monk fruit mogrosides are anti-inflammatory:

  • Di R, Huang MT, Ho CT.Anti-inflammatory activities of mogrosides from Momordica grosvenori in murine macrophages and a murine ear edema model. J Agric Food Chem. 2011 Jul 13;59(13):7474-81.
  • Shi D, Zheng M, Wang Y et al. Protective effects and mechanisms of mogroside V on LPS-induced acute lung injury in mice. Pharm Biol. 2014 Jun;52(6):729-34.

Cancer preventive effects

  • Akihisa T, Hayakawa Y, Tokuda H et al.Cucurbitane glycosides from the fruits of Siraitia gros venorii and their inhibitory effects on Epstein-Barr virus activation. Nat Prod. 2007 May;70(5):783-8.
  • Liu C, Dai LH, Dou DQ et al. A natural food sweetener with anti-pancreatic cancer properties. Oncogenesis. 2016 Apr 11;5:e217.
  • Matsumoto S, Jin M, Dewa Y, Nishimura J et al. Suppressive effect of Siraitia grosvenorii extract on dicyclanil-promoted hepatocellular proliferative lesions in male mice. J Toxicol Sci. 2009 Feb;34(1):109-18.
  • Takasaki M, Konoshima T, Murata Y et al. Anticarcinogenic activity of natural sweeteners, cucurbitane glycosides, from Momordica grosvenori. Cancer Lett. 2003 Jul 30;198(1):37-42.
  • Ukiya M, Akihisa T, Tokuda H et al. Inhibitory effects of cucurbitane glycosides and other triterpenoids from the fruit of Momordica grosvenori on epstein-barr virus early antigen induced by tumor promoter 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate. J Agric Food Chem. 2002 Nov 6;50(23):6710-5.


  • Marone PA, Borzelleca JF, Merkel D et al. Twenty eight-day dietary toxicity study of Luo Han fruit concentrate in Hsd:SD rats. Food Chem Toxicol. 2008 Mar;46(3):910-9.
  • Pawar RS, Krynitsky AJ, Rader JI. Sweeteners from plants–with emphasis on Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) and Siraitia grosvenorii (Swingle). Anal Bioanal Chem. 2013 May;405(13):4397-407.


Erythritol–A natural fruit sugar

Along with monk fruit, erythritol is one of the two natural sweeteners contained in Virtue Sweetener. Erythritol is one of the best choices among natural sweeteners because of its clean flavor, lack of effect on blood sugar or insulin, and even provides modest health benefits.

Erythritol is a sugar found naturally in fruit such as apples and oranges but is produced from glucose in greater quantities through a fermentation process using yeast.

Erythritol yields no increase in blood sugar even if as much as 15 teaspoons are ingested all at once. Unlike monkfruit that has no calories, erythritol has a small number of calories: less than 1.6 calories per teaspoon—90% less than regular table sugar. It also does not stimulate insulin release, unlike synthetic sweeteners such as sucralose (Splenda) and aspartame. Studies have demonstrated modest reductions blood sugar and hemoglobin A1c (reflecting the previous 90 days’ of blood sugars) in people with diabetes who use erythritol as their preferred sweetener.

Like monkfruit, erythritol is not just safe, but also has modest beneficial health effects. Erythritol yields protective effects on dental health, shown to reduce the number of cavities and plaque in several clinical studies, unlike sugar that, of course, promotes tooth decay.

Unlike most other sugar alcohols, such as sorbitol, mannitol, and maltitol, erythritol does not cause bloating, gas, or loose stools when used in the quantities specified in our recipes. This is because only a small proportion of erythritol passes through the intestinal tract.

Erythritol is about 70% as sweet as table sugar. It also has a slight “cooling” sensation, similar to that of peppermint, though less intense. It may therefore confer a modest cooling sensation to baked products and other sweets.

In Virtue Sweetener, we rely on a greater proportion of monk fruit, which is much sweeter than erythritol. Erythritol is thereby used to add bulk, or volume, to Virtue Sweetener, while the monk fruit with its intense sweetening power allows you to use far less total combined sweetener, thereby yielding a considerable cost savings.


  • Bornet FRJ, Blayo A, Dauchy F, Slama G. Gastrointestinal response and plasma and urine determinations in human subjects given erythritol. Regulatory Toxicol Pharmacol. 1996;24, part 2:S296–S302.
  • De Cock P, Mäkinen K, Honkala E et al. Erythritol is more effective than xylitol and sorbitol in managing oral health endpoints. Int J Dent 2016;2016:9868421.
  • Honkala S, Runnel R, Saag M et al. Effect of erythritol and xylitol on dental caries prevention in children. Caries Res 2014;48(5):482-90.
  • Ishikawa M, Miyashita M, Kawashima Y et al. Effects of oral administration of erythritol on patients with diabetes. Regul Toxicol Pharmacol 1996 Oct;24(2 Pt 2):S303-8.
  • Munro IC, Berndt WO, Borzelleca JF et al. Erythritol: an interpretive summary of biochemical, metabolic, toxicological and clinical data. Food Chem Toxicol 1998 Dec;36(12):1139-74.
  • Wölnerhanssen BK, Cajacob L, Keller N et al.Gut hormone secretion, gastric emptying, and glycemic responses to erythritol and xylitol in lean and obese subjects. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 2016 Jun 1;310(11):E1053-61.

photo: retail pouch of WFMF Virtue sweetener

Putting aside taste, safety, and potential health benefits, how about cost? Here is a cost comparison I did recently: Virtue is the clear winner, costing as much as 80% less than other natural sweeteners. You can enjoy dishes naturally sweetened without destroying your grocery budget.

Given its natural sourcing, safety profile, potential health benefits, and cost, Virtue Sweetener is everything I intended it to be, an advantage to all of us following the Wheat Belly lifestyle to reclaim control over health and weight.

D.D. Infinite Health icon

Post Date: 3/6/2017
WBB: Reviews of The Wheat Belly Slim Guide

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2017-03-06
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
PCM forum Index of WB Blog articles.

Reviews of The Wheat Belly Slim Guide

photo: book cover: Wheat Belly Slim Guide

The reviews are coming in for the recently released Wheat Belly Slim Guide.

I wrote this book to help everyone have greater ease and success in making safe choices at the grocery store, restaurants, and elsewhere. I wanted this resource to be portable and have concise listings of such important items as safe natural sweeteners, safe grain-free flours, safe grain-free thickeners for sauces and gravies, carb counting basics, preferred sources for prebiotic fibers, grocery lists, safe alcoholic beverages, some popular recipes, and more—i.e., all Wheat Belly day-to-day information essentials.

To my delight, the reception has been phenomenal. Take a look at some of the reviews readers posted on Amazon:


5.0 out of 5 stars
Life changing information!!!
By Rexy Lou on January 14, 2017
I have been following Dr. Davis and living the Wheat Belly lifestyle for over a year and a half (as of 1/14/17). I’ve been grain, sugar and potato free for that long as well! I love ‘Wheat Belly Total Health’ is the most comprehensive book that he has out! I’ve lost close to 130 lbs and reversed my diabetes and SO much more!

So, what about ‘Wheat Belly Slim Guide.’ I pre-ordered it, read it, and I love it!! It’s so small and yet covers so much! It gives you all the essentials that you need to get started as well as a great guide to carry around with you! I pulled it out a few times in the grocery store the other day. Great information! Even which brands to buy on a few items. My guess is that once you read this, get grain free and feel so much better than you ever dreamed possible again, you will want to know more!”

“Great to add to your Wheat Belly library if you already have others too!!


5 out of 5 stars
Simple Starter Guide for Grain-Free Eating
By Rene M. on January 26, 2017
This is the perfect resource to hand to anyone who wants a quick and easy guide to get started with the grain/sugar-free lifestyle. I have all of Dr. Davis’s books and have been doing this since August 2014, with radically positive results to my health and weight. However, I find that when I try to explain to friends or family how to get started on this, they find it overwhelming. While it’s true that it’s challenging to have to re-learn what it actually means to have healthy eating habits, it can be done … and it’s worth it. I no longer have food cravings and have kept off the 38 pounds I lost almost 2.5 years now. I no longer suffer from joint pain, flaky skin, IBS symptoms, and Vitamin D deficiency. I’m in my late 50s and my cholesterol and triglyceride levels are better than when I was in my 20s.


5.0 out of 5 stars
My health and life have gotten a zillion times better. There’s so much I’ve learned from Dr Davis
By Susan on January 23, 2017
Since I’ve been wheat free for 6½ years and grain free for 4¼ years I’ve been following Dr Davis. My health and life have gotten a zillion times better. There’s so much I’ve learned from Dr Davis. I just bought the Slim Guide and it’s great to carry with me. He updates information continually and this book is one more way to learn new things and stay on track. I’m 70 years old.


5 out of 5 stars
Life Changing
By pearl667 on January 28, 2017
At a trip to a local health food store, the owner started talking to me about the Wheat Belly books and Dr. Davis. The concept of giving up wheat and grains was very intriguing and I picked up Wheat Belly Total Health, then the cookbook, the Detox book and now this Slim Guide. All of the books provide valuable information, some of it overlap’s but with each book I get a few new ideas, recipes and tips to navigate this very different lifestyle. I started in November and was completely compliant by mid December. It was the best holiday season I ever had because I got through it with no weight gain, even lost a couple of pounds. But the best part of the lifestyle is the freedom from food cravings. If you are a slave to your hunger and food cravings, these books will be your saving grace. The Slim Guide is great because there are helpful dining out tips as well which the other books don’t include. I bought the digital version so I can have it with me on my phone at all times for quick reference. Really great book!


5 out of 5 stars
I love it.
By KennyBenny on January 23, 2017
Just received my copy of Dr. Davis’ newest Wheat Belly book……I love it……I have all of his other books……And while there may be some duplicity of information across some or all, the additional information contained in each is priceless and worthwhile…… you just cannot take your health for granted……..This smaller book, almost a cheat notes copy of the Wheat Belly way of eating, reminds the reader what is acceptable and what is not to maintain the low-carb, grain-free lifestyle…..Do yourself a favor, just get it and start…..You will never look back and you will definitely feel better to boot!

D.D. Infinite Health icon

Post Date: 1/19/2023
Magnesium water
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Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/3/2023

Hollywood_Cnd: I meant the duo machine from sodastream canada, can use a 1l glass and 1l plastic in the same machine. Thanks I will use glass then.
Posted: 6/3/2023

Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/3/2023

Post Date: 5/1/2023
Treating H. Pylori
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Posted: 6/3/2023

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Posted: 6/3/2023

p_duke: Re: It seems to be just for symptom relief.

Oh, OK. I kind of wondered if it was only that. 

Thanks again!
Posted: 5/19/2023

Post Date: 6/2/2023
When to take Candibactin AR/BR supplements?
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Juliah: Hi Bob and Zehren,

Thank you both for your suggestions!

Posted: 6/3/2023

Zehren: What I found on the internet


CANDIBACTIN AR BR 1-2 caps 2 times a day with food and a large glass of water.
Posted: 6/3/2023

Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/2/2023

Post Date: 5/26/2023
antibiotics pre dental cleaning
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eliz: Thank you Zehren
Posted: 6/3/2023

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Posted: 6/3/2023

eliz: thanks so much for your timely replies, much appreciated
Posted: 6/2/2023

Post Date: 6/3/2023
What happened?
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HeartHawk: Zehren/Bob/et al

Good catch!  Yup, URL typo.  All fixed!

Posted: 6/3/2023

Zehren: Thanks, Bob
Posted: 6/3/2023

Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/3/2023

Post Date: 6/2/2023
The No Change Rule for Blood Glucose
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Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/3/2023

Zehren: I tried the cc to get a transcript and it shut off the entire video
Posted: 6/3/2023

Brian Scott
Post Date: 5/4/2023
Reputable brands
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Posted: 6/3/2023

Brian Scott: 
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Posted: 6/2/2023

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Posted: 5/6/2023

Post Date: 3/31/2011
The benefits and risks of folic acid supplementation from Science-Based Medicine

The benefits and risks of folic acid supplementation

Could a vitamin with proven benefits in one group cause harm to another? That’s the growing concern with folic acid, the vitamin that dramatically reduces the risk of neural tube birth defects such a spina bifida. Studies designed to explore the possible benefits of folic acid for heart disease, stroke and cancer are giving out some worrying signs: At best, folic acid is ineffective, and at worst it may be increasing the risks of some cancers. So what does this say about routine supplementation for the typical healthy individual, and its overall risk and benefit?

Folate (vitamin B9) is an essential nutrient found green, leafy vegetables, broccoli, peas, corn, oranges, grains, cereals, and meats. Folate has important roles in the synthesis of DNA, and consequently cell division. Significant folate deficiency can lead to macrocytic anemia. Folic acid, a synthetic form of folate, is used in multivitamins supplements because it is better absorbed.

Folic acid’s benefits in pregnancy are well documented. Supplementation before conception, and in the first few weeks of pregnancy, significantly and substantially lower the risk of several different birth defects, including neural tube defects (NTDs). The neural tube is the embryonic precursor to the brain and spinal column. NTDs include very serious defects like spinal bifida and anencephaly, birth without part of the brain.


