10-Day Detox

The 10-Day Detox Program is specially designed by Dr. Davis to flush out dietary toxins, rebuild your health foundations and set you up for success.
When you start the 10-Day Detox you will get day by day communication including the best shopping lists, recipes to follow and advise essential to stay on track. If you're doing Keto or other diets, you will see the difference as you start your 10-Day Detox.
Undoctored Inner Circle Program 10-Day Detox

Step by Step Support from Day 1

  • Regularly scheduled online video calls with Dr. Davis
  • Daily guidance with step by step guidelines
  • Private Facebook group
  • Grocery shopping lists
  • Access to unique content for your specific health conditions
  • Meal Planner with calendar view
  • Live Forums with support from Dr. Davis and Undoctored team
  • Health Dashboard to track your key health indicators
  • Nutritional Supplements Guidance and Reviews
  • Much more
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Turn your goals into results and become Undoctored. 

By joining the Inner Circle you can achieve the ideal health you deserve, with advice and information you trust. Stop the guess work and count on us to support you in your journey. Dr. Davis has helped millions of people improve their health, life, and appearance.
For less than $0.67 a day you can make the difference in your life!
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Our Program is designed to guide you as you accomplish your goals, whether that includes weight loss, improved health, freedom from prescription medications, even age-reversal. As a Member, you’ll receive the ongoing support you need to achieve your new-found healthy lifestyle. Learn more about becoming a Member.

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