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Bowel Flora Testing: A Practical Guide The human gastrointestinal (GI) is an astoundingly complex ecosystem, a virtual rainforest of life that survives, reproduces, and exerts effects on its host. ... Some testing services also attempt to identify various microbial metabolites such as trimethyl amino oxide (TMAO), butyrate, methane, and serotonin, as they also exert effects on human health. ... But one issue is clear: NO method of bowel flora analysis currently available provides the full range of ...

Documenting SIBO A hydrogen breath test is the preferred method for diagnosing SIBO. ... A sample of an abnormal hydrogen/methane breath test can be see here: BioHealth-Sample-Report-900-1 There is also a new product called Aire that is a consumer testing device that can be reused, avoiding the need to purchase H2-testing devices for each testing episode. ... The hydrogen breath test therefore remains the most rational starting test. ... In other words, if the starting hydrogen b ...

  Since hypothyroidism is a common cause for fatigue (and many other nagging ailments), he tested my thyroid using the standard TSH test and declared I was fine.  Not convinced, I saw three endocrinologists before I convinced one of them to test me for auto-immune thyroiditis.... During some personal, at-home, blood sugar testing, I noticed my post-prandial (after eating) blood sugar was rather high....   I came back a week later to show him more of my personal blood sugar rea ...

The only test to consider is a stress test in some form for higher scores, particularly scores 500 and greater. Also, beware of the closely-related test, CT coronary angiography, that is rarely necessary and exposes you to extremes of radiation (but yields more revenues for the testing center). ... Advanced Lipoprotein Analysis This test should replace the crude and outdated cholesterol (“lipid”) panel. ... Association between small intestinal bacterial overgrowth by glucose ...

Among the methods available to you are: Blood testing: for presence of the IgG antibody against H. pylori that has been shown to be a fairly reliable, though not infallible, test, identifying around 85% of infections. ... The IgG test is therefore most useful for initial identification but not for follow-up. Several direct-to-consumer labs make this available, including finger stick test kits, though the number of labs offering it are diminishing as breath testing and stool antigen tes\] ...

The IgG test is therefore most useful for initial identification, but not for follow-up. Several direct-to-consumer labs make this available, including finger stick test kits, though the number of labs offering it are diminishing as breath testing and stool antigen testing have been proven to be superior and useful for follow-up after treatment. One particularly convenient test is the SELFCheck Stomach Ulcer Test that requires a finger stick and yields results in 10 minutes and ...

  Thyroid test results- comments please- new member Reply Inner Circle Member Forum >> Iodine and Thyroid Health >> Thyroid test results- comments please- new member --   Thyroid test results- comments please- new member -- John J. ... I realize I am way below program level of 60-70 ng/ml. but I will stay the course and retest in 6 months unless guided otherwise. 2) I purchased a glucose meter and did a sample test yesterday as guided and would like any comments on my ...

The incidence of many of the 200 or so diseases of autoimmunity are increasing worldwide, conditions that can potentially involve any organ in the body yielding such common conditions as rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and autoimmune hepatitis. It is estimated that nearly 10% of Western populations have at least one, if not several, autoimmune diseases. In particular, inflammatory bowel diseases, type 1 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis are on the in ...

Ideally, track glucose values yourself with use of a glucose meter and test strips. ... If the after-meal value is higher, say, 140 mg/dl, examine the contents of the meal and reduce or eliminate the food (that contains a carbohydrate) responsible and re-test the next time you eat that food or meal to ensure no change. ... You can track blood levels of ketones using the Abbott precision Xtra blood sugar device that also allows fingerstick ketones to be assessed, though test strips specifically f ...

A Guide to Achieving Optimal Thyroid Status Of all the body’s endocrine glands—hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenals, ovaries, testes, etc....   Assessing thyroid status There are three blood tests that everyone should have assessed to even start thinking about thyroid dysfunction: TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), and the thyroid hormones free T3 and free T4, i.e., the fractions of thyroid hormones that circulate in the bloodstream free and unbound by proteins. ... Iodine blood and u ...

A typical NMR lipoprotein testing result in someone with heart disease risk would be: total LDL particles 1800 nmol/L (the units signify number of particles per volume), small LDL particles 900 nmol/L, meaning that 50% of all LDL particles are the undesirable, heart disease-causing small variety caused by grain and sugar consumption, reduced with their elimination. ... item=94305), Spectracell (, or Private MD Labs ( and h ...

., a low flat curve of H2 during breath testing after lactulose/glucose/prebiotic fiber consumption (as seen in the above two graphs).

(They are not appropriate for treatment of systemic infection, nor have the oils been adequately tested for vaginal use.) ... After a several week effort to reduce Candida, a repeat stool test can be performed to quantify how much fungi persist or you can make that judgment based on the reversal of any symptoms. ... Stool testing is the preferred means of quantifying the presence of Candidal species.

It is uncommon for liver function blood tests (AST, ALT) to not return to normal within several weeks of starting these strategies. ... What that means is that someone told you that your liver tests (your liver enzymes; the AST and/or ALT) were abnormally high, and it wasn't viral hepatitis, or some other process, but it was fatty liver; fat being deposited in your liver.