The stakes are high, and because the neural tube forms so early in pregnancy (day 26 to 28), deficiencies must be corrected before a woman knows she is pregnant. This has led to public health strategies that mandate supplementation in food products: In both the United States and Canada, folic acid has been added to white flour since the late 1990’s, where it finds its way into baked goods like bread. Following food fortification, neural tube defects have subsequently dropped.

In addition to food fortification, women that could become pregnant are generally advised to take a multivitamin containing at least 0.4mg of folic acid daily. Women at high risk of NTDs may be advised to take higher doses. But as higher doses of folic acid can mask the symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency, higher doses warrant medical advice and supervision.

Even with fortification, it’s clear there are still opportunities to improve folic acid consumption in pregnancy. A Canadian population study showed that 20% of women of childbearing age failed to have appropriate folic acid levels in their blood. And while virtually no-one was dangerously deficient, over 40% had levels that would be considered high.

Beyond pregnancy

Observational trials have correlated a diet rich in fruits and vegetables with a lower risk of diseases like colorectal cancer. Based on this epidemiologic evidence, several randomized controlled trials were initiated investigating the effect of the B vitamins (including folic acid) on cancer risk. Folic acid held particular promise because of its proven effects preventing neural tube birth defects.

But the effects were not as expected.

The Warning Signals

That folic acid may interfere with cancer has been known since the 1940’s. The chemotherapy drug methotrexate is an antifolate agent that blocks the metabolism of folic acid, developed after it was noted that a diet deficient in folic acid helped patients with leukemia.

Studies of folic acid supplementation are raising flags about the potential risks of therapy, possibly as a result of excessive consumption. One of the most startling was a study that looked at folic acid supplementation in patients with colorectal adenomas, which are cancer precursors. Participants were randomized to folic acid 1mg or placebo for up to six years. While it was hypothesized that folic acid would provide a protective effect, the results were disappointing. Not only did folic acid have no effect on adenoma incidence (even in those with low folate status),  there was a significant increase in the risk of non-colorectal cancers (10.5% vs. 6.3%), due mainly to an excess of prostate cancers.

Futher worrying evidence emerged in 2009, when a Norwegian study of heart failure patients was published. Researchers randomized almost 7000 patients to folic acid and vitamin B12 versus other vitamins or placebo. The vitamins significantly raised the risks of both cancer and all-cause mortality, driven mainly by more cases of lung cancer. On balance, looking at heart disease, folic acid supplementation don’t seem to have any persuasive effects, either. In combination with other B-vitamins to lower homocysteine levels it hasn’t been shown to have meaningful effects on cardiovascular disease prevention, either.

The same worrying cancer signal has appeared with breast cancer in postmenopausal women, even while dietary folate seems to be beneficial. And in studies looking at prostate cancer, when folic acid is combined with other vitamins, the data are unclear.

So could fortification be causing harm? While correlations have been drawn between food fortification and population studies of colorectal cancer, causality hasn’t been established. Screening rates or other factors could be contributing. Still, the idea is troubling, even though the harms (if real) are slight compared to the demonstrable andsignificant benefits fortification has played  in reducing NTDs.  REST AT SITE

Moderator note 2023-06-03: basenote date revised as a side effect of getting this "UnKnown" TYP-vintage thread cross-assigned to a suitable Inner Circle forum.

Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/3/2023

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Posted: 10/25/2016

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Posted: 10/24/2016

Post Date: 6/3/2023
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Post Date: 5/30/2021
New here - just received CAC Score and Prescribed 20mg Rosuvastatin
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ASchu: Thanks, Bob, as always. My markers are all green. Maybe I’ll try to have thyroid retested. 
Posted: 6/3/2023

Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/2/2023

ASchu: I mean, decreasing 55 or increasing 66 is very different! 
Posted: 6/2/2023

Post Date: 3/5/2017
WBB: Wheat Belly All-Purpose Baking Mix

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2017-03-05
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
PCM forum Index of WB Blog articles.

Note: the most up-to-date version of this recipe is found in the Inner Circle kitchen library.

Wheat Belly All-Purpose Baking Mix

photo: bowl of Wheat Belly All-Purpose Baking Mix

I first introduced the Wheat Belly All-Purpose Mix in the Wheat Belly 30-Minute (Or Less!) Cookbook and it has since become a grain-free baking staple for many people, helping navigate the Wheat Belly lifestyle. It proved especially popular after the Baking Mix was featured in a Dr. Oz segment (the above photo is from the show).

Unlike gluten-free baking mixes, the Wheat Belly All-Purpose Baking Mix contains NO cornstarch, rice flour, tapioca starch, or potato flour, as these four common gluten-free replacements cause extravagant weight gain, raise blood sugar sky-high, and provoke inflammation, effects we most definitely do not want living the Wheat Belly way. NOBODY should be using those awful gluten-free baking mixes.

The Wheat Belly All-Purpose Baking Mix was the end-result of a number of trial-and-error efforts to create a versatile baking mix to make cookies, muffins, cakes, and other grain-free baked dishes. As many of you have learned, we obtain best results in grain-free baking by using combinations of meals and flours: better structure, texture, rise, and flavor. For that reason, the All-Purpose Baking Mix is a blend of ingredients that provide these qualities. And, by mixing up a batch beforehand, you can also save time.

Of course, if you don’t want to bother to make your All-Purpose Baking Mix, Wheat-Free Market makes a pre-mixed version based on the original Wheat Belly recipe. In the U.S., you can order their All-Purpose Baking Mix here. In Canada, the Low Carb Grocery carries the Wheat-Free Market All-Purpose Baking Mix.

Makes 5 cups

4 cups almond meal/flour
1 cup ground golden flaxseed
¼ cup coconut flour
3 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon ground psyllium seed (optional)

In a large bowl, whisk together the almond meal/flour, flaxseed, coconut flour, baking soda, and psyllium seed (if desired). Store in an airtight container, preferably in the refrigerator.

For more recipes using the Wheat Belly All-Purpose Baking Mix, see the Wheat Belly 30-Minute Cookbook or the recipes on Wheat-Free Market.

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Post Date: 3/1/2017
WBB: Could Grains Cause Autoimmunity?

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2017-03-01
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
PCM forum Index of WB Blog articles.

Could Grains Cause Autoimmunity?

The prolamin proteins of grains— the gliadin of wheat, secalin of rye, hordein of barley, and zein of corn— initiate the small intestinal process that cause a perfect storm in our bodies. And they do so in more than one way. You could even argue that prolamin proteins are perfectly crafted to create autoimmunity.

Prolamin proteins of grains are masters at molecular mimicry. The prolamin proteins have been found to trigger immune responses to a number of human proteins, including the synapsin protein of the nervous system; the transglutaminase enzyme found in the liver, muscle, brain, and other organs; the endomysium of muscle cells; and the calreticulin of virtually every cell in the body.

If sequences in foreign proteins resemble sequences in a protein of the human body, a misdirected immune attack can be launched, sending antibodies, T lymphocytes, macrophages, tumor necrosis factor, and other weapons of the immune apparatus against the organ. Some targeted human proteins, such as transglutaminase and calreticulin, are ubiquitous and can therefore be associated with autoimmune inflammation of just about any organ of the body, from brain to pancreas.

photo: severe storm looming over wheat field

Molecular mimicry is not the only means by which grains provoke autoimmunity; they also do so by increasing intestinal permeability. We’ve discussed how prolamins can resist digestion. When they remain intact, they bind to the intestinal lining and initiate a unique and complex process that opens the normal intestinal barriers to the contents of the intestines, such as food components, and to bacterial components and by-products, such as bacterial lipopolysaccharide— a potent driver of inflammation. The multistep process initiated by grain proteins was worked out through research performed by Alessio Fasano, MD, and his team at the University of Maryland, extraordinary work that makes the confident connection between the diseases of autoimmunity and grains. Grain prolamins increase the expression of the zonulin protein that, in turn, opens up the normal barriers—“ tight junctions”— between intestinal cells, allowing unwanted peptides and bacterial components into the bloodstream, where they can trigger an immune response. Besides gliadin and related prolamins, the only other trigger of this form of intestinal permeability are intestinal infections, such as cholera or dysbiosis.

This means that gliadin and related proteins of grains are the first step in initiating autoimmunity, a mechanism that has nothing to do with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. Susceptibility to various autoimmune diseases can also be determined by genetic patterns, but in a staggering proportion of cases, the initiating event boils down to a single factor: consumption of grains.

Many conditions respond to grain elimination within days. For instance, joint pain in the fingers and wrists, acid reflux, and the bowel urgency of irritable bowel syndrome typically disappear within 5 days of your final pancake. Not so with the phenomena of autoimmunity. The swelling, joint pain, stiffness, and disfigurement of rheumatoid arthritis is going to take longer to respond to grain elimination, typically weeks to months, and occasionally even longer.

Perhaps this should come as no surprise, as the complex mechanisms of autoimmune inflammation develop over years. Likewise, changes in lymphocyte responses, clearance of antibodies, reductions in fluid, localized inflammation, and a wide range of other phenomena reverse themselves over time. The key is to eliminate all grains, and then wait; don’t declare the effort a failure if 2 weeks pass and nothing has happened. Patience is key. That’s why I liken the reversal of autoimmune conditions to slowing a locomotive or turning an ocean liner— neither occurs quickly, but they both happen with time.

It is also important to correct the other abnormal phenomena that make autoimmunity worse. The majority of people with autoimmune conditions fail to address factors that play an important role in permitting or sustaining autoimmunity; by addressing these factors, you stack the odds of complete relief from autoimmunity in your favor. You can find these discussions in the Wheat Belly Total Health and the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox.

Yours in grainless health,

Dr. William Davis

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Post Date: 6/2/2023
Yogurt maker makers - big or small?
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Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/2/2023

Brian Scott
Post Date: 3/30/2023
Organic Guar gum
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Posted: 6/2/2023

Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/2/2023

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Posted: 6/2/2023

Bob Niland
Post Date: 6/2/2023
2023-06-07 (Wed) 7:00PM CDT (00:00 UTC) Vmeet thread: Microbial Die-Off
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Post Date: 6/2/2023
yogurt maker
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Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/2/2023

Post Date: 5/31/2023
Moringa Benefits
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Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/2/2023

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Posted: 6/2/2023

Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 5/31/2023

Kathy in OK
Post Date: 5/27/2023
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Kathy in OK: 
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Posted: 6/2/2023

Kathy in OK: 
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Posted: 5/27/2023

Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 5/27/2023

Post Date: 6/3/2023
IHB: BiotiQuest: A Source for Innovative Probiotics

Sourced from: Dr. Davis Infinite Health Blog, authored by Dr. Davis, original posting date there: 2023-06-02
PCM forum Index of Infinite Health Blog articles.

BiotiQuest: A Source for Innovative Probiotics

BiotiQuest products page

The Denver-based probiotic company, BiotiQuest, was founded by Martha Carlin, whose husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2002. She quickly recognized that the current pharmaceutical “treatments” for her husband’s condition reduced phenomena such as tremor, but did nothing to slow or stop progression of the disease. It therefore leads to progressive debilitation, inability to perform routine daily activities, and dementia. She abandoned her real estate career and devoted her efforts to uncovering microbiome solutions to Parkinson’s disease and other conditions. Martha is someone who is not about selling products, but about finding solutions.

Martha partnered with academic microbiologist, Raul Cano, PhD, to advance the science of probiotics. One of the unique insights that Dr. Cano has explored is the concept of microbial “collaboration.” Over many conversations I’ve had with them, I have come to appreciate that they are at the cutting-edge of probiotic formulation.

Microbes are a lot like humans: We don’t live in isolation, but as couples, families, communities. Bacteria in the human gastrointestinal (GI) tract are the same: They don’t live in isolation but associate through collaborative “guilds” or “consortia.” Microbe A produces a metabolite needed by microbe B; microbe B produces something needed by microbe C that, in turn produces something needed by microbe A. Unfortunately, nearly all commercial probiotics ignore this concept and are nothing more than haphazard collections of microbes thought to be beneficial with no effort to take advantage of these collaborative effects.

Dr. Cano is a pioneer in this concept of microbial collaboration. (Among the projects Dr. Cano has pioneered over his career includes “paleomicrobiology,” resurrecting ancient microbes. For instance, he isolated a fungus from the stomach of a 40 million year old bumblebee preserved in amber, characterized it, and then brewed beer from it. He is also a pioneer in bioremediation of soil depleted of its microbiome by application of herbicides and pesticides.) Dr. Cano has incorporated the concept of collaborative guilds into formulating BiotiQuest products such as Sugar Shift and Simple Slumber.

In an informal experience with the Sugar Shift probiotic, 20 non-diabetic members from my Inner Circle were given the product and asked to track fasting fingerstick blood sugars every morning for 4 weeks. The average reduction in fasting blood sugar was 9.8 mg/dl, a magnitude of reduction on a par with agents such as metformin and other drugs for type 2 diabetes (with none of the side-effects of pharmaceuticals). Dr. Cano has also completed a formal human clinical trial with this product that also demonstrated weight loss and other metabolic benefits; he expects to be reporting full results near-future. He tells me that among the reasons why Sugar Shift achieves reduction in blood sugar is that the microbes contained in the formulation collaborate to consume sugars such as sucrose, glucose, and fructose in the GI tract. This formulation also reduces endotoxemia, i.e., the entry of microbial breakdown products into the bloodstream, a fundamental driving process behind insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, hypertension and numerous other conditions.

