Undoctored Inner Circle Programs

A healthy lifestyle begins with the right advice and information. Choose a program designed by Dr. William Davis to begin your journey and reach your goals. The Undoctored team is here to support you with the tools and resources you need to stay on track and accomplish what it is you've set out to do.
While it's not mandatory, most of our members begin with the 10-day detox.

10-Day Detox

Dr. Davis has combined his knowledge and expertise to create this 10-Day Detox that is designed to flush out dietary toxins, rebuild your health foundation, and set you up for continued success. You will be guided daily through this detox and equipped with the skills needed for long-term success as you begin the next course, the Wild, Naked, Unwashed program.

The Next 32 Days

Following the 10-Day Detox gets you started in transitioning to the long-term Wild, Naked, Unwashed program. We begin with our unique dietary program centered around the numerous dishes and recipes in our Undoctored 42-Day Meal Planner. You’ll be guided through this program as you learn how to adapt to your new lifestyle change. This will be a 100% grain-free, limited-carb diet which will set you up for success. This program will allow you to gain comfort with your new-found lifestyle as you transition your health into your own hands. 


Health Pro

The Undoctored Health Program Pro course is a premium, professional-grade, online course designed to walk you step-by-step through the entire Undoctored Program which offers the potential to help you regain health and youthful appearance, in addition to its well-known ability to control weight and improve overall health. It’s recommended as a step further in your knowledge about the factors that impact your health, well-being, and appearance. This program will help you best sustain the results you’ve achieved.

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Access to all of our online programs and information is available exclusively to our Inner Circle members.