The Abbot Precision Xtra blood glucose device can be used to monitor fingerstick blood beta-hydroxybutyrate; test strips specifically made to test ketones must be purchased (and are costly, typically around $4 per test strip). ... Urine dipsticks can also be obtained to test for ketones (acetoacetate), but tend to be imprecise and poorly reflective of ketone status, especially the longer you remain ketotic (with long-term reduction in urinary ketones that no longer reflect the ketotic state) ...

Testing for LPS blood levels is not available, as it is currently only used for clinical study purposes. (Cyrex Labs offers LPS antibody tests, which offers a somewhat different perspective in that antibody levels do not necessarily correspond to actual LPS levels.)

Members are cautioned that Advanced Topics are for informational purposes only and, by definition, are not yet fully tested and accepted.

You buy the test strips at the pharmacy for just a few dollars.

Lactobacillus gasseri OLL2716 reduced symptoms of “functional dyspepsia” (bothersome postprandial fullness, early satiety, epigastric pain, and epigastric burning, also suspicious for undiagnosed SIBO) in people testing negative for H. pylori.

Proposed protocol for probiotic management of SIBO Anyone testing positive for H2 breath levels with the AIRE device per the Infinite Health Protocol for SIBO (i.e., rise of 4 units or more over baseline after prebiotic fiber challenge) may benefit from this strategy. ... Four weeks of L. reuteri DSM 17938 administration in 20 adults was associated with a significant decrease of methane production determined by lactulose breath test (from 20.8 ± 15 to 8.9 ± 8.6; p < 0.0001 CI 95%) a ...

If you have this, then you've gone through some form of testing, bone density, and were told that you had an abnormal score, have thin bones, and are at risk for fractures, osteoporotic hip fracture and other fractures.

In a small Australian study, for instance, of 10 elderly people with lactose intolerance, 90% had SIBO (by lactulose H2 breath testing); eradication of SIBO reversed lactose intolerance in all initially SIBO-positive participants.

  Collaboration What if we combined the newly-found informational freedom provided by search capabilities of the Internet, harness the human feedback tool of social media, take advantage of the boom in direct-to-consumer testing that circumvents the doctor, then throw in a little benign guidance from sources that do not seek to profit from providing it . . . you might just be on your way to wielding considerable authority over your own health.

Migraines and food sensitivities A preliminary study of participants with both migraine and IBS suggested that IgG food sensitivity testing followed by elimination of foods associated with high IgG levels reduced headache severity, duration, and need for medication by half. ... Assessment of magnesium status is also flawed, since most magnesium is stored in bone and inside the tissues and cells of the body, therefore not well reflected by serum or RBC levels that are commonly tested and underestimat ...

Introduction When I was part of a team working in a facility in New Jersey in which residents were to be offered a program to preserve or reverse cognitive decline and dementia, I extensively reviewed the body of existing evidence to get a better handle on what has been shown to work, what has not, reproduced here. Unfortunately, mainstream conversations on this topic, as cultivated by the work of Bredesen et al, has fallen victim to over-the-top enthusiasm for many strategies that have little or no eviden ...

Probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of any system or network or breach or circumvent any security or authentication measures.

Testing should be considered if there is a history of cigarette smoking or substantial secondary smoke exposure; exposure to high-risk settings, e.g., working as a welder, spray painting autos, burning municipal trash; a history of chronic anxiety or depression; unexplained fatigue; infertility; loss of memory; any evidence for reduced kidney function or unexplained proteinuria (protein in the urine); osteopenia or osteoporosis.

Can you stop or prevent atrial fibrillation (AF)? There are a number of important steps you can take to 1) prevent the development of the very common disorder of heart rhythm, atrial fibrillation, and 2) make it less likely to recur once you’ve experienced an episode. One thing we CANNOT do is to use our strategies to stop an episode once it occurs; this situation needs to be addressed by your doctor. As in many areas of health, prevention is powerful but requires extended periods of time to work, no ...

., memory, recognition, drawing tests) and volumetric brain imaging (e.g., brain MRI with measurement of the volume of relevant parts of the brain such as the hippocampus).

Topic By: BarbaraT121212 (7/11/2018 12:44:13 PM)
 I’m going to get my tests done tomorrow from page 360.  Question, how important is the bowel flora testing to do “prior” to starting? ...  I want to make the most of my money/testing.

testing (Replies: 10)
Topic By: john9000 (1/26/2018 9:02:19 AM)
and up to now, all of my testing has been done by my primary care doc. ... My main goal has been to get my TSH under 1.5...Last test it was at 2.1. all other numbers show to be good.

NEW THYROID TEST (Replies: 13)
Topic By: Fitness (3/12/2020 3:23:22 PM)
I just had my Thyroid lab test results. In spite of me requesting a complete Thyroid Test including antibodies my GP did not order the full Thyroid Panel. ... Prior to the test I stopped Biotin supplements for 3 days. The morning of the test I did not take my Armour 30 Mg.

Topic By: t1dtamer (10/22/2018 5:03:23 PM)
ID=21403 Here are my thyroid test results: TSH 0.92 mIU/L   Lab Range  0.46-5.56 mIU/L Free T4 1.5 ng/dL Lab Range  0.6-1.2 ng/dL Free T3 2.2 pg/mL Lab Range  2.3-4.2 pg/mL Thyroid Peroxidase AB 0.3 IU/mL Lab Range  0.0-9.0 IU/mL I take one 100 mcg tablet daily of Synthroid (Levothroxine Sodium).