Their BiotiQuest brand currently has five human probiotic products formulated by following this principle:

Sugar Shift-–to support blood sugar management
Simple Slumber—to support sleep
Heart Centered—to support factors that are associated with heart health
Antibiotic Antidote—to assist in recovery after a course of antibiotics
Ideal Immunity—to support a better immune response

They have also released a new product called Yield & Shield for generating healthier soil to support your garden, part of Dr. Cano’s soil bioremediation efforts for soils disrupted by pesticides and herbicides.

The science is ongoing. But BiotiQuest products are at the forefront of probiotic formulation. Members of my Inner Circle community are reporting a number of interesting side-benefits by taking these probiotics, benefits that were unexpected.

To take a look at their products, go to Enter discount code UNDOC15 (case-sensitive) for a 15% discount for readers of my blog.

Biotiquest is also the newest sponsor of my Defiant Health podcast. My team and I are financially compensated for speaking about their products.

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Post Date: 7/30/2022
Vit D - Is 60 - 70 ng/mL Overkill?
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lama8004: I think the rec from TYP was 90 - 100. I kept mine around 95 with 10000iu in winter and 5000iu in summer..
I just noticed the change to 50 to 70 K 6000iu....woe is me...hard to know what to do.
Magnesium doesn’t set well with me.
Posted: 6/2/2023

searcher7: Opinions on the ideal level of 25-hydroxy vitamin D vary. Vitamin D researcher Dr. Michael Holick claimed the ideal level is 40-60 ng/ml. Vitamin D3 should be taken with magnesium and vitamin K2 to avoid imbalances and side effects.
Posted: 6/2/2023

Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/1/2023

Post Date: 6/1/2023
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Posted: 6/2/2023

Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/1/2023

Post Date: 6/1/2023
Is a slightly high Creatinine level ok?
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Bob Niland
Post Date: 5/25/2023
2023-05-31: The No Change Rule for Blood Glucose
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Posted: 6/1/2023

Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/1/2023

Lucky Lime: What would be the reason to post questions here for the Meetup if no one of the speakers bothers to answer them ?

Thanks Bob for your suggestions and opinions ❣️
Posted: 5/25/2023

Post Date: 3/19/2021
Lactobacillus rhamnosis GG Yogurt?
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Posted: 6/1/2023

Dr. Davis : I’ve not yet made yogurt with this microbe, but maximum growth occurs around 104 degrees F. 

Posted: 3/19/2021

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Posted: 3/19/2021

Post Date: 6/1/2023
Frozen Strawberry Yogurt
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Post Date: 1/16/2017
WBB: Grains: Perfect Obesogens

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2017-01-16
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
PCM forum Index of WB Blog articles.

Grains: Perfect Obesogens

Last week, I discussed the negative effects that grains, particularly gliadin-derived opiates, have on the human brain. This week, I want to discuss yet another ill-effect that they have had on your previously never ending battle with unwanted weight. I say previously, because you can win this battle.

You can conquer those cravings once and for all, but to do so you must understand how to disarm the enemy. Imagine triumphantly enjoying your healthy new lifestyle and wardrobe.

As I have discussed in Wheat Belly Total Health:

Gliadin-derived opiates drive appetite in an “I can never get enough to eat” way.Tweet this!

The amylopectin A carbohydrate drives blood sugar highs, followed by blood sugar lows that launch a 2-hour cycle of hunger.

But there’s more…

3D illustration of WGA molecule


Grains also contain wheat germ agglutinin (WGA), a lectin protein in wheat. The lectin proteins of grains are, by design, nature’s form of bodyguards. These toxins discourage molds, fungi, and insects from eating seeds of plants.


The lectins of rye, barley, and rice are structurally identical to WGA and share all its properties and are also often referred to as “WGA.” The only substantial difference is that rye, barley, and rice express a single form of lectin, while genetically more complex wheat expresses up to three different forms. WGA is indigestible and toxic, resistant to any breakdown in the human body, and unaltered by heat (cooking, baking, frying) or fermentation. WGA wreaks ill effects on everyone, regardless of whether you have celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or no digestive issues at all.

WGA mimics the effects of insulin on fat cells.

When WGA encounters a fat cell, it acts just as if it were insulin, inhibiting the activation of fat release and blocking weight loss while making the body more reliant on sugar sources for energy.

WGA is also suspected of blocking leptin, the hormone of satiety charged with signaling your brain with a “stop eating” message when your stomach is full after, say, two trips to the all-you-can-eat buffet. In the presence of WGA, this signaling system is blocked, causing you to eat even after you are full, after you have taken in what you require for sustenance, making the chocolate cake, peach pie, and cheesecake at the end of the buffet irresistible— even when common sense, good judgment, and every other body signal tell you that you’ve had enough.

schematic: chemical structure of amylopectin-AMaking matters worse, high blood insulin provoked by amylopectin A causes belly fat to grow, viewed on the surface as a “muffin top” or “love handles” and seen on imaging tests such as CT scans as deep visceral fat encircling the abdominal organs. This belly fat is inflammatory fat that drives insulin levels up even further.

Insulin causes fat storage and prevents mobilization of fat for energy.Tweet this!

Eat grains, increase appetite, provoke high insulin, grow belly fat, increase inflammation, provoke even higher blood insulin— around and around it goes, a vicious cycle that ensures weight gain. The entire process being initiated by a friendly looking piece of warm sourdough bread, blueberry muffin or bowl of organic oatmeal.

Therefore, I call wheat and its closely related grains not just perfect chronic poisons, but also perfect obesogens: foods that are perfectly crafted to make you fat, especially in the abdomen, what I call a wheat belly.

Yours in grainless health,

Dr. William Davis

Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/1/2023

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Posted: 6/1/2023

Post Date: 3/22/2022
Index: Wheat Belly Blog (WBB)

Index: Wheat Belly Blog (WBB)
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This is an index of links to Wheat Belly Blog (WBB) posts [so far] mirrored on the Inner Circle forum. It is one of several sub-indicies for the PCM, all linked from the Master Index topic.

These are listed in reverse order of original publication (most recent at top). These mirrors make these blog posts available to I.C. members, make them visible to I.C. searching, and do so without ads (animated or static). The WBB is otherwise a separate subscription site, due to having a separate subscriber management system that now cannot be merged with IC’s.

The WBB is now the Dr. Davis Infinite Health Blog (IHB) (separately mirrored & indexed). The WBB ran from 2011-07 through 2021-12, and was non-subscription prior to 2019-07-17. Links to actual WBB pages now redirect to IHB (which is also included with that same separate subscription).

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Entries for the balance of this year are in-work.

2021-11: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2021-11-01: WBB: Food Intolerances: A Warning of Bad Things Ahead

Entries for the balance of this month are in-work.

2021-07: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2021-07-14: IHB: Recognize markers of endotoxemia

Entries for the balance of this month are in-work.

2021-02-21: WBB: Wheat Belly safe sweeteners 2021

2021-01: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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Entries for the balance of this month are in-work.

2021-01-08: WBB: Update: Wheat Belly-Safe Flours and Meals

2020-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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Entries for this year are in-work.

2020-11-14: WBB: The Goldilocks microbe

2020-03-12: WBB: Meet VLDL: The REAL Cause of Heart Disease

2020-03-12: WBB: Insulin Resistance: the silent killer that you can completely reverse–even if your doctor doesn’t know how

2020-01-25: WBB: You’re not cheating, are you?

2019-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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Entries for the balance of this year are in-work.

2019-09-19: WBB: Clarity on omega-6 fatty acids

2019-06-11: WBB: “I’m losing my hair on the Wheat Belly lifestyle!”

2019-06-05: WBB: Why is quinoa getting a free pass?

2019-03-18: WBB: The fictions of LDL cholesterol

2019-03-16: WBB: Eat more eggs

2019-03-14: WBB: The Statin Drug Tragedy

2019-03-11: WBB: Is the ketogenic diet dangerous?

2019-01-21: WBB: The Wheat Belly “No Change Rule” to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Accelerate Weight Loss

2018-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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Entries for this year are in-work.

2018-10-02: WBB: Let me introduce you to zein

2018-09-20: WBB: Rested and Thin–Or Overweight and Exhausted?

2018-05-03: WBB: The Gluten-Free Gimmick

2018-01-02: WBB: Do You Have the Visceral Fat of a Wheat Belly?

2017-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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Entries for this year are in-work.

2017-11-02: WBB: Preventing Cognitive Decline and Dementia

2017-10-11: So What’s The Problem With Rice?
See identical edition at: UdB: 2017-10-11

2017-09-07: WBB: A Brief History of Wheat

2017-08-25: “I can’t lose weight on levothyroxine”
See identical edition at: UdB: 2017-08-25

2017-08-13: WBB: Telltale Signs of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

2017-07-09: WBB: I Ate One Cookie and Gained 30 Pounds!

2017-06-13: WBB: How important is Vitamin D?

2017-05-22: WBB: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

2017-03: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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Entries for the balance of this month are in-work.

2017-03-16: WBB: Unpotato Salad: A guest recipe from Dana Carpender

2017-03-05: WBB: Wheat Belly All-Purpose Baking Mix

2017-03-01: WBB: Could Grains Cause Autoimmunity?

2017-02: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2017-02-25: WBB: Undoctored: An Excerpt

2017-02-20: WBB: Insulin is a carcinogen

2017-02-14: WBB: Some things you might not know about corn

2017-02-07: WBB: Chocolate For Adults Only

2017-01: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2017-01-31: WBB: Which beers are safe for the Wheat Belly lifestyle?

2017-01-24: WBB: Don’t Let Grains Ruin Your Skin

2017-01-23: WBB: Super-Duper High-Fat Wheat Belly Yogurt

2017-01-16: WBB: Grains: Perfect Obesogens

2017-01-11: WBB: It’s Time to Kick the Grain Habit.

2017-01-07: WBB: Wheat Belly Slim Guide now available!

2017-01-05: WBB: 3 Topics in the Wheat Belly Forefront.

2016-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2016-12-28: WBB: What happens when we remove grains?

2016-12-23: WBB: Wheat Belly holiday swaps

2016-12-20: WBB: Wheat Belly Cruise 2016: A huge success!

2016-12-20: WBB: The best gift of all

2016-12-13: WBB: How about a Glass of Wine?

2016-12-06: WBB: How to eliminate this uncomfortable, embarrassing problem.

2016-12-05: WBB: Fat Blasters: Ketosis’ best friend (in site Kitchen)

2016-12-03: WBB: Are there raccoons in your garden?

2016-11: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2016-11-29: WBB: What’s in the sauce?

2016-11-22: WBB: You’re not cheating, are you?

2016-11-15: WBB: So Much to Gain by Giving Up Grain!

2016-11-14: WBB: Diabetes, Inc.

2016-11-08: WBB: Are you consuming enough omega-3 fatty acids?

2016-11-06: WBB: Should we use yeast?

2016-11-03: WBB: A little butter on your slice of Frankenwheat?

2016-11-01: WBB: Is Vitamin D Deficiency the Rule, rather Than the Exception?

2016-10: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2016-10-29: WBB: Cream of Broccoli Soup (in site Kitchen)

2016-10-24: WBB: Can No Candy Still Mean Happy Halloween?

2016-10-11: WBB: Are you using the right oils?

2016-10-09: WBB: What’s wrong with that banana?

2016-10-04: WBB: What’s All the Hype About Fermentation?

2016-09: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2016-09-24: WBB: Type 2 diabetes: a temporary condition

2016-09-19: WBB: The Gluten-Free Gimmick

2016-09-13: WBB: Chocolate Orange Whoopies (in site Kitchen)

2016-09-11: WBB: Frankengrain

2016-09-07: WBB: Natural Sleep Aides

2016-09-06: WBB: Launching a new program: Undoctored U

2016-09-06: WBB: Good Sleep = Enhanced Weight Loss.

2016-08: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2016-08-30: WBB: Having the right tools makes every task easier!

2016-08-22: WBB: “Treat” cholesterol, exorcise the bogeyman

2016-08-21: WBB: Have You Checked Your Thermostat?

2016-08-20: WBB: Is Your Thyroid Really Running the Show?

2016-08-19: WBB: Just like Atkins’ . . . only better

2016-08-16: WBB: Take Control Over Your WEIGHT by Managing Your BLOOD SUGAR?

2016-08-11: WBB: Diana back in control of her health with terrific results

2016-08-09: WBB: 5 Helpful Kitchen Tools for Your Wheat Belly Kitchen

2016-08-04: WBB: Is your doctor guilty of treating grain consumption?

2016-08-02: WBB: 5 Safe and Natural Wheat Belly Sweeteners.

