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A leakage of blood in the eye can be a sign of a bleed in the brain

Member Forum >> Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Protocol >> A leakage of blood in the eye can be a sign of a bleed in the brain

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A bleed on the brain is a rare complication of diabetes.During a field of vision test,an optometrist can see a leakage of blood in the eye and then send the patient to a primary care physician who can refer the patient for a brain scan.Some patients with this condition have had a type of stroke.An operation to repair the damage could involve putting a couple of holes in the head to fit a drain.
I don’t have diabetes but an optometrist told me last week that I had a bleed on the brain before 2015.He checks my eyes regularly and the condition hasn’t become any worse over the last four years.He said I might have had a small aneurysm.Maybe I could strengthen the blood vessels in my brain by taking extra vitamin C as it participates in collagen production?


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