Reply From: Heart_Builder (9/20/2013 8:07:39 PM)
Well since I've gotten the test strips I'll give it a shot. ... Also thanks greatly HH for the test strips 

Reply From: JannyLite (12/22/2020 4:04:35 AM)
I will second the suggestion for genetic testing. A young adult relative on Medicaid/MediCal was referred for genetic testing for medications and found, as others mentioned above, that the drugs she was being prescribed were actually contraindicated for her genetics!! ... re able to get that testing done!

Topic By: Kayrod (12/20/2020 12:57:10 PM)
My last test...

Reply From: HeartHawk (3/20/2023 10:34:05 AM)
  For example, how can the Verisana test suggest I have no sIgA/zonulin issues when the other three say I do? ...   All we can do is test, try, and track based on these clues....   The new Gut Zoomer test looks promising (and expensive) but only time will tell.

Topic By: mjweb (11/20/2020 3:11:31 PM)
  Below are some quotes for blood tests which I received from, and (so far). ...   Am I doing something wrong, like duplicate or unnecessarily detailed tests? ... Code Test Name Price 496 Hemoglobin A1CGlycohemoglobin A1C-(Hemoglobin A1C, Glycated Serum Protein) $33.58 17306 Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy, LC/MS/MS25 Hydroxy-Vitamin D, Cholecalciferol Metabolite $51.46 10124 Cardio CRPCRP, C-Reactive Protein (High Sensitivity CRP) $48.38 31789 Homocysteine ...

stress test (Replies: 2)
Topic By: Bertaboo (7/5/2017 3:27:03 PM)
 I was trying to find some information on the best way to test for artery plaque.  My husband had the ultrasound of his neck arteries and that was fine but they wanted him to do the stress test with dye and meds. ...  We were told people do this test and all looks fine and people have still had a heart attack three weeks later.  If this is not the best way to test I would like to have my husband do something different.

Topic By: Kayrod (1/10/2021 1:24:09 PM)
I reached out about the 20th of December with some lab results from my annual physical. At that time, my cholesterol was 278, HDL, 49, LDL of 210 and triglycerides of 107. Well 10 days later on December 30th, I had some more blood work done by a different lab for a life insurance renewal. Most things stayed relatively close (cholesterol: 248, HDL:50, LDL: 152), but the biggest and most glaring difference was triglycerides which were 218! I just cannot believe that this is accurate as I didn?

Reply From: HeartHawk (7/19/2023 5:59:31 PM)
Hi MH: There is no "standard" hydrogen/methane breath test so prep will vary by manufacturer and the desires, intent, and familiarity of the ordering doc with the test.  Bottomline, discuss it with your doc to get the specifics for the test ordered.  There is no doubt a set of prep instructions for the specific test.... Hydrogen Breath Test HH P.S. ...   To do that, the AIRE device is recommended so you can take multiple tests over time and with different food/prebioti ...

Reply From: Heart_Builder (12/3/2011 4:20:59 PM)
Here is my saliva test results.

Reply From: hopscotch (12/4/2011 12:49:19 PM)
HB, you might want to consider that although your cortisol test showed results within the reference ranges, the resulting pattern may not be optimal.

Reply From: hopscotch (10/17/2020 4:23:54 PM)
re looking for. While you?re at it, if you need a Vitamin D or RBC Magnesium test, here they are. You?ll find the blood work to be less expensive if you join Life Extension and take advantage of their annual lab test sales. Also, R ...

Reply From: HeartHawk (7/8/2013 1:31:42 PM)
Sam: I did testosterone for a while but did all serum testing....   I just did a ZRT saliva cortisol test but that is my only experience (no results back yet), Bottom-line, I would verify with a blood test!

Reply From: Heart_Builder (6/26/2016 2:01:54 PM)
HB Below is an FYI. 5 Types of Cardiac Stress Tests—They are Not All the Same By  DrEric  - Posted on  December 17, 2012

Topic By: KathyBrown (7/18/2023 11:53:30 AM)
Test Results: Please advise what this means and Thank You!

Reply From: Heart_Builder (9/7/2014 11:06:51 AM)
Welcome Ca-fill, You are using my old avatar,    You can ask HeartHawk if it is possibly to set it for coaches only. Since the website has changed to Cureality I don't know how it works. I would suggest you take all personnel identifing data as to you idenity out but if you make the data public you have better chance of finding someone who has had a simialr problem that has worked through it or is working throught it. Also me and Vince helped each other even thought we a very different heart probl ...

Reply From: Heart_Builder (12/4/2011 1:55:49 PM)
Thanks Hopscotch I'll consider that. HB

Reply From: Ashraf (4/16/2019 4:05:13 PM)
Just received my latest NMR dated 04/13/19 (the rest of blood work result will be posted upon receiving it) This NMR result does not look much better than the last one on 01/05/19 (see image above). Image of the recent NMR result below, any feedback is appreciated.  My weight has been stabilized +/- 2 lbs in last 4 weeks or so. 

Reply From: hopscotch (10/8/2022 2:17:12 PM)
If you get concerned about anything, maybe a blood test could then be taken, including Reverse T3.