2016-07: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2016-07-26: WBB: 9 Budget Friendly Ways to Live the Grain-Free Lifestyle

2016-07-25: WBB: I’m looking for Wheat Belly Total Health testimonials!

2016-07-24: WBB: The changed looks of Wheat Belly

2016-07-23: WBB: Another breathtaking Wheat Belly transformation

2016-07-19: WBB: Got that warm feeling?

2016-07-16: WBB: Colleen and DIY Wheat Belly

2016-07-12: WBB: Understand the Wheat Belly transition

2016-07-11: WBB: No toothless cavemen here

2016-07-08: WBB: Monkey Pie

2016-06: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2016-06-27: WBB: The Muffin Test

2016-06-23: WBB: The vitamin B12-grain connection

2016-06-21: WBB: Lessons learned from constipation

2016-06-16: WBB: Smoke low-tar cigarettes? The fatal flaw in logic of nutritional studies

2016-06-09: WBB: Calling for Wheat Belly Total Health success stories!

2016-06-07: WBB: Shopping List – Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox

2016-06-07: WBB: Kitchen Clean Up – Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox

2016-06-06: WBB: Like detergent to your intestines

2016-06-04: WBB: Natural sweeteners: A quantity and cost comparison

2016-06-02: WBB: Doped

2016-05: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2016-05-30: WBB: Chocolate Walnut Ice Cream

2016-05-26: WBB: John’s impressive Wheat Belly Detox experience

2016-05-23: WBB: Statin scare

2016-05-16: WBB: Some impressive Wheat Belly before/afters

2016-05-15: WBB: Do you need an oil change?

2016-04: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2016-04-27: WBB: Unlucky Charms

2016-04-22: WBB: The finer points of prebiotic fibers

2016-04-21: WBB: Janet’s impressive Wheat Belly recovery

2016-04-16: WBB: The pain of prebiotics?

2016-04-14: WBB: Latest update from Wheat-Free Market’s founder, Gary Miller

2016-04-12: WBB: The Accidental Carnivore

2016-04-11: WBB: Why calcium supplements are unnecessary on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2016-04-08: WBB: Lynn’s facial redness gone in 3 days on the Wheat Belly Detox!

2016-04-07: WBB: You might be a Wheat Belly when . . .

2016-04-07: WBB: Andrea freed from the tyranny of grains

2016-04-06: WBB: Stephen’s return from the medical quagmire

2016-04-01: WBB: ZERO TOLERANCE for hypoglycemia

2016-04-01: WBB: Melinda loses weight despite metoprolol

2016-03: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2016-03-31: WBB: Everything you need to know about iodine

2016-03-28: WBB: Am I too skinny?

2016-03-27: WBB: Look what 30 days of Wheat Belly did for Michelle

2016-03-26: WBB: Cathy’s latest Wheat Belly update

2016-03-25: WBB: Julie’s transformation on Wheat Belly Detox and onward

2016-03-23: WBB: Ketogenic Cooking by Maria Emmerich–and a recipe!

2016-03-21: WBB: Brittany freed from IBS and nearly 40 lbs on Wheat Belly

2016-03-20: WBB: Elaine’s transformation started with the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox

2016-03-19: WBB: Look how different Jeanine looks after the Wheat Belly Detox!

2016-03-16: WBB: Don’t exercise to lose weight

2016-03-15: WBB: Triple Cocoa Bars

2016-03-13: WBB: Jennifer’s Wheat Belly success

2016-03-09: WBB: Safe sex on weekends only

2016-03-05: WBB: Alana freed from her “big, fat bulimic life” by Wheat Belly

2016-03-01: WBB: The Grain Deficiency Syndrome

2016-02: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2016-02-29: WBB: Another anti-aging success on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2016-02-28: WBB: Kay’s food addictions . . . gone

2016-02-26: WBB: Breaking up with Grain

2016-02-25: WBB: Follow Wheat Belly, look fabulous in a bikini

2016-02-24: WBB: From Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox: Mediterranean “Pasta” Salad

2016-02-22: WBB: Another wonderful Wheat Belly facial transformation

2016-02-22: WBB: Can I eat quinoa?

2016-02-20: WBB: Statin cholesterol drugs are for bread-eaters

2016-02-18: WBB: Crohns disease cured . . . by a chance encounter at the airport

2016-02-17: WBB: No more wheat face for Suzi

2016-02-16: WBB: Wheat Belly: Self-Directed Health?

2016-02-12: WBB: You won’t recognize Karen after Wheat Belly

2016-02-11: WBB: Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox: A Life-Changer

2016-02-10: WBB: From health disaster to health success

2016-02-10: WBB: Even your LIVER is fat

2016-02-10: WBB: Wheat-watch: Campbell’s Healthy Request Tomato Soup

2016-02-09: WBB: Mary looks and feels different on Wheat Belly

2016-02-08: WBB: Christine’s breathtaking Wheat Belly transformation

2016-02-06: WBB: Mirror, Mirror . . .

2016-02-05: WBB: Dying, obsessing, scheming for food

2016-02-05: WBB: You’ve Been Rolled, Tossed, and Baked

2016-02-04: WBB: Caroline’s fabulous skin changes with the Wheat Belly Detox

2016-02-03: WBB: Billy sets a new Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox weight loss record!

2016-02-02: WBB: The Wisdom of the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox

2016-02-02: WBB: Marcie: Body by Wheat Belly

2016-01: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2016-01-29: WBB: Another Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox success!

2016-01-27: WBB: An Open Letter to Oprah Winfrey

2016-01-26: WBB: Another Wheat Belly baby!

2016-01-26: WBB: Brain Drain

2016-01-25: WBB: Karen reversed aches, rashes, headaches, and weight with the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2016-01-23: WBB: Liana’s breathtaking Wheat Belly experience

2016-01-20: WBB: Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox: Candice

2016-01-16: WBB: Mutant Ninja Grasses

2016-01-11: WBB: Elle learns how awful gluten-free products can be

2016-01-10: WBB: How to use the Wheat Belly books

2016-01-07: WBB: Dietary Guidelines for Americans: You’re fat and diabetic and it’s your own fault

2016-01-07: WBB: Liberate Your Inner Cow: Life Ungrained

2016-01-05: WBB: Jenny reverses fatty liver, skin rashes, joint pain . . . and loses 65 pounds

2016-01-03: WBB: This is what reversal of facial inflammation looks like

2016-01-02: WBB: Gwendolyn: From Hopeless to Awesome

2015-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-12-29: WBB: Wheat Belly does not end at weight loss

2015-12-24: WBB: Wheat Belly Holiday Swaps

2015-12-23: WBB: Don’t Eat the Fruitcake

2015-12-22: WBB: No folate fortification for the grain-free

2015-12-21: WBB: Samantha’s flat belly update

2015-12-20: WBB: Patty at 53 back in the dress she wore at 28

2015-12-19: WBB: Wheat Belly Dairy-Free Irish Cream

2015-12-17: WBB: When to take Wheat Belly nutritional supplements

2015-12-15: WBB: John’s Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox transformation

2015-12-13: WBB: Revonda changes her appearance, no longer diabetic

2015-12-12: WBB: Jennifer’s 3½ month Wheat Belly transformation

2015-12-12: WBB: Look what the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox did for Julie

2015-12-12: WBB: Diabetes is a contagious disease . . . if you talk to a dietitian

2015-12-11: WBB: Kate fits into the wedding dress of her dreams living the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-12-11: WBB: What to put on your Wheat Belly pancakes?

2015-12-09: WBB: Melissa’s Wheat Belly transformation

2015-12-08: WBB: Goodbye, Bagel Face!

2015-12-05: WBB: A Wheat Belly Guide to Vodkas

2015-12-05: WBB: The Wheat Belly Cruise 2015

2015-12-05: WBB: Candy’s Wheat Belly transformation

2015-12-03: WBB: Rebecca’s journey to health and youthfulness

2015-12-02: WBB: Wheat Watch: Greenies

2015-12-01: WBB: Grains: Not all bad?

2015-11: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-11-30: WBB: Do the math: 41.7 pounds this year

2015-11-30: WBB: 4 Tips for Managing Carbs on Wheat Belly

2015-11-30: WBB: What is the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox?

2015-11-27: WBB: Matthew’s incredible Wheat Belly transformation

2015-11-25: WBB: What’s different about the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox?

2015-11-24: WBB: Another Wheat Belly age-reversing success

2015-11-22: WBB: Patricia fits into a skirt she wore . . . when she was 16 years old

2015-11-19: WBB: Matthew’s impressive Wheat Belly success

2015-11-16: WBB: Moving numbers

2015-11-15: WBB: Why nutritional supplements on the Wheat Belly lifestyle?

2015-11-14: WBB: No blood sugar rollercoasters!

2015-11-12: WBB: Beth: What a change!

2015-11-12: WBB: No more “flag arms” for Patricia

2015-11-11: WBB: Clay no longer skinny-fat, but skinny-skinny

2015-11-10: WBB: Strawberries ‘n Cream Mini-Cheesecakes

2015-11-09: WBB: Tom muscles up with the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-11-07: WBB: Foods made for dippin’

2015-11-06: WBB: A mother of 9 slam-dunks the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-11-04: WBB: You may be only DAYS away from a health transformation

2015-11-04: WBB: Wheat Belly Grain Detox on Dr. Oz

2015-11-02: A toast to wine
See more recent edition at: UdB: 2017-12-06

2015-11-02: WBB: Wheat Belly works for Iveta in Lithuania

2015-10: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-10-28: WBB: New research clinches it: non-celiac gluten sensitivity is real

2015-10-27: WBB: Choose Real, Single-Ingredient Foods – Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox

2015-10-27: WBB: Go ahead: Eat your meat

2015-10-26: WBB: Healthcare professionals follow Wheat Belly

2015-10-20: WBB: Dee freed of sleep apnea, restless legs, joint pains, and A. fib

2015-10-20: WBB: Another dazzling Wheat Belly facial transformation

2015-10-18: WBB: A stunning example of the Wheat Belly anti-aging effect

2015-10-18: WBB: Migraines, plantar fasciitis, joint pain, heartburn . . . gone

2015-10-17: Peanut Butter Cup Detox Shake
See Inner Circle recipe at: Peanut Butter Cup Prebiotic Shake

2015-10-17: WBB: Wheat elimination shows on the face

2015-10-17: WBB: Come on: You can’t tell me the Wheat Belly lifestyle doesn’t make you thinner, smarter, faster. . . sexier?!

2015-10-16: WBB: Grain Junkie

2015-10-12: WBB: Toadstools, rotten meat and . . . grains

2015-10-08: WBB: Mirror, Mirror… What Changes Can You Expect When You Do the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox?

2015-10-06: WBB: What medications have you been able to stop on the Wheat Belly lifestyle?

2015-10-05: WBB: Thinner and more energetic on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-10-04: WBB: To reverse diabetes, follow the No Change Rule

2015-10-03: WBB: A drug to treat a drug to treat a drug . . .

2015-10-02: WBB: Hunger is no longer in charge of Sheri

2015-10-01: WBB: Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox is coming!

2015-09: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-09-28: WBB: The Wheat Belly one-day parade

2015-09-27: WBB: Lose inflammation, look younger

2015-09-26: WBB: Cataracts, Wrinkles, and Dowager’s Humps: Wheat and the Aging Process

2015-09-25: Spanish-style Lentil Soup
See Inner Circle site recipe: Spanish-style Lentil Soup

2015-09-23: WBB: A blueprint to fertilize the garden called “bowel flora”

2015-09-23: WBB: Allergy, asthma, rash, IBS, pre-diabetes, hypertension . . . all becoming a bad memory for Matthew

2015-09-22: WBB: Don’t let your doctor or dietitian CAUSE diabetes

2015-09-21: 2 hummus-based salad dressings for GOS fibers
See Inner Circle site recipes: Red Curry Hummus Dressing, Asian Shiitake Ginger Dressing

2015-09-21: WBB: Add Caron to the Wheat Belly 50-Pound Club

2015-09-21: WBB: What became of these early Wheat Belly successes?

2015-09-20: WBB: Myasthenia gravis in remission and 18 pounds lost in 3 weeks

2015-09-19: WBB: Skin rashes, vomiting, and seizures: Wheat Belly followers share their re-exposure experiences

2015-09-18: WBB: You are not a Paleolithic human

2015-09-17: WBB: Leprechauns, nymphs, high cholesterol, and other fanciful notions

2015-09-16: Ginger Chicken Stir Fry Over Shirataki Noodles for prebiotic fibers
See Inner Circle site recipe: Spicy Ginger Chicken Stir-fry

2015-09-15: WBB: The Wheat Belly lifestyle BEGAN with heart health

2015-09-15: WBB: Who Can Benefit from the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox?

2015-09-14: WBB: Marianne’s hands tell the story

2015-09-11: WBB: Why we NEVER “cheat” on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-09-10: WBB: Debbie’s Wheat Belly update

2015-09-09: Chicken Curry with Lentils (for GOS prebiotics)
See Inner Circle site recipe: Chicken Curry with Lentils

2015-09-08: WBB: Loading up on galacto-oligosaccharides

2015-09-08: WBB: Liz’s astounding first 13 days on Wheat Belly

2015-09-07: WBB: Gary Miller, founder of Wheat-Free Market, shares his Wheat Belly experience

2015-09-05: WBB: Galacto-oligosaccharide: an extra special prebiotic?

