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General Discussion
Questions and conversations about any issue related to the Infinite Health Program and/or not addressed in one of the issue specific forums.
Last Post: Ashraf
5/22/2024 12:36:50 PM
Topics: 7437
Total Posts: 45366
Infinite Health 101
Questions and conversations about the foundational six Program steps. This is a forum dedicated to getting new Members started as well as Program veterans looking to brush up on the basics.
Last Post: seeker
5/3/2024 4:03:40 PM
Topics: 23
Total Posts: 273
Food and Diet
Questions and conversations about any food related subject such as Diet and Recipes.
Last Post: Bob Niland
5/21/2024 11:41:45 AM
Topics: 2877
Total Posts: 22333
Microbiome and Digestive Health
Questions and conversations about issues related Probiotics, Prebiotics, Bowel Flora, and Digestive Health.
Last Post: GSH1965
5/22/2024 11:41:55 AM
Topics: 1780
Total Posts: 13036
Vitamin D
Questions and discussions about Vitamin D.
Last Post: Erica Sweeney
3/30/2024 8:41:55 PM
Topics: 766
Total Posts: 3945
Fish Oil and Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Questions and discussions about Fish Oil and Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
Last Post: Barbie777
5/21/2024 8:14:22 AM
Topics: 366
Total Posts: 2893
Questions and discussions about supplemental Magnesium.
Last Post: Kathy in OK
5/14/2024 5:46:09 AM
Topics: 311
Total Posts: 3014
Iodine and Thyroid Health
Questions and discussions about Iodine and other Thyroid Health issues.
Last Post: Dana & Mike
5/22/2024 7:26:38 AM
Topics: 750
Total Posts: 6597
Other Nutritional Supplements
Questions and conversations about all other Nutritional Supplements not specifically addressed in other forums.
Last Post: Bob Niland
5/15/2024 1:59:48 PM
Topics: 443
Total Posts: 3805

Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stones Protocol
Advanced questions and conversations about Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stones.
Last Post: Learning about microbes
5/17/2024 10:36:48 PM
Topics: 26
Total Posts: 345
Constipation Protocol
Advanced questions and conversations about Constipation.
Last Post: LCL
1/1/2024 9:28:54 AM
Topics: 29
Total Posts: 219
Coronary Disease & Cholesterol Protocol
Advanced questions and conversations about Coronary Disease and Cholesterol.
Last Post: Ian989
5/19/2024 6:38:02 PM
Topics: 10813
Total Posts: 108150
Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Protocol
Advanced questions and conversations about Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes.
Last Post: Kikos
5/22/2024 8:50:11 AM
Topics: 615
Total Posts: 4497
Fatty Liver Disease Protocol
Advanced questions and conversations about Fatty Liver Disease.
Last Post: lama8004
6/20/2023 10:41:56 AM
Topics: 32
Total Posts: 170
Osteopenia & Osteoporosis Protocol
Advanced questions and conversations about Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.
Last Post: camsi
5/22/2024 10:19:24 AM
Topics: 85
Total Posts: 700
Atrial Fibrillation Protocol
Advanced questions and conversations about Atrial Fibrillation
Last Post: Bob Niland
5/6/2024 10:11:28 AM
Topics: 129
Total Posts: 883
Arthritis & Joint Pain
Advanced questions and conversations about Arthritis and Joint Health
Last Post: Barbie777
2/23/2024 5:30:44 PM
Topics: 34
Total Posts: 252
Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
Advanced questions and conversations about SIBO
Last Post: Bob Niland
5/10/2024 8:02:19 PM
Topics: 548
Total Posts: 3451
Skin Health
Advanced questions and conversations about Skin Health
Last Post: Progutforme
5/6/2024 4:57:52 PM
Topics: 108
Total Posts: 690

Live-Video Meetups
Conversations about upcoming and completed Inner Circle Live-Video Meetups
Last Post: Bob Niland
5/22/2024 9:18:03 AM
Topics: 369
Total Posts: 2255
Beyond the Boundaries
Infinite Health embraces an unfettered search for knowledge in which there are no “sacred cows.” This forum is for exploring health theories and practices that go beyond those that are explicitly described in the Infinite Health Program. This includes ideas that are consistent with, expansions of, and even those in contradiction to Infinite Health principles from authors, scientists, and Members across the world. As such, it should be noted that topics in this forum are unsupported by and SHOULD NOT be confused with the Infinite Health Program.
Last Post: xtronics
5/17/2024 2:31:54 PM
Topics: 283
Total Posts: 4125
Inner Circle Chit Chat
This is the forum for discussing all things an off-program or non-scientific nature. Anything is fair game as long as it cannot be described by an adjective starting with the letter 'v' (i.e. violent, vulgar, vitrioloic, etc.). Note that any topic that found to be off-program in other forums may be arbitrarily moved here by Forum moderators!
Last Post: HeartHawk
4/1/2024 2:04:05 PM
Topics: 41
Total Posts: 430
Discuss program recipes (including yogurts). Post and discuss your own low-carb, grain free recipes here.
Last Post: Dr. Davis
5/19/2024 8:57:30 AM
Topics: 1029
Total Posts: 5535
Quick Questions
Quick questions can be from Members and Guest Members on any subject related to the Undoctored Inner Circle. Questions here are text only and limited to 250 characters.
Last Post: Bob Niland
5/22/2024 12:32:32 PM
Topics: 29
Total Posts: 140
Premium Content Mirror
Copies of Dr. Davis authorized premium content from other sites (such as Wheat Belly Blog). See About topic for details.
Last Post: JANIE B
5/21/2024 3:53:27 PM
Topics: 1877
Total Posts: 2833

Individual Virtual Pilot Study Forums
Submit questions, comments, discussion, and data related to specific Virtual Pilot Studies. Select this forum then select the Virtual Pilot Study of interest from the topics on the study list.
Last Post: Malcolm
3/18/2024 12:22:49 PM
Topics: 5
Total Posts: 71
Virtual Pilot Study General Discussion
Submit general questions, comments, discussion, and data about Virtual Pilot Studies that are not related to any specific Virtual Pilot Study
Last Post: Zehren
11/27/2022 4:35:08 AM
Topics: 2
Total Posts: 11

This Forum is reserved for administrative announcements. However, Members may reply to topics posted here.
Last Post: Kathy in OK
5/12/2024 6:33:41 PM
Topics: 118
Total Posts: 625
Help Desk
Ask any questions you may have regarding how to use the website or discuss other administrative issues such features, functions, membership, etc.
Last Post: Bob Niland
4/11/2024 10:12:24 PM
Topics: 436
Total Posts: 2204
Report Bugs
Report any bugs or other technical problems with the website here. Bug extermination gets top priority!
Last Post: Bob Niland
5/9/2024 10:42:29 AM
Topics: 244
Total Posts: 1254
Suggestion Box
Offer suggestions on upgrades, improvements, or new features you believe may benefit our Members.
Last Post: Eamo
4/22/2024 7:41:15 AM
Topics: 121
Total Posts: 1266
Marketplace Forum
The primary goal of the Marketplace is to provide a one stop shop for common and hard to find products to help Members implement their health optimization programs. If there is a product you would like to comment on or see added, this is the place to post your needs and opinions.
Last Post: Lori_Miller
8/31/2023 11:01:01 AM
Topics: 15
Total Posts: 87
Inner Circle Polls
Discuss existing Polls and request new Polls
Last Post: HeartHawk
3/13/2021 11:56:54 AM
Topics: 2
Total Posts: 20


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