Reply From: KathyBrown (2/1/2021 8:24:23 PM)
I posted my Thryve Stool Test Results on 1/27/2021 in the ‘Bowel Flora and Digestive Health’ section, and since I’ve not received feedback yet, was wondering if it could be discussed during the Live Meetup this Wed.... Davis: I received my stool test results from Thryve and would like to know what these results really mean, and what do I need to do to improve my gut bacteria.

Reply From: KnitNPurlGirl (10/7/2019 4:02:25 PM)
  Negative Lexiscan stress test 3.

Puzzling bloodwork (Replies: 2)
Topic By: Shikha (6/9/2018 12:38:39 PM)
My latest blood work has left my doctor confused. She wants me to see an endocrinologist. Per my doctor, my symptoms are that of hypothyroid while my numbers are that of hyperthyroid. Please help me make sense of these data. F TSH, THIRD GENERATION 0.093   L 0.400-4.100 (UIU/ML) F FREE T4 (THYROXINE) 1.61 0.80-1.90 (NG/DL) F FREE T3 4.1 2.2-4.2 (PG/ML) I had a thought about the blood samples being mixed up.

Topic By: Kayrod (12/20/2020 12:53:50 PM)
More test results and guidance if possible, although I think all looks normal as of now?

Topic By: HeartHawk (9/21/2023 1:37:12 PM)
Post all questions, discussion, and comments related to the Super Gut Seminar (Part 6): Microbiome Testing  video here.

Reply From: Noralee (6/30/2023 3:59:37 PM)
The Sugar Shift challenge has ended and I am going to submit another NivanaBiome gut microbiome test so I can compare the results between then and now. thanks, Noralee

Topic By: Noralee (6/28/2023 9:26:22 PM)
Hello, I recently took a NirvanaBiome gut microbiome test (was one I heard about with Sugar Shift challenge).

Topic By: Kayrod (12/20/2020 12:47:34 PM)
Lipid_Panel.pdf I have been following this WOE very closely since mid-July of this year. This was my first Physical since fully being on this plan. Ideally I realize that I should have gotten a full lipoprotein panel, but that will be coming. Back in December of 2018, my triglycerides were 134 and my HDL was 44, so I think I?m moving in the right direction, but confirmation would be greatly appreciated as of course my primary mentioned medication (atorvastatin) to combat high cholesterol which I have refus ...

Topic By: Kirk VandenBerghe (5/23/2018 10:52:59 AM)
From If you?re a member, here?s the article .

Reply From: Heart_Builder (12/7/2014 1:17:31 PM)
Why did you need the thallium stress test for and what did you learn that you couldn't have learned from a stress echo ? I don't understand the need for the need for a thallium stress test and why would you need to do another one ?  I had two thallium stress tests and came to the conclusion they weren't doing me any good.

Reply From: HeartHawk (1/11/2021 1:18:40 PM)
Although cumbersome, the GI Effects test was the only one of the four that collected four separate samples in four separate shipping media (one of which was simply a stool sample in air as opposed to a liquid).... Finally, Doc D and I have committed to a more extensive review of stool testing, with me as the guinea pig, based upon my now fully published results.

Reply From: HeartHawk (3/10/2023 10:10:58 PM)
Davis and he routinely used nuclear stress tests and in fact had a scanner in his office....   As time went on, he employed a stress-echo test as a superior way to test for heart muscle perfusion and most cardiologists I know (admittedly more forward-thinking docs) do the same.

Reply From: Heart_Builder (7/3/2015 5:00:47 PM)
The Article on stress echo below : Stress echocardiography How the Test is Performed This test is done at a medical center or health care provider's office. ... How to Prepare for the Test Ask your health care provider if you should take any of your routine medicines on the day of the test. Some medicines may interfere with test results. ... You will be asked to sign a consent form before the test. HB Speaking : I had two tha ...

Topic By: KathyBrown (1/27/2021 9:05:44 PM)
Davis: I received my stool test results from Thryve and would like to know what these results really mean, and what do I need to do to improve my gut bacteria.

Reply From: AndaBo (2/10/2023 12:36:38 PM)
  Since this horrid strain is so widespread and definitive strain testing can?...   Everything I research refers only to presumptive positive tests.

Reply From: AndaBo (2/9/2023 12:10:07 PM)
Bob, The pre-test meals were: One week before:  You?... On the day of the test: F ast for 12 hours.

Topic By: dkruz1 (1/26/2023 7:58:07 PM)
Recently I went ahead and had a gut microbiome test. ... My expectation was that I would see many of the species of bacteria/fungi in my gut test report that were included in my probiotics regimen.

Topic By: Barbie777 (9/9/2023 6:00:06 PM)
Below I have posted a series of my test results (heart, CAC, thyroid, gut), covering a period of almost 2 years, along with the diet, vitamins, and supplements that were taken prior to each test in order to see any correlation and effect on the findings. ... I started addressing heart concerns first with info from the book "The Great Cholesterol Myth" (reflected in test #2) and then "Eat Rich, Live Long" and finally "Supper Gut" which significantly reduced my gut inflammation (as shown in 4th G ...