2015-09-04: WBB: Low-tar cigarettes, low-fat yogurt, healthy whole grains and other half-truths

2015-09-03: WBB: What a difference 3 weeks on the Wheat Belly lifestyle can make

2015-09-03: Chocolate Coated Green Banana Bites
See Inner Circle site recipe: Chocolate-coated Green Banana Bites

2015-09-01: WBB: A Tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer

2015-09-01: WBB: Brandie’s impressive Wheat Belly success

2015-08: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-08-29: WBB: Ali’s fiery red inflammation receding on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-08-29: WBB: Lori down to a size 4 and healthy

2015-08-27: WBB: Too skinny . . . in the midst of the world’s worst obesity crisis

2015-08-27: WBB: No more “dumpling face” for MariaAurora

2015-08-26: WBB: Wheat Belly Survey Update: It’s Better Than We Thought!

2015-08-26: WBB: The Great Glycation Race: An Excerpt from Wheat Belly

2015-08-25: WBB: Ann still going strong

2015-08-24: WBB: The initial Wheat Belly survey results are in!

2015-08-15: WBB: Barbara’s Wheat Belly makeover

2015-08-22: WBB: No more Wheat Baby for Jordi!

2015-08-21: WBB: It’s not just weight loss we’re after: it’s HEALTH

2015-08-18: WBB: It’s not a “sweet tooth” . . . it’s a WHEAT-tooth

2015-08-17: WBB: The fatal folly of low-fat diets

2015-08-16: WBB: No grainer brainer

2015-08-16: WBB: Anne enjoying life again on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-08-15: WBB: Wheat and hunger

2015-08-13: WBB: Debbie: Among the forgotten

2015-08-13: WBB: The OTHER 99%: It’s not just about celiac disease

2015-08-13: WBB: There’s more to wheat than celiac disease

2015-08-12: WBB: The top 5 reasons you still have cravings

2015-08-11: WBB: When you restore HEALTH, weight loss will follow

2015-08-10: WBB: Wheat, wheat everywhere

2015-08-09: WBB: Stefanie’s allergic and autoimmune conditions improved and, oh yes, she’s down 105 pounds

2015-08-09: WBB: The nasty business of wheat re-exposure

2015-08-08: WBB: You LOOK better, you feel better–because you ARE better without grains

2015-08-07: WBB: Can your “diet” provide relief from migraines?

2015-08-05: WBB: More energy, love, no acid reflux, a new “glow” . . . what’s not to love?

2015-08-05: WBB: It’s all about poop, isn’t it?

2015-08-04: WBB: Elaine freed of anxiety, heartburn, sinusitis, prescriptions, and 37 pounds

2015-08-04: WBB: Spiced Raw Potato Smoothie

2015-08-03: WBB: An update from Kristen and Marvin, wheat-free newlyweds

2015-08-02: WBB: Erica and Art’s Wheat Belly journey to health and 85 collective pounds lost

2015-08-02: WBB: Brenda’s Wheat Belly deflation

2015-08-02: WBB: Wheat Belly people LOOK different

2015-08-01: WBB: Andrea lost only 3 lbs . . . but look at her face!

2015-07: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-07-30: WBB: Eat, pray push?

2015-07-29: WBB: Susan a different woman on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-07-28: WBB: Wheat Belly is an anti-inflammatory lifestyle

2015-07-27: WBB: Why are there no cravings when following the Wheat Belly lifestyle?

2015-07-27: WBB: No grains, no pain for Ali

2015-07-26: WBB: Angie discovers the fountain of youth and health

2015-07-26: WBB: Daphne, a former skeptic, now a Wheat Belly believer

2015-07-25: WBB: Aimee: thinner, happier, younger on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-07-25: WBB: The truth about hypoglycemia

2015-07-25: WBB: Jennifer overcoming the mental health impairment of grains

2015-07-24: WBB: The Wheat Belly lifestyle reverses inflammation

2015-07-24: WBB: Amanda and 50 pounds of cheese

2015-07-22: WBB: Marilyn’s dramatic Wheat Belly facial change

2015-07-22: WBB: Kay relieved from the agony of weight loss

2015-07-20: WBB: Natalie’s asthma, allergy, energy, and eyesight breakthrough

2015-07-20: WBB: Josee’s Dad succeeds at Wheat Belly with her coaching and cooking

2015-07-20: WBB: Look how great the Wheat Belly lifestyle look on Jenny and her husband

2015-07-19: WBB: Chrissy fell off the Wheat Belly wagon . . . then returned

2015-07-19: WBB: Cathy on her way to minimizing or reversing diabetes

2015-07-19: WBB: Sharon’s astounding Wheat Belly update

2015-07-17: WBB: Look what Wheat Belly did for Sharon

2015-07-17: WBB: Marilyn conquers Zoloft and depression

2015-07-17: WBB: You’ve probably got dysbiosis: An excerpt from Wheat Belly Total Health

2015-07-16: WBB: Chris’ weight and life returning to normal on Wheat Belly

2015-07-16: WBB: Look what 12 days of Wheat Belly did for Lori

2015-07-16: WBB: Paula’s astounding health- and age-reversing Wheat Belly trip

2015-07-16: WBB: A former skeptic finds answers in Wheat Belly

2015-07-15: WBB: Sydne an example of Wheat Belly Total Health done right

2015-07-15: WBB: Look what Wheat Belly and losing 70 lbs did for Amanda and husband

2015-07-14: WBB: Ritchie’s 4-week facial transformation on Wheat Belly

2015-07-14: WBB: Thad’s no-nonsense Wheat Belly experience

2015-07-14: WBB: Titania is losing her Wheat Belly!

2015-07-14: WBB: In The War on Wheat, this enlightened physician fights back

2015-07-14: WBB: Autoimmunity: Drug Abuse

2015-07-13: WBB: Couple down 80 pounds by rejecting wheat and grains

2015-07-13: WBB: Nick loses his Wheat Belly and regains energy

2015-07-12: WBB: Jill’s astounding Wheat Belly facial transformation

2015-07-10: WBB: Magnesium Water: From Wheat Belly Total Health

2015-07-10: WBB: Joan provides a lesson in wheat/grain withdrawal

2015-07-10: In pursuit of sweetness: an updated list of Wheat Belly safe sweeteners
See more recent edition at: WBB: 2021-02-21

2015-07-09: WBB: Janie, 2 sisters, and cousin are down 215 pounds

2015-07-08: WBB: Wheat Belly is an anti-inflammatory lifestyle

2015-07-07: WBB: Denise is not gluten-free—she’s grain-free!

2015-07-07: WBB: Wheat, Graham crackers, and lust

2015-07-06: WBB: The New York Times makes a big, bad mistake

2015-07-05: Wheat Belly safe thickeners
See more recent edition at: WBB: 2020-12-21

2015-07-05: WBB: The freedom of the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-07-01: The secrets hidden in your triglyceride value
See more recent edition at: UdB: 2017-11-30

2015-06: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-06-30: WBB: The year the dough hit the fan

2015-06-29: WBB: Quit your pushing: A cutting-edge guide to constipation

2015-06-28: WBB: Blow your HDL through the roof

2015-06-26: WBB: Fat Fest

2015-06-25: WBB: Another early Wheat Belly experience

2015-06-24: WBB: The extraordinary power of the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-06-22: WBB: Ann’s stunning Wheat Belly update

2015-06-21: WBB: Dr. Steven’s spectacular Wheat Belly success

2015-06-20: WBB: Kerry’s one-year Wheat Belly success

2015-06-18: WBB: Joint pain, edema, acid reflux, skin rashes: All part of the inflammation from grains

2015-06-13: WBB: Yes: It’s the same person . . . but now she eats NO wheat nor grains

2015-06-13: WBB: Wheat and grains make you sick

2015-06-11: WBB: My Wheat Belly turning point

2015-06-04: WBB: The resurrection of taste

2015-06-10: WBB: Carter Ann’s wheat/grain-free lifestyle shows on the face

2015-06-04: WBB: Donna sings the praises of her Wheat Belly lifestyle!

2015-06-03: WBB: Look Catrina in the eye and you can tell she’s grain-free!

2015-06-02: WBB: Wheat Belly works no matter what part of the world you’re in

2015-06-01: WBB: Sarah: “Only” down 26 pounds

2015-05: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-05-30: WBB: The wheat and grain lobby is looking desperate

2015-05-30: WBB: Vanessa freed of the appetite stimulating effects of wheat and grains

2015-05-30: WBB: Former baker rejects grains!

2015-05-26: WBB: Debunking the French weight myth

2015-05-25: WBB: Wheat Watch: Scrambled Eggs

2015-05-21: WBB: Doris: Acid reflux, acne, tremor gone!

2015-05-20: WBB: Sharon’s Wheat Belly recovery after 23 years of medical blundering

2015-05-16: WBB: Heather’s off insulin, no longer diabetic in 26 days

2015-05-15: WBB: Heidi’s head-to-toe health and body makeover

2015-05-14: WBB: Marcie down 50 lbs this year, freed of insomnia

2015-05-13: WBB: Erika’s update: down 80 lbs, no more migraines

2015-05-13: WBB: You won’t believe Elena’s Wheat Belly 50

2015-05-13: WBB: JoCarol is back!

2015-05-12: WBB: Sherri found the Wheat Belly Fountain of Youth . . . and bowel health

2015-05-12: WBB: Debi is not “gluten-free” . . . but GRAIN-free!

2015-05-11: WBB: Kaus’ 18-month Wheat Belly update

2015-05-11: WBB: Robin’s breathtaking Wheat Belly transformation

2015-05-10: WBB: Look what happened to Michelle . . . in just 10 days!

2015-05-09: WBB: Beth’s life-changing Wheat Belly experience

2015-05-09: WBB: Peggy’s mind and body freed of wheat and grains!

2015-05-07: WBB: I lost the wheat, but didn’t lose the weight: Updated version (2015)

2015-05-06: WBB: Lose the wheat and grains, lose the inflammation

2015-05-04: WBB: Richard and Karen eat like royalty . . . and look what happens

2015-05-03: WBB: So what were they saying about Wheat Belly being another low-carb diet?

2015-05-03: WBB: Wheat Belly for a marathoner and pregnant mother

2015-05-02: WBB: Carter Ann’s 4-DAY Wheat Belly facial change

2015-04: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-04-29: WBB: A couple’s Wheat Belly success

2015-04-29: WBB: The timeline of weight loss . . . and why it confuses doctors

2015-04-29: WBB: Jamilyn: Weight AND health transformed minus grains

2015-04-28: WBB: Thyroid Tune-up: Update

2015-04-27: WBB: Connie’s 4-month Wheat Belly transformation

2015-04-27: WBB: Kristina a new woman on the Wheat Belly lifestyle!

2015-04-27: WBB: Tom’s dramatic loss of abdominal fat

2015-04-27: WBB: The Wheat Belly lifestyle: The eyes tell the story

2015-04-25: WBB: Jacek took a trip on the Wheat Belly time machine

2015-04-25: WBB: The battle for bowel flora

2015-04-24: WBB: The Wheat Belly Facial Transformation Gallery

2015-04-22: WBB: Commercial prebiotic fiber supplements

2015-04-22: WBB: Thad’s triple-digit weight loss

2015-04-21: WBB: Wheat Belly for athletes

2015-04-21: WBB: Heather’s impressive Wheat Belly experience

2015-04-19: WBB: Gwen’s startling change in appearance

2015-04-16: WBB: Mary figured out how to reverse diabetes . . . on her own

2015-04-15: WBB: Just how much “healthcare” do you need minus grains?

2015-04-15: WBB: Wheat Belly and inflammation

2015-04-14: WBB: Tim’s remarkable 3-month Wheat Belly experience

2015-04-14: WBB: Jean finds relief from arthritis

2015-04-13: WBB: Linda: 20 pounds and 10+ years down!

2015-04-12: WBB: No weight regain for Susan

2015-04-11: WBB: Michelle’s breathtaking 3-week transformation

2015-04-10: WBB: Beauty is MORE than skin deep

2015-04-09: WBB: The Wheat Belly Waddle

2015-04-08: WBB: Holly’s jaw-dropping Wheat Belly update

2015-04-06: WBB: Richard: Down 44 lbs, no more glaucoma

2015-04-05: WBB: Sandra: No weight loss . . . but she sure LOOKS different!

2015-04-04: WBB: Maggie’s life changed by her sister

2015-04-04: WBB: Top 10 reasons to kiss wheat and grains goodbye forever

2015-04-03: WBB: An astounding chronicle of a Wheat Belly transformation

2015-04-02: WBB: The joke’s on the Whole Grains Council

2015-04-01: WBB: Hayley’s eye-popping Wheat Belly success

2015-04-01: WBB: Crystal loses her Wheat Belly in time for summer!

2015-03: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-03-31: WBB: Terri down 85 pounds . . . and looks different!