When to test Thyroid? (Replies: 6)
Topic By: ultraviolet (6/16/2017 8:29:16 AM)
My question is: Should I test my thyroid markers now (now that I am more informed on what to do) to see where I am at?

Reply From: Auds (10/7/2018 4:50:11 PM)
I had genetic testing done. Multiple cancers in the family motivated the Doctors to offer the testing to my sisters and I. In avoidance of cancer, hoping the testing would provide insight and a direction, we said yes. The MD that administered and read my genetic testing said( I copied and pasted this ): "Genetic testing can identify certain gene changes, or mutations, that are linked to an increased risk of cancer. ...    Genetic testing for breast cancer isn’t recom ...

Reply From: JJB (1/17/2023 11:26:35 AM)
I got some allergy tests done - attached. ... m going back to my doctor in a couple of weeks to do more testing.  I had blood work done in September and October 2022 Blood test results I wanted to ask about the allergy tests, request an H. ... @Bob:  you  mentioned in a previous email about my October tests... ...  Would you recommending testing these again?

Reply From: Ashraf (12/30/2018 10:21:12 PM)
Does NMR  lipoprofile  test is the same as lipoprotein fractionation ion mobility?

Reply From: Heart_Builder (1/7/2015 8:55:29 PM)
Chavender A stress echo is almost always better than a than a thalluim stress test. I had two thalluim stress test. ... The radiation is a lot higher than you realize from a thalluim stress test . ...   Nuclear stress tests are also useful in really big, overweight people, or in those who can't walk a treadmill, e.g., bad hips and knees....   I am a believer in stress testing, even in the absence of symptoms, to gauge physiologic responses, such as blood pressure.

Latest NMR Numbers  (Replies: 6)
Topic By: Ashraf (10/16/2019 8:30:20 PM)
I am trying to understand my latest NMR test numbers (image below) LDL-P is very high, Small LDL-P is normal and HDL-PM is low.

Reply From: Slartybartfast (4/26/2023 7:08:47 PM)
I started the test at 13.17 today and it finished 3 hrs later. ... I have attached the screenshots of my Sibo Aire test today. ... before testing but I have done so today to run the test again tomorrow.... m hoping that I can get better results of my Sibo test tomorrow !... Previous tests before understanding that we use the device differently.

Topic By: ConnieD (7/12/2023 10:32:38 AM)
  Dr Davis suggested I do thyroid and cortisol testing and to let him know my results.

Topic By: Zorrely (2/5/2021 5:25:03 PM)
Can someone please refer me and confirm if I have a thyroid problem. Here are my results: TSH - 3.2 IU / L    (0.35 -3.6) FT3 - 3.4 pmol / L   (2.6 - 5.7) FT4 - 13.5 pmol / L   (9.00 - 19.00)

Topic By: Kim2012 (10/7/2020 11:03:01 AM)
I?ve been following this WOE x 1 year and resisting the statin war with PCP. I received my NMR score and am alarmed. What do you think? Lipolipids NMR Lipo Profile Units reference results 10.7.2020   LDL-P nmol/L <1000 3153   LDL-C mg/dl 0-99 213   HDL-C mg/dl >39 49   Trig mg/dl 0-149 164   Total Chol mg/dl 100-199 293   HDL-P umol/L >=30.3 30.8   Small LDL-P nmol/L <=527 1410   LDL size nm >20.5 21.5   LP-IR score   <= 45 73     ...

Topic By: Sid (6/20/2023 10:45:13 AM)
My symptoms didnt subside even after 3 years now and hence I went in an did a Nutreval test to take note of any nutrient deficiencies. ... Was taking Vitamin D tablets 1000IUs and B12 (250mg on & off) since 2018 to 2021 The test results highlighted a number of issues, but I was not able to thread through on what is happening inside. ...   I would appreciate if any forum members could give some insight on how I can tie these test results to what is happening internally and what changes d ...

Reply From: JannyLite (1/4/2020 2:29:37 AM)
Quoted From JennVsDiabesity: Based on what I told you all is there any way I can get insurance to cover Lp(A), hsCRP and NMR Lipoprofile blood tests? ... ve been able to get her Medicare Advantage (HMO) doctors to request successfully all these blood tests under insurance as long as I discuss the request with the kinds of concerns and scientific discussions you?ve been having with folks here. 100% successful in blood tests, but insurance refused to cover the lactulose breath test for SIBO.

Topic By: HeartHawk (12/4/2020 2:13:32 PM)
Provide physical information about each test (kit contents, collection procedure, cost, strains tested etc.). 2. Compare the results of each test.... Order tests kits from from Genova Diagnostics (GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Profile), Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory (GI-Map), Verisana Lab (Gut Health Stool Test), and Viome (Gut Intelligence). 2. ... Here is a brief graphic and text description of each test kit. ... Price:  $359 List, $287.20 Professionals (what I paid), added ...

Reply From: Bob Niland (7/11/2018 1:01:13 PM)
Which tests? ... What test is that? ... The only bowel flora related tests in the program are to pay attention to reaction (if any) while ramping up prebiotic fiber , and get an H2 breath test if SIBO is suspected. Gut flora overview article . re: I want to make the most of my money/testing. ... How are you getting the testing done, and where?

Reply From: Bob Niland (7/14/2020 9:46:40 AM)
Rover1, if you have a LabCorp handy, the Life Extension tests are a great deal, and are available to you in Mn. ... It can be used order tests for one person or multiple people. Pick tests and drop into shopping cart. Specify person to be tested during checkout. ... Get email PDF results in 1-7 days (depends on test type). ___________ Bob Niland [ disclosures ] [ topics ] [ abbreviations ]

Tests (Replies: 2)
Topic By: Rover1 (7/14/2020 8:12:32 AM)
m out in the countryside and my NP does not work with me about testing. i have HDL at 32 and LDL at 168, Trigs at 96.... m  testing my D level and thyroid levels. ... t think the tests are necessary.  I have decided to pay for private lab tests.

testing, testing, 123 (Replies: 6)
Topic By: Kathy in OK (7/22/2022 1:47:56 PM)
I have the following tests paid for at Life Extension.... Magnesium, RBC Blood Test  #LC080283 C-Reactive Protein (CRP), Cardiac Blood Test  #LC120766 NMR LipoProfile® Blood Test  #LC123810 Fasting Glucose and Insulin Blood Test  #LC302186 I don?

Reply From: Malcolm (7/23/2022 12:21:16 AM)
Kathy in OK wrote:   C-Reactive Protein (CRP), Cardiac Blood Test  #LC120766 You might want to verify whether this test is CRP versus hs-CRP. You really want to get hs-CRP, which is the more sensitive test.

Testing (Replies: 1)
Topic By: HeartHawk (1/16/2021 11:47:33 AM)

Reply From: Bob Niland (1/26/2018 9:18:07 AM)
Depends on what tests you want , and whether affected by on-going weight change. re: ... and up to now, all of my testing has been done by my primary care doc. If you can get the tests you want that way, and the out-of-pocket is the same or less than going undoctored, there’s no need to change. re: How does one use the independent labs? ... It depends on where you live (direct-consumer allowed), what walk-labs are convenient, what tests you want run, and local lab vs. mail-away pricing ...

Reply From: Bob Niland (4/7/2020 12:32:49 PM)
Spy on the Inside: I’m wondering if it would be of any benefit to test myself for SIBO? What test did you have in mind? There might be 3 tiers of testing to use: Do the core program, including gut flora cultivation. The reaction to working up to 20g mixed & varied prebiotic fibers tends to be a challenge test. ... This repeat-test tool is about the same cost as a single clinical H2 measure. 2m.

Reply From: Shane 102 (8/28/2021 8:16:27 PM)
I used the food marble to test for sibo....   I then tested over the next 90 min....   The next day I retested my baseline and I tested at a 10.  I rechecked after 5 minutes and still tested at a 10.  I know reuteri throws off the test.

Reply From: Bob Niland (7/11/2018 1:40:49 PM)
Which test did you have in mind, uBiome or uBiota? ... If you decide to get a gene sequencing done, the 23andMe Ancestry (only) test suffices, often US$50 on sale. It provides access to the same raw data file as the Health & Ancestry. re: I’m getting the 4 blood tests on page360 done. ... s more than 4 tests there: FBG HbA1c fasting insulin NMR is (typically) a whole panel: LDL-P#, Small LDL-P, LDL size, TC, HDL-P, TG, and the fictional LDL-C and with or without the Lp(a) option? . ...

Reply From: Spy on the Inside (4/7/2020 10:01:58 PM)
  After finding out from a stool test that I had multiple species of pathogenic bacteria, I was advised to stop taking pre biotics while I was on a program to eliminate these bacteria. As for the test I was considering for SIBO, it was the genova diagnostic breath test which looked at hydrogen and methane producing bacteria.

Reply From: Bob Niland (4/8/2020 10:06:08 AM)
Have you tried ramping up to 20g/day mixed & varied . re: As for the test I was considering for SIBO, it was the genova diagnostic breath test which looked at hydrogen and methane producing bacteria. That would be this lactulose challenge test ?

Reply From: Spy on the Inside (4/8/2020 6:23:53 PM)
I’m just not sure how accurate the breath tests are?  The Genova one is the lactulose challenge one that has been suggested to me And Heart Hawk, as for lyme, I did traditional testing which was normal but they say it?... ve been offered non-traditional testing for lyme... not sure I want to go down that rabbit hole though!

Reply From: HeartHawk (1/16/2021 11:50:12 AM)
Test Reply this is where we should see content for search indexing.

Reply From: HeartHawk (4/7/2020 10:28:06 PM)
Because SIBO seems to be ubiquitous and endemic to almost all health conditions I would never rule it out ergo, yes, it is always worth testing.  Bottom-line, gotta keep testing until you find the root cause! ... I also tested for Lyme but was negative so that?

Topic By: Spy on the Inside (4/7/2020 12:20:55 PM)
m wondering if it would be of any benefit to test myself for SIBO?...   Tested negative through traditional testing. Would it be worth testing for SIBO?

Reply From: BarbaraT121212 (7/11/2018 1:17:17 PM)
 I’m getting the 4 blood tests on page360 done.

Reply From: Bob Niland (4/8/2020 6:37:07 PM)
s merely been a FoodMarble rumor for over a year, and the problem may be regulatory (having to admit what gasses they test for) rather than technological. Also; unlikely to be a software update to current AIRE devices. re: Does keto breath test works on same H2 principle?