2015-03-31: WBB: Natalie’s breathtaking facial tranformation

2015-03-30: WBB: Just what happens with Wheat Belly faces?

2015-03-29: WBB: Whistleblowers wanted

2015-03-28: WBB: If you have diabetes: NO low blood sugars!

2015-03-28: WBB: The ABCs of your post-grain experience

2015-03-27: WBB: What’s better than gluten-free? GRAIN-free!

2015-03-26: WBB: Sue is young again following Wheat Belly!

2015-03-26: WBB: Natasha reverses her psoriasis

2015-03-23: WBB: JoCarol’s trip to hell and back!

2015-03-22: WBB: Wheat Belly: The faces tell the story

2015-03-21: WBB: Wheat Watch: Broth

2015-03-20: WBB: Phil “changed the way he sees things”–look what happened

2015-03-18: WBB: Michelle rejects “healthy whole grains”

2015-03-18: WBB: Look at Jenny’s facial transformation

2015-03-17: WBB: Dramatic Wheat Belly facial transformations

2015-03-17: WBB: Deb’s breathtaking Wheat Belly experience

2015-03-15: WBB: Anne’s Wheat Belly success

2015-03-14: WBB: Skin: a reflection of internal and overall health

2015-03-13: Wheat Belly meals and flours for baking
See more recent edition at: WBB: 2021-01-08

2015-03-12: WBB: Susan looks different off wheat–and cured husband’s diabetes

2015-03-11: WBB: Skin changes with the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-03-09: WBB: Another characteristic wheat/grain sign

2015-03-09: WBB: Depression: Why not START with a nutritional solution?

2015-03-08: WBB: The entire family follows Wheat Belly!

2015-03-08: WBB: Jessie: Single-digit sizes with Wheat Belly

2015-03-04: WBB: Ashley: now pain-free and slender on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-02: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-02-28: WBB: JoCarol went OFF the Wheat Belly lifestyle!

2015-02-28: WBB: Fifth Estate defends wheat

2015-02-26: WBB: Georgann gets rid of acid blocking medication

2015-02-26: WBB: Marcella turns the clock back with her Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-02-25: WBB: Mina shows off her weight loss but experienced a HEALTH transformation

2015-02-25: WBB: Sydney no longer needs sweat pants

2015-02-24: WBB: Rob lost about ⅓ his body weight on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-02-23: WBB: Thyroid: Ignorance, Neglect, Indifference

2015-02-21: WBB: Who needs Viagra?

2015-02-20: WBB: Carolyn’s stunning Wheat Belly transformation

2015-02-20: WBB: Can you reverse rheumatoid arthritis with a diet? Absolutely!

2015-02-19: WBB: Taco Seasoning Mix

2015-02-18: WBB: Amy’s Wheat Belly life transformation

2015-02-17: WBB: Why do people look YOUNGER on the Wheat Belly lifestyle?

2015-02-15: Drugs that block weight loss
See more recent edition at: UdB: 2017-07-08

2015-02-14: WBB: The Dietitian’s Folly: Glycemic Index (GI)

2015-02-13: WBB: Kelley’s one year Wheat Belly update

2015-02-11: WBB: Is it safe for children to quit smoking?

2015-02-10: WBB: The Wheat Belly Lifestyle: A reason to buy new shoes

2015-02-09: WBB: What Do Measles, Tuberculosis, and Grains Have in Common?

2015-02-08: WBB: You won’t recognize Jennifer

2015-02-07: WBB: Holly’s life was changed through the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-02-05: WBB: Another spectacular Wheat Belly work-in-progress

2015-02-04: WBB: Joanne UNRECOGNIZABLE after saying goodbye to wheat and grains

2015-02-03: WBB: Which photos shows Jean BEFORE she gave up wheat and grains?

2015-02-03: WBB: Kerri on her way to perfect health

2015-02-02: WBB: Jennifer’s over-the-top Wheat Belly success

2015-02-02: WBB: Mind your minerals

2015-02-01: WBB: Stacey’s huge Wheat Belly success

2015-01: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-01-31: WBB: Amy was skeptical . . . but look at her now!

2015-01-31: WBB: Valerie’s stunning Wheat Belly transformation

2015-01-30: WBB: Dr. Mary Beth Dearmon describes her Wheat Belly experience . . . in private practice!

2015-01-30: WBB: Lose the grains, lose the INFLAMMATION

2015-01-29: WBB: Titania’s 4-month Wheat Belly experience

2015-01-28: WBB: Jennifer’s 10-day results with the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-01-28: WBB: Remember: Cultivate healthy bowel flora!

2015-01-27: WBB: Wheat Belly: NOT just weight loss

2015-01-26: WBB: Denny’s Wheat Belly “before” and “after”

2015-01-24: WBB: How NOT to have HIGH TRIGLYCERIDES

2015-01-17: WBB: Do you have a WOOD deficiency?

2015-01-16: WBB: How NOT to have an autoimmune condition

2015-01-11: WBB: How NOT to have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

2015-01-08: WBB: How NOT to have diabetes

2015-01-04: WBB: Grain-Free Sushi: A guest post from nutritionist Julie Daniluk

2014-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-12-31: WBB: Celebrate the New Year With These Recipes!

2014-12-23: WBB: Gingerbread Breakfast Cakes

2014-12-19: WBB: Cream of Mushroom Soup with Chives: wheat/grain and dairy-free!

2014-12-18: WBB: An update from Wheat-Free Market foods

2014-12-13: WBB: Five powerful ways to reduce blood sugar

2014-12-08: WBB: Gluten-free foods are NOT an argument against grain-free: a rebuttal to Consumer Reports

2014-11: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-11-19: WBB: Pumpkin Biscotti

2014-11-11: I Ate One Cookie and Gained 30 Pounds!
See more recent edition at: UdB: 2017-07-09

2014-10: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-10-20: WBB: Blood Sugar: Tool at Your Fingertips

2014-10-14: WBB: Say “NO” to statins

2014-10-07: WBB: A Q&A with Skinny Gut author, Brenda Watson

2014-10-03: WBB: The Incredible Shrinking Wheat Belly

2014-09: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-09-29: WBB: Brenda Watson’s new Skinny Gut Diet

2014-09-24: WBB: Wheat Belly Total Health on the Dr. Oz Show

2014-09-22: WBB: Cut your grass . . . then eat the clippings

2014-09-16: WBB: Wheat Belly Total Health now in bookstores!

2014-09-10: WBB: Wheat: It’s WORSE than GMO

2014-09-07: WBB: Which ad do you like better?

2014-09-03: WBB: Lose the Grains, Save Some Green: An excerpt from Wheat Belly Total Health

2014-09-01: WBB: Wheat elimination is just the start!

2014-08: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-08-24: WBB: The Big Mistake called “agriculture”

2014-08-15: WBB: Wheat: the silent killer

2014-08-13: WBB: Wheat Belly Total Health on public television!

2014-07: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-07-22: WBB: Don’t fall for “gluten-free” foods made with junk carbs

2014-07-14: WBB: Don’t make these mistakes when starting Wheat Belly!

2014-07-11: WBB: Why NOT follow the Wheat Belly approach?

2014-07-02: WBB: Fertilize the garden called “bowel flora”

2014-06: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-06-30: WBB: Wheat Belly Holiday Recipes: Dinner Dishes

2014-06-27: WBB: What’s a cow got that you ain’t got?

2014-06-19: WBB: Glands and Grains

2014-06-14: WBB: What is gluten?

2014-06-10: WBB: The Wheat Belly Food Pyramid

2014-06-04: WBB: Eat Pooideae (A Problem For Hungry Humans)

2014-05: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-05-29: WBB: Wheat And Atrial Fibrillation? A Look At the Correlation

2014-05-21: WBB: Deglutenize Your Brain

2014-05-19: WBB: Nina Teicholz’s Surprise: Fat is good for you

2014-05-18: WBB: Following the Wheat Belly lifestyle in Italy: Non c’e problema!

2014-05-12: WBB: Wheat Free Market: A Look At The First Year!

2014-05-07: WBB: Step 1: Wheat Elimination To Take Control Of Your Health

2014-05-04: WBB: Be Wheat-Free And Change The Lives Around You

2014-04: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-04-29: WBB: No Longer Count Calories And Lose Weight Like Sarah

2014-04-28: WBB: Step-by-Step, How to Become Diabetic (Hint: It’s Easy!)

2014-04-27: WBB: The Wheat Belly Book Is Now Available In Paperback

2014-04-26: WBB: Gastrointestinal Recovery After The Wheat Battle Is Won

2014-04-22: WBB: Smoke more low-tar cigarettes!

2014-04-17: WBB: Why We START With Wheat Elimination

2014-04-12: WBB: Weight Watchers no more after 37 years

2014-04-04: WBB: Shame On The Chicago Tribune For Bashing The Anti-Grain Movement

2014-03: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-03-28: WBB: A Step Beyond Wheat: Grain Bashing, It’s Easy

2014-03-25: WBB: What’s WORSE than genetic modification?

2014-03-17: WBB: Diabetes Australia bungles dietary advice

2014-03-14: WBB: Ishi: The Last Hunter-Gatherer

2014-03-01: WBB: Wheat Belly Success Stories Keep On Pouring In!

2014-02: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-02-27: WBB: Wheat Withdrawal Zinger

2014-02-22: WBB: Wheat Watch: Pam Baking

2014-02-21: WBB: You don’t know your right from your left

2014-02-20: WBB: Gluten-free cosmetics: Mirabella

2014-02-20: WBB: Wheat Belly video FAQs: I lost the wheat, but didn’t lose the weight, part 3

2014-02-19: WBB: Should you eat kamut?

2014-02-17: WBB: Wheat Belly video FAQs: I lost the wheat, but didn’t lose the weight, part 2

2014-02-15: WBB: Wheat Belly video FAQs: I lost the wheat, but didn’t lose the weight [2014]

2014-01: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-01-23: WBB: How to survive wheat withdrawal [2014]

2014-01-04: WBB: O World Project interview

2014-01-01: WBB: Wheat Belly 30-Minute (or Less!) Cookbook reviews

2013-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2013-12-28: WBB: The new Wheat Belly 30-Minute (or Less!) Cookbook now available!

2013-12-20: WBB: Tom Naughton’s Diet, Health, and the Wisdom of Crowds: Brilliant

2013-12-13: WBB: Autoimmunity and wheat

2013-11: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2013-11-18: WBB: Weird wheat re-exposure reactions

2013-11-10: WBB: A grain eater’s cholesterol panel

2013-10: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2013-10-28: WBB: Kiki kicks ADHD

2013-10-21: WBB: Texas doctor discovers the power of Wheat Belly!

2013-10-14: WBB: High triglycerides: Wheat elimination or gemfibrozil?

2013-10-09: WBB: An open letter to Tom Hanks: Don’t be diabetic!

2013-10-07: WBB: Gliadin: The Universal Human Poison

2013-10-03: WBB: Lose the wheat . . . climb a mountain

2013-09: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2013-09-27: WBB: Surviving wheat withdrawal [2013]

2013-09-19: WBB: Truth in labeling?

2013-09-18: WBB: Don’t develop Grain Brain!

2013-09-14: WBB: Steph: “Wheat is not worth it”

2013-09-11: WBB: Winner of the first Wheat Belly Challenge!

2013-09-06: WBB: Dunkin’ Donuts to the rescue?

2013-08: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2013-08-28: WBB: My interview for Jimmy Moore’s Cholesterol Clarity

2013-08-21: WBB: More on Dawn’s big wheat-free success!

2013-08-12: WBB: Depression lifted, no more stomach pains, 90 pounds down!

2013-08-06: WBB: Fatal mistake

2013-08-04: WBB: No fake foods for Truemarrow

2013-08-02: WBB: Wheat Belly rocks Brazil!

2013-07: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2013-07-27: WBB: On again, off again; on again, off again

2013-07-22: WBB: A physician declares a wheat-free success–from Cyprus!

2013-07-20: WBB: Zero tolerance for hypoglycemia

2013-07-18: WBB: Fruity Logic

2013-07-17: WBB: Mucous flows where wheat goes

2013-07-11: WBB: Interview with Wheat Free Market Foods

2013-07-08: WBB: Wheat Belliers share their wheat re-exposure experiences

2013-07-07: WBB: Deja ewww!

2013-07-05: WBB: That’s a mouthful!

2013-07-04: WBB: London Belly

2013-07-02: WBB: Wheat Watch: Benefiber

2013-06: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2013-06-30: WBB: Seeing is believing

2013-06-25: WBB: Down 40 pounds, healthier . . . then a booby trapped casserole

2013-06-23: WBB: The Dark Side of Wheat Belly?

2013-06-21: WBB: Smarter, faster, better

2013-06-19: WBB: The monetization of obesity

2013-06-14: WBB: How quickly does wheatlessness unfold?

2013-05: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2013-05-31: WBB: Experience your inner cow

2013-05-29: WBB: Chaz Bono joins the wheat-free movement

2013-05-26: WBB: Wheat Belly saves a life

2013-05-24: WBB: The perfect Wheat Belly story

2013-05-22: WBB: Hungry, naked, and desperate

2013-05-18: WBB: Let your stomach do the talking

2013-05-16: WBB: Goodbye, nephrotic syndrome!