Topic By: Roshak (12/14/2020 3:17:26 PM)
  I am curious if that rule applies to Iodine and Thyroid testing? My assumption is yes based on the general rule but will get those baseline test now if they are unimpacted by weight loss.

Reply From: Venkat S (4/8/2020 6:20:58 PM)
Does keto breath test works on same H2 principle?

Reply From: Bob Niland (3/1/2019 8:03:40 PM)
Look to be about the same (within test repeatability tolerances). Also, you’re getting more tests than necessary at this point, many of which aren’t terribly useful anyway. re: 1 year ago is in the thread. have not been consistent on the iodine, don’t want to over do it and cause problems.

Reply From: Bob Niland (7/23/2022 9:19:57 AM)
Malcolm: You really want to get hs-CRP, which is the more sensitive test.

Reply From: Bob Niland (7/22/2022 4:57:43 PM)
t know if any of the common Mg supplements would distort an RBC-Mg test. and LE?

Reply From: Dr. Davis (7/11/2018 2:33:00 PM)
Right: Do bowel flora testing in some form just for your own insights, Barbara.

Reply From: john9000 (2/8/2018 6:19:03 AM)
Here are my test resuslts: My prior TSH tests were 2.3 in October, 2.1 in December, now 1.7.

Reply From: john9000 (3/5/2019 8:05:15 AM)
My goal from last testing was more on the LDL basis than the thyroid.

Reply From: Lucky Lime (4/13/2022 3:11:42 PM)

Reply From: HeartHawk (4/13/2022 5:05:12 PM)
Lucky: Can you provide additional detail?  What do you see a "double" of and what are you attempting to do when the "double" occurs? HH

Reply From: Bob Niland (3/5/2019 8:20:11 AM)
john9000: For the next 30 days, here is what I’ll implement, with an effort to rebalance TSH.  Should I do 3 drops or 6 per day. 1: One drop per day, which is 449mcg. That’s a megadose product at label portion size, a dosing discouraged on this program. The label instructions don’t say so, but I’d suggest: . remove the dropper . empty it back into the bottle . put it back into the bottle (without squeezing bulb) . tighten cap . shake vigorously . loosen cap . squeeze and releas ...

Reply From: Dr. Davis (2/8/2018 7:09:05 PM)
Yes, a declining TSH with iodine supplementation does indeed suggest that iodine deficiency was previously present. This is the best way to correct hypothyroidism, but only works about 20% of the time. You seem to be among the lucky 20%. As Bob points out, the panel of blood work you track depends on your issues and interests. However, you will find a basic suggested panel discussed on page 360 of the Undoctored book.

Reply From: john9000 (3/5/2019 11:39:57 AM)
Dr. D.  I?m on the yogurt, daily.. ok to have the vanilla extract(1 tablespoon) per quart, making about 7 servings.? so my results, even in my mixed up way, according to your comments about wheat grass, are more about the probiotics, the cleaner eating, and the fish oil, more than wheat grass.

Test (Replies: 3)
Topic By: Lucky Lime (4/13/2022 3:11:09 PM)

Reply From: Bob Niland (2/8/2018 11:52:37 AM)
John, Dr.D. would have more insight than I on the thyroid labs and their trends, but it looks like things are shifting favorably, and with some attention to full program implementation, that might be all that?s required. The fT3 and fT4 are right at the program borderline, and may go green on their own. The low antibody markers suggest no AI ailments lurking, so no contraindication for the daily iodine. Attending to gut flora could be a big assist.

Reply From: Lucky Lime (4/13/2022 3:13:00 PM)
For some reason I see a double.... Always returns me to the old website...

Reply From: john9000 (3/1/2019 12:53:09 PM)
what do you see on these results? 1 year ago is in the thread. have not been consistent on the iodine, don?t want to over do it and cause problems.

Reply From: Dr. Davis (3/5/2019 10:56:53 AM)
Not addressing the probiotics, John, is a really bad idea. Neglecting prebiotics explains a lot of the complications suffered by people on prolonged ketogenic diets, for example: kidney stones, osteoporosis, constipation, diverticular disease, and increased risk for colon cancer.  Our dose of iodine is in the range of 350-500 mcg per day, so even one drop of that preparation provides more than sufficient iodine.  Wheat grass, by the way, contains some of the components of the wheat plant, obviousl ...

Reply From: Rover1 (7/14/2020 10:18:43 AM)
Thanks Bob!

Reply From: Bob Niland (7/22/2022 2:09:58 PM)
Presuming that the FBG isn?t all that crucial * , the key factor is fasting (due to the NMR), likely at least 12h. If it were my suite, I?d just set a LabCorp appt for early AM. Now, fasting needs to include normal foods of course, but due to the NMR, I?

Reply From: Dr. Davis (4/8/2020 10:45:28 AM)
It is ALWAYS worth an assessment for SIBO, Spy.  Even 12-20% of  "healthy controls" in various studies have been shown to have SIBO. With a history of antibiotic exposure and food intolerances, the likelihood of having SIBO is even higher. Uncorrected, SIBO leads to anxiety, depression, diverticular disease, coronary disease, autoimmune conditions, and colon cancer. It is shocking to me that everyone is not screened for this condition that I believe now afflicts over 150 million Americans.