2013-05-14: WBB: Wheat Belly Cookbook Recipe: Chicken and Dumplings

2013-05-13: WBB: Wheat headache

2013-05-11: WBB: Unlucky Charms

2013-05-08: WBB: Why the Wheat Belly recipes WORK

2013-05-05: WBB: Wheat Belly does Europe!

2013-05-01: WBB: A dietitian sees the wheat-free light

2013-04: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2013-04-24: WBB: Fettucine Alfredo from the Wheat Belly Cookbook

2013-04-23: WBB: Saved by an angel

2013-04-20: WBB: Earth to Jillian: It’s NOT about gluten!

2013-04-19: WBB: Type 1 diabetes . . . cured?

2013-04-16: WBB: Maria Emmerich’s Protein “Noodle” Lasagna recipe

2013-04-15: WBB: Teeth and grains don’t mix

2013-04-13: WBB: Food from Hell

2013-04-11: WBB: Wheat Tooth

2013-04-10: WBB: Open mouth, close mind

2013-04-05: WBB: Wheat, stalking, codependence and other abnormal relationships

2013-04-03: WBB: The Accidental Carnivore

2013-04-02: WBB: Am I too skinny?

2013-03: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2013-03-31: WBB: “My problem with Wheat Belly”

2013-03-29: WBB: Newly-diagnosed type 1 diabetes

2013-03-26: WBB: Depression and chronic fatigue . . . gone!

2013-03-25: WBB: Wheat Belly transforms lives in New Zealand . . . and a bread recipe!

2013-03-23: WBB: Will you survive Wheat Belly?

2013-03-17: WBB: Anatomy of a poison

2013-03-16: WBB: Give Harvard Health a piece of your mind!

2013-03-15: WBB: 1500 calories LESS per day . . . and a question

2013-03-09: WBB: Baking industry acknowledges the impact of Wheat Belly

2013-03-10: WBB: Experience your inner Homo erectus

2013-03-07: WBB: A “No portion control, no calorie counting” success!

2013-03-05: WBB: Ulcerative colitis tamed

2013-03-04: WBB: Hypoglycemia conquered

2013-03-01: WBB: Allen kicks his cholesterol panel in the butt!

2013-02: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2013-02-27: WBB: Wheat and endometriosis

2013-02-25: WBB: The happy “coincidences” of wheatlessness

2013-02-24: WBB: Chef Pete Evans goes wheat-free!

2013-02-23: WBB: The Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System

2013-02-23: WBB: Healthy again

2013-02-22: WBB: It’s a Grain, Grain, Grain, Grain World

2013-02-18: WBB: Mouthful of spirochetes

2013-02-15: WBB: Is gluten on the increase?

2013-02-13: WBB: Prisoner to food

2013-02-12: WBB: A drug for every wheat condition

2013-02-09: WBB: Paleo with personality

2013-02-06: WBB: Heart healthy whole grains and the new agenda for the Wheat Lobby

2013-02-05: WBB: Celiac is not a disease

2013-02-02: WBB: Wheat liberation

2013-01: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2013-01-29: WBB: Better than any NSAID

2013-01-27: WBB: Secrets of making wheat-free bread rise

2013-01-25: WBB: Wheat Belly Cookbook Reviews

2013-01-23: WBB: Fat Head: Director’s Cut

2013-01-22: WBB: Feeling good–for the first time . . . ever!

2013-01-18: WBB: Wheat and spina bifida

2013-01-12: WBB: Nutritional supplements in the wake of wheat elimination

2013-01-07: WBB: Say “no” to drugs!

2013-01-05: WBB: Wheat Belly Cookbook: High Fashion!

2013-01-04: WBB: Asthma, atrial fibrillation, and attitude

2013-01-03: WBB: Are you crazy?

2012-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2012-12-30: WBB: Cholesterol belly

2012-12-29: WBB: Dietitians are sobbing in their Raisin Bran!

2012-12-25: WBB: Wheat and sugar, sugar and wheat

2012-12-23: WBB: The new Wheat Belly Cookbook now available!

2012-12-20: WBB: Anybody know a Neolithic dentist?

2012-12-19: WBB: Weight gain, acne, asthma, collapse . . . could it be wheat?

2012-12-15: WBB: Mini Pizzas from the new Wheat Belly Cookbook

2012-12-14: WBB: Better late than never!

2012-12-09: WBB: The Acne Miracle: 2

2012-12-08: WBB: The Acne Miracle

2012-12-06: WBB: Can wheat elimination make you . . . younger?

2012-12-03: WBB: Skinny, sexy, and wheat-free: One year success on Wheat Belly!

2012-11: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2012-11-28: WBB: Truth or Consequences

2012-11-27: WBB: Seasoning mixes

2012-11-25: WBB: Nervous breakdown

2012-11-18: WBB: Apple Cranberry Crumble

2012-11-15: WBB: Wheat Watch: Chili Seasoning

2012-11-13: WBB: Sick . . . for no apparent reason

2012-11-11: WBB: Stents, knee surgery, narcotics, statins . . . no more!

2012-11-09: WBB: What about the children?

2012-11-06: WBB: What do you have that chimps don’t have?

2012-11-04: WBB: Chicken Pot Pie with Cheddar Herb Almond Crust

2012-11-02: WBB: A family’s life is transformed

2012-10: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2012-10-28: WBB: Food Network: FOOD FIGHT!

2012-10-23: WBB: Wheat: Brainless Grain

2012-10-22: WBB: Mystery Bump

2012-10-20: WBB: Should she . . . or shouldn’t she?

2012-10-18: WBB: No grain, no pain

2012-10-15: WBB: Wheat Belly: Enemy of Big Pharma

2012-10-13: WBB: Wheat-eating humans?

2012-10-08: WBB: Just add water: Instant diabetes reversal

2012-10-02: WBB: Safe sex . . . on weekends only

2012-09: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2012-09-27: WBB: Weight loss is just the start!

2012-09-25: WBB: Modern Wheat: A Terrorist’s Delight

2012-09-22: WBB: Diabetes: “Cured by Wheat Belly”

2012-09-21: WBB: Vanilla Custard

2012-09-19: WBB: You’re diabetic because “you are lazy and self-serving”!

2012-09-18: WBB: WORSE than Genetic Modification

2012-09-17: WBB: It starts in the mouth

2012-09-16: WBB: Gluten-free muffin top

2012-09-13: WBB: You are BETTER than your bowel flora

2012-09-12: WBB: Are you succumbing to Wheat Belly-itis?

2012-09-11: WBB: Among the most ignorant about wheat? Celiac experts!

2012-09-10: WBB: You know what, Wheat? You give me a headache!

2012-09-08: WBB: Tomato Basil Sandwich Wrap

2012-09-05: WBB: Pecan Streusel Coffee Cake

2012-09-01: WBB: Bariatric Whistleblower: Fake Nails and Lap-Band

2012-08: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2012-08-31: WBB: The Reluctant Wheat Belly

2012-08-30: WBB: Heart Poison

2012-08-28: WBB: Shut Yer Pie Hole

2012-08-23: WBB: South Beach . . . Supercharged?

2012-08-18: WBB: Eat, Pray, Push

2012-08-16: WBB: Peanut Butter and Jelly Macaroons

2012-08-15: WBB: Felled by a crouton

2012-08-14: WBB: Down and out wheat addiction

2012-08-09: WBB: The Dolly Parton Effect

2012-08-04: WBB: Size 12 down to size 4, 7.75 inches off the waist, and goodbye diabetes!

2012-08-02: WBB: Slave to Wheat

2012-07: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2012-07-28: WBB: Maria Emmerich and the Art of Eating Healthy

2012-07-26: WBB: Am I too skinny?

2012-07-25: WBB: Bill O’Reilly loses his Wheat Belly!

2012-07-22: WBB: Wheat can kill worms

2012-07-20: WBB: Corn Belly

2012-07-17: WBB: Wheat-free Diva

2012-07-15: WBB: Woes of a wheat-saturated diet

2012-07-13: WBB: Doped

2012-07-11: WBB: Green Tea Ginger Orange Bread

2012-07-10: WBB: In the mood for a little excess?

2012-07-07: WBB: You might be a Wheat Belly when . . .

2012-07-03: WBB: Wheat Belly Blog: One Million Visits!

2012-06: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2012-06-30: WBB: On again, off again

2012-06-29: WBB: Better living through chemistry

2012-06-27: WBB: Throw more tomatoes!

2012-06-26: WBB: You’re worth more FAT than skinny: Obesity as economic opportunity

2012-06-26: WBB: Christie’s change of shape

2012-06-24: WBB: Bipolar disorder, anxiety, PMS . . . gone

2012-06-17: WBB: Mind games, man boobs, and muffin tops

2012-06-12: WBB: Lindsay “straightens out” her son

2012-06-09: WBB: Panic in the Heartland

2012-06-07: WBB: The Big Fat Whole Grain Secret

2012-06-06: WBB: A cardiac nurse does Wheat Belly

2012-06-05: WBB: I lost weight and my cholesterol . . . went up!

2012-06-01: WBB: Maria Emmerich visits Wheat Belly

2012-05: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2012-05-30: WBB: Banana chocolate chip bread

2012-05-28: WBB: Chocolate Bomb Bars

2012-05-27: WBB: Healthy Whole Grainlessness

2012-05-22: WBB: Eat more sugar!

2012-05-15: WBB: Bread, paper, and other inedible objects

2012-05-14: WBB: Lessons learned from the Low-carb Cruise

2012-05-03: WBB: Chili Sesame Crackers

2012-04: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2012-04-17: WBB: Wheat is an opiate

2012-04-12: WBB: Instant Health

2012-04-07: WBB: The happy wheat-free intestine

2012-04-04: WBB: Grain Foods Foundation takes the fight to the schools

2012-03: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2012-03-31: WBB: Your liver is fat

2012-03-29: WBB: Wheat Belly Focaccia Bread

2012-03-27: WBB: Let’s get high

2012-03-23: WBB: Jelly beans and ice cream

2012-03-21: WBB: The Wheat Lobby Smokescreen

2012-03-16: WBB: Wheat is hebetudinous

2012-03-15: WBB: Breaking bread and beating wheat

2012-03-11: WBB: April 23rd, 1979

2012-03-08: WBB: Don’t get all puffed up

2012-03-08: WBB: Can gluten-free ever be . . . good?

2012-03-07: WBB: Massaging the truth

2012-03-03: WBB: Orange Cream Cookies

2012-03-03: WBB: A Wheat Belly shopping list

2012-02: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2012-02-29: WBB: It ain’t Rhight

2012-02-29: WBB: An update from Grace: The amazing shrinking waistline

2012-02-27: WBB: “Take more fiber”

2012-02-26: WBB: Kick it, smack it, sprout it . . .

2012-02-25: WBB: It’s not lack of exercise . . . It’s the wheat

2012-02-23: WBB: What if . . . ?

2012-02-22: WBB: “You’re lucky that your hair is falling out: You’ll save money at the beauty salon!”

2012-02-22: WBB: Rosemary Sun-Dried Tomato Scones

2012-02-19: WBB: Why do we eat more?

2012-02-18: WBB: Wheat Belly on local TV

2012-02-15: WBB: Let nature take its . . . nahh!

2012-02-15: WBB: Dr. Mark Hyman: Fellow Wheat Belly-acher

2012-02-15: WBB: Another Amazon gem: Goodbye hip pain

2012-02-14: WBB: Wheat is NOT “genetically-modified”

2012-02-14: WBB: My big hairy Wheat Belly experience

2012-02-10: WBB: Grain Foods Foundation braces for the fight

2012-02-09: WBB: Opera tenor does Wheat Belly

2012-02-08: WBB: Unapproved drugs

2012-02-07: WBB: My letter to the Wall Street Journal: It’s MORE than gluten

2012-02-07: WBB: Achooo!

2012-02-04: WBB: Why athletes are overweight

2012-02-03: WBB: Don’t wait

2012-01: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2012-01-31: WBB: Diabeti illuminati

2012-01-28: WBB: Weight Watchers, Optifast, gastric bypass . . . and finally address the cause

2012-01-27: WBB: “Think beyond the wheat”

2012-01-26: WBB: Wheat . . . and type 1 diabetes

2012-01-24: WBB: Wheatopia

2012-01-22: WBB: Wheat: The UNhealthy Whole Grain presentation

2012-01-19: WBB: How sweet it is!

2012-01-16: WBB: Pizza crust . . . you can hold in your hands!

2012-01-14: WBB: The Gliadin Effect

2012-01-11: WBB: A musician strikes a chord

2012-01-08: WBB: Eat less food . . . or eat no wheat?

2012-01-08: WBB: A wheat farmer weighs in on Wheat Belly

2012-01-06: WBB: Low back pain, chiropractors, NSAIDs, narcotics . . and wheat

2012-01-05: WBB: Does running cause intestinal bleeding?

2012-01-01: WBB: Mocha Walnut Brownies

2011-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2011-12-27: WBB: Do you have food poisoning?

2011-12-24: WBB: Gretchen’s “cheat day”

2011-12-23: WBB: Diabetes: Cured

2011-12-20: WBB: Gingerbread Cookies

2011-12-18: WBB: Wheat-liberated teen

2011-12-18: WBB: Nails in the coffin

2011-12-15: WBB: Pizza Face: How wheat can ruin an otherwise perfectly fine teenager

2011-12-13: WBB: Raspberry chocolate cheesecake

2011-12-12: WBB: Quit your whining!

2011-12-11: WBB: P.S.: Don’t eat the fruitcake

2011-12-10: WBB: Wheatlessness and the New “Normal”

2011-12-04: WBB: Hunger Pangs

2011-12-03: WBB: Upper Crust

2011-11: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2011-11-27: WBB: The Wheat Deficiency Syndrome

2011-11-27: WBB: Flash in the Pan Fad Diet?

2011-11-24: WBB: Quit your pushing

2011-11-27: WBB: A Wheat Belly Primer

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Added since the last notification: ⇧2017-02.

Posted: 6/1/2023

Post Date: 2/25/2017
WBB: Undoctored: An Excerpt

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2017-02-25
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
PCM forum Index of WB Blog articles.

Undoctored: An Excerpt

photo: Undoctored book, spine and cover

Here’s an excerpt from my new book, Undoctored: Why Healthcare Has Failed You and How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor. In Undoctored, I take the lessons learned from the worldwide Wheat Belly experience and put them to work in a new program that helps reverse hundreds of health conditions–because conventional healthcare has abdicated its responsibility and is no longer about reclaiming health.

The Undoctored movement will get you and your family back on track, having cracked the code on health, slenderness, and higher levels of life performance. The book will be released May 9th, 2017, but is available for pre-order on Amazon.


Undoctored: An Excerpt

Many modern doctors hold themselves up as all-knowing, capable of managing every aspect of health, from delivery to death, from vaccination to senility. I know because I was guilty of this. The “I’m-the-doctor, you’re-the patient relationship” has been frozen in time since the days of Hippocrates. Despite the high-tech image, old-fashioned methods are still used to maintain paternalistic authority. Doctoring means wearing a white coat to impress ignorant, helpless patients, the appearance of authority designed to exploit the power of the placebo, long waiting room stays erected as barriers to the privilege of gaining the wisdom of presumed experts, while the monolithic world of medical billing remains impenetrable. All of it seems positively fossilized in an age of immediate information access, on-demand videos, drone deliveries, and the democratization of discussion via social media. Doctors hold themselves up as the gatekeepers of health information and regard the average person as ill-informed and inexperienced, a health simpleton who is powerless in administering any aspect of health. In what other industry can the provider of a service operate with such disregard for customer satisfaction? Imagine buying a car from a salesperson who used intimidation to raise prices, refused to answer questions, and brushed off your concerns as those of a naive automotive nonexpert; I doubt you’d drive off happily in a new hybrid convertible.

The information tide has shifted. Public ignorance in health may have been the rule in 1950, but rapid dissemination of information in our age has usurped this lopsided relationship, making the paternalistic doctor-patient relationship of the past as relevant as trepanation (drilling holes in the skull—yes, a real practice) to treat migraines. You have access to the same information as your doctor. And it doesn’t involve leafing through dozens of thick volumes of the Index Medicus and then having to retrieve a study from dusty stacks of medical journals, like I did during my medical training. The newly leveled playing field of immediately accessible information means thata new clinical study read by your neurologist or gynecologist is available to you with a few mouse clicks. The cultlike, guarded monopoly over health information is long gone, replaced by immediate, widespread information readily accessible to everyone. The resources available to us have exploded. And they continue to increase at an exponential rate.

The growth in medical information means that the education your doctor received during medical school and training is dusty, moth-ridden, and obsolete. Information doubled every 50 years in 1950, every 7 years in 1980, and every 3.5 years in 2010. If current trends continue, it will double every 73 days by 2020. And information growth is not just within medicine but also in other areas that impact human health, such as toxicology, due to the proliferation of industrial toxins in the environment that disrupt endocrine health and increase risk for cancer, or environmental science and urban planning, since city noise, smog, congestion, and stress all affect various aspects of health. No living human can keep up with the information load and hope to provide up-to-date health care, no matter how smart, how hardworking, how fancy their equipment, or how many operating rooms they have. Dealing with this boom in health information requires new tools to organize it all, put it to practical use, and extract maximum health benefit.

What if we combined the newly found informational freedom provided by Internet search capabilities with the human feedback tool of social media and the rise in direct-to-consumer testing that circumvents the doctor, then threw in a little benign guidance from sources that do not seek to profit from providing it? You might just be on your way to wielding considerable authority over your own health. When you apply the methods unique to the Information Age, unconcerned with ritual, intimidation, and profit, to your health, some pretty darned incredible things can happen: Weight melts away effortlessly, joint pain and skin rashes recede, acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms reverse within days, fibromyalgia and ulcerative colitis begin a powerful retreat, prescription medications become superfluous—all by sharing in a growing collective information exchange.

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Post Date: 2/20/2017
WBB: Insulin is a carcinogen

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2017-02-20
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
PCM forum Index of WB Blog articles.

Insulin is a carcinogen

photo: person injecting insulin at belly

The science is clear: Insulin is carcinogenic.

People with insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome/pre-diabetes, and type 2 diabetes have high levels of blood insulin, typically many times higher than normal. People with these conditions are at increased risk for various cancers such as breast, colon, prostate, and pancreas (Gallagher 2015). Type 2 diabetics are also more likely to die of their cancer than non-diabetics. While the cause-effect connection is due to a number of factors (high blood sugar, inflammation, high circulating estrogen levels, increased insulin-like growth factors, etc.), much of the increased cancer risk is due to increased levels of insulin.

So what drug is commonly prescribed to people with type 2 diabetes who already have high insulin levels? More insulin. Injected insulin further raises blood insulin levels in people who start with high insulin levels. What would you predict would be the result? You got it: lots more cancer (Hemkens 2009; Suissa 2011). Risk appears to be greatest with the glargine form of insulin (e.g., Lantus, Toujeo).

What foods raise levels of blood insulin the most, triggering insulin resistance that, in turn, causes even higher levels of insulin? The amylopectin A of grains, sucrose (table sugar), and sugars containing plentiful fructose (agave, high-fructose corn syrup, honey, maple syrup). What foods are people with insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and type 2 diabetes advised to eat by conventional dietary guidelines, including that of the American Diabetes Association? Yup: lots of grains, unrestricted sugars, and reduced fats.

Are you beginning to appreciate the depth of ignorance (or deception) that operates in conventional thinking? Start with flawed dietary advice that causes high blood sugar followed by high blood insulin. Over time, insulin resistance develops, worsened by inflammation, visceral fat growth, and hormonal distortions (e.g., high estrogen, low testosterone). Blood sugars rise and John Q. Primary Care steps in to prescribe insulin.

How to reverse the entire high-insulin mess? Reverse the factors that raise blood sugar, insulin, and insulin resistance. What was the first “domino”? Grains, sugars, and fructose-containing sweeteners. It’s really incredibly simple. This is why people with type 2 diabetes who follow the Wheat Belly path of eliminating all grains, restricting net carb exposure to 15 grams or less per meal, and avoid fructose-rich sweeteners are typically NON-diabetic over several weeks to months (delayed due to the transient insulin resistance generated by weight loss and the fatty acids that flood the bloodstream during mobilization of fat stores).

You may also begin to appreciate that the healthcare system causes pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes, then profits from its “treatment,” failing to provide consumers with a common sense, logical, and scientific solution that has been obvious all along.

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Post Date: 6/1/2023
Ultra Sound Results Today: Diagnosis: Mild fatty storage in liver
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Post Date: 5/27/2023
When to have L. Reuteri for maximum sleep benefit
Is lunch or supper time the best time to have L. Reuteri yogurt for maximum sleep benefit?

Dr. Davis : I obtain deep sleep by consuming the L reuteri yogurt any time of the day. However, some report being too sleepy if consumed during the daytime, so they consume as a dessert after dinner. 

Individual experiences therefore vary.
Posted: 6/1/2023

Bob Niland: 
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Posted: 6/1/2023

AinmYogurt: What is Biotiquest Slumber yogurt?
I have never heard of this.
Posted: 6/1/2023

Post Date: 1/31/2017
WBB: Which beers are safe for the Wheat Belly lifestyle?

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2017-01-31
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
PCM forum Index of WB Blog articles.

Which beers are safe for the Wheat Belly lifestyle?

Football games, tailgating and beer always seem to go hand in hand. This can be problematic when you are adhering to a grain-free lifestyle. Virtually all ales, beers, malt liquors, and lagers are brewed from grains.

Thus, there are measurable grain protein residues present in most beers— generally 1 to 2 grams per 12 ounces. This is not a lot, but it’s enough to stimulate appetite, provoke inflammation, and initiate autoimmunity.

People with celiac disease or the most extreme forms of gluten sensitivity should avoid beers altogether, except those designated gluten-free. I have my doubts about even the gluten-free products, since all are brewed from the seeds of grasses.

photo: beer in a glass mugIf a beer is designated gluten-free, no gliadin or gluten should be present (the official cutoff is fewer than 20 parts per million), but there is still potential for uncertain reactions from other grain proteins. Those who do not have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity seem to do okay with beers brewed from sorghum and rice but which also include barley malt, though you may have to experiment and see how your body reacts to these beers before you decide whether or not to consume them regularly. Of all alcoholic beverages, beer is the most hazardous, so be careful.



If you must drink beer, here are 5 of the least problematic brews. Tweet this!

  1. Bard’s gluten-free beers. Brewed from sorghum without barley, this beer is truly gluten-free. As with many gluten-free beers, however, it’s high in carbs, and therefore you should not drink more than one per day (14.2 g carbohydrates per 12-ounce bottle).
  2. Bud Light and Michelob Ultra. Bud Light, made by Anheuser-Busch, is brewed from rice but also contains barley malt. The most severely gluten-sensitive people should therefore not indulge in this beer because of the gluten content. But most of us who are just avoiding wheat but who aren’t gluten-sensitive can safely consume this brand without exposing ourselves to the undesirable effects of grains. One 12-ounce bottle contains 6.6 g of carbohydrates. Michelob Ultra is likewise brewed from rice with barley malt. It is also low in carbohydrates, with 2.6 g per 12-ounce
  3. Redbridge. Redbridge is brewed from sorghum and is not brewed with wheat or barley. It is therefore confidently gluten-free, though it’s still brewed from the seed of a grass. The carbohydrate content is a bit high at 16.4 g per bottle; have more than one beer and the carbohydrates begin to stack up.
  4. Green’s gluten-free beers. UK brewer Green’s provides several gluten-free choices made from sorghum, millet, buckwheat, brown rice, and “deglutenised” barley malt. They are not grain-free and have low quantities of grain proteins. So, tread carefully here, and make judgments based on your individual experience. The carbohydrate content of these beers is slightly less than most others, ranging from 10 to 14 g per 330-ml bottle.

photo: vats in a micro-brewery

In addition to these choices, I have seen some microbreweries starting to jump on the gluten-free bandwagon.

Look for beers brewed from chicory and other ingredients.Tweet this!

Enjoy and may the best team win!

Yours in grainless health,

Dr. William Davis

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Post Date: 1/24/2017
WBB: Don’t Let Grains Ruin Your Skin

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2017-01-24
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
PCM forum Index of WB Blog articles.

Don’t Let Grains Ruin Your Skin

Grains can play havoc with your skin. The prolamin proteins, such as gliadin, trigger autoimmune skin reactions and turn antibodies against the skin, their lectins fan the fires of inflammation, their proteins provoke allergies, and amylopectins send blood sugar and insulin sky-high and provoke the skin-disrupting hormone insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF). The whole grain inflammation package adds up to an impressive collection of skin conditions that can take a variety of forms, from simple red, itchy rashes to scaly, oily raised patches to large vesicles to gangrene. Because hair and nails are also considered part of the integumentary system, they, too, can be involved.

  1. ACNE
    Acne is a nearly universal problem in modern teenagers and adults. It is believed that acne is provoked by foods that trigger insulin and the hormone IGF. All grains raise blood sugar, and thereby insulin and IGF, to high levels, so they all share the capacity to create facial havoc. Sugary foods, such as soft drinks and candy also trigger insulin and IGF and can therefore share the blame as can the whey protein of dairy products that is unique among dairy components in its capacity to trigger insulin and a face afflicted with acne

    Repetitive high blood sugars lead to repetitive high insulin and IGF, which causes progressive resistance to insulin, leading to higher levels of insulin and IGF.

    This cycle promotes acne. Tweet this!

    This common red rash typically occurs along the sides of the nose and on the eyebrows, chest, back, and scalp (where it is called dandruff). The Malassezia fungus causes this rash. Interestingly, the same fungus populates the skin of most humans, even if they don’t have seborrhea. The relationship between grains and seborrhea is exceptionally consistent and predictable. Seborrhea is very common in grain consumers. It is also uncommon for seborrhea t