Reply From: Kathy in OK (7/22/2022 2:42:14 PM)
Thanks Bob.  I knew you wouldn?t let me down!

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Maybe you want a specific test, and you believe it's covered by your healthcare insurance, if the doctor orders it. ... Could you order that breath test for me, because I think I have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. ... Also, at least for laboratory tests, you can actually call the lab, and they have to give you your results. ... If you say “I'd like to be tested. I'd like to have that methane breath test for what I suspect is a small intestinal bacterial overgrowt ...

Let's talk about thyroid testing. I've talked separately about how to use a morning temperature , oral temperature, to gauge whether you have hypothyroidism or not. that's still a useful tool, but when you want the blood tests, to explore your thyroid, you want the full panel. The commonly run test is just the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), a pituitary hormone, a blood level. ... The blood tests consist of that TSH, but also… A free T4, and a free T3: those a ...

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So how do you get a thyroid test on your own? ... Now recall that the full panel for thyroid testing is not just a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) — that's the one test most doctors think (been told) looks at all facets of thyroid health, which it's not. ... That is the full panel for thyroid test. ... So, what if your doctor doesn't want to order those tests? ... Just google “direct consumer lab tests” and you'll see there are many many companies now.

The question of lipoprotein(a) came up in last evening's Undoctored Inner Circle virtual meet-up. It is important to know whether or not you have lipoprotein(a), because it confers increased potential for cardiovascular disease. It has some very unique and fascinating characteristics. So, let's expand on the lipoprotein(a) conversation I started, and covered to some degree in one of the Undoctored Protocols (for Coronary Disease ).

Note: This video is shown in the Video library as a convenience. It is also in the Protocol library, at page: Undoctored Protocols: Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) That page has an extended narrative on the topic, video transcript, and forum discussion link, below the video inset (and not duplicated here).

And the test you want is a 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood level; very easy to get. ... Now to get your own blood vitamin D level — for one, even if the doctor is uncooperative, sometimes he or she will still order you the tests. But you have to specify a 25-hydroxy vitamin D ,because they'll often order the wrong test, like a 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D, which does not indicate your vitamin D status (it's a kidney test, in effect, so you want the 25-hyd ...

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It has not been fully tested, validated, but I'm proposing it to you because I think it's going to prove to be a very useful tool. ... So this kind of early intolerant response to prebiotic fibers — I believe, we need validation of this; better validation — but I predict this will prove to be a very very useful test that you can do on your own (and as you may know, I love do-it-yourself at home tests) to suggest that you need to explore the question of small intestinal bacterial over ...

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If you do, whether your doctor does it for you, or you take the do-it-yourself route, and do direct consumer lab testing, via finger-stick or conventional blood draw, either way works fine. ... That's the test that is superior to the cholesterol testing. It gives you insight into your tolerance for carbohydrates, for instance, by way of the small LDL particle number: NMR lipoprotein analysis; a really good test to track. ... That's the best blood test we have for magnesium, not  a&n ...

The most common test to do would be a plain complete blood count (CBC), looking for anemia, and a ferritin level. ... First step is to identify whether this is true or not, which is typically done with a breath test. ... Now some of these items I've listed, in this video, require testing. Refer to some of the other Undoctored conversations about how to get testing if your doctor won't do it. ... If your doctor won't work with you, and you can't find one who will, then we resort to doing it o ...

But, when confronted with some peculiar abnormalities on his own blood testing (high GGT, fibrinogen, and cholesterol levels), consultation with three different doctors yielded no insightful explanations nor solutions.

At the end of a week, after all sorts of tests, like heart catheterizations, stress nuclear studies, and electro-physiologic consultations — the conclusion?

When thousands of people all contribute to making those kinds of observations, and then testing them collectively, collaboratively, we start getting answers coming at us at a breakneck pace — not just in Parkinson's.

You can have a very good doctor who adheres to and practices consensus guidelines like for cholesterol treatment, or surveillance testing like colonoscopies and mammograms.

You'll see, if you do that (not cholesterol testing), if you do advanced lipoprotein analysis, you'll see by far and away the most common abnormality that leads to heart disease is in excess of small LDL particles.

You can use direct consumer lab testing, even finger-stick ZRT test kit.

This is why we resort to lipoprotein testing, advanced lipoprotein tests — and that's a whole conversation of it's own.

That's the blood test used to assess the adequacy of your vitamin D.

There is some testing for it, that can confirm that you have it — that's a topic for another video, and also, what to do about it is a whole 'nother topic we'll cover separately.

Direct Labs and some of the other direct consumer lab testing companies will do it for you, without a doctor's order.

” That motivates the doctor to churn out more MRIs, neurology consultations, tilt table studies, heart catheterizations, lumbar taps — all kinds of testing, to increase revenue, because his end of quarter bonus could be very hefty.

Repeat the blood sugar test again, and try to get no change.

Here is a great grain-free, low-carb tortilla as tested on the Infinite Health Facebook page from Member "Melle."

But, we bet that these cookies will even pass the taste test of an 8-year old!

To minimize the vegetal flavors of the extra-virgin olive oil, you can use the flavorless extra-light, though my testing with the extra-virgin worked